360 S7 The Smartest Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner On The Market

By Natalie Red·Jun 14, 2019· 4 min read

360 company has already launched two robot vacuum cleaners: 360 S5 and 360 S6 one of which we have reviewed ourselves and have used them ever since. 

In June 2019, the company announced the newest model 360 S7. The best thing about these cleaners is the price tag they come with. According to the manufacturer, the price starts at around $449, though we still don’t know when it will be available on the global market.

[Update, July 2019] The 360 S7 is now on presale on Gearbest for ~$460.

Why choose one of the 360 robot vacuum cleaners? They easily can compete with such flagship models like the Roborock S5, Roborock S6, Roomba 980, etc. with a lower price tag. 

All the models come equipped with LIDAR, build an accurate map of a cleaning area, two of them can do mopping; each of them supports restricted areas and zoned cleaning.

The 360 S7 is №1 in Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award and has won the Bull Ear Award as the AI Best Application Award.

360 S7 what is new?

If you are already familiar with the oldest models, you know how the LDS laser works. It scans the surroundings to build the most accurate plan of your room to let the robot know where exactly to clean. 

The company keeps things minimalist; the robot has two buttons on top, one starts/stop the machine; the other one docks the robot to the charging station. 

The LDS laser is located inside the tower helping the robot to create the map of the area. 

Underneath, you will find two big wheels and one side brush that catch dust and dirt along the walls and corners, transferring it to the suction path. 

Also, you can insert the water tank that comes in the box with the robot, fill it out with water, attach the mop and let it run around doing mopping while you can do your things. 

Cleaning Performance

The 360 S7 identifies carpet flooring, when the robot steps on carpet, it boost up suction power to provide maximum cleaning performance. Once it reaches hard floor, it returns to standard power suction settings.

The HEPA filter can be washed which makes the 360 S7 safe for people with allergy and asthma

With big wheels and good clearance, the S7 climbs up to 20 mm high thresholds. This means the robot is suitable for thin and thick carpets that are no thicker than 20 mm. 

Thanks to strong suction, good climbing ability, and carpet boost, the 360 S7 perform great on carpets. 

Because of the water tank, the 360 is perfect for bare flooring. 

Battery life

The battery capacity is 3,200 mAh and provides up to 120 minutes of runtime, which is equivalent to an about 150 square meter area. 


When the robot vacuum creates a map, it saves it in memory to recognize its location the next time. It stores up to 10 different floor plans and is ideal for multiple-level homes. 

When the map is created, you can divide it into separate areas to make the robot work within a kitchen or living room the next time. 

In the app, you can schedule the device, make it work at a specific time, switch between cleaning modes, etc. 

Zoned cleaning & Selected Room Cleaning 

The 360 supports zoned cleaning. When you want the robot to go to a certain area, you can draw a rectangle on a map, and the S7 will clean within it.

Selected room cleaning is a bit similar, except with zoned cleaning you can set the area you want, no matter how big it is or where it is located, when with selected room cleaning you can only set the robot to work in a particular room such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. Also, the 360 S7 supports scheduling to clean in a room. You can set time and where to clean, and the robot vacuum will clean there. 

Restricted Areas 

Some homes can be cluttered, and so you might want to block some areas to prevent your robot from crossing them. By setting a restricted area, you make the cleaner avoid it.

Suction Power & Noise

The 360 S7 has a strong motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction, which is one of the strongest on the market. Some of the high-end models are as powerful as the 360 S7 such as the Roborock S6, Neato D7 Connected, one of the latest Roomba 980 has 1,700 Pa. 

Price & Where To Buy

The 360 S7 should be around $450. So far, there is no information when it will be available on Amazon. As soon as we know, the info will be provided. 

[Update] 360 S7 on Gearbest: $460.

360 S5 vs. S6 vs. S7 Features

Specs 360 S5 360 S6 360 S7
Suction Power (Pa) 2,000  1,800 2,000
Battery Life (min) 110 110 120
Climbing ability (mm/in) 20 / 0.79 17 / 0.67 20 / 0.79
Mopping no yes yes
Mapping yes yes yes
Mapping sensor LDS laser LDS laser LDS laser
Carpet boost yes yes yes
Noise level (dB) 55 55 55
Dustbin capacity (ml) 550 550 550
Battery capacity (mAh) 2,600  2,600 3,200
Restricted areas yes yes yes
Zoned cleaning yes yes yes
Selected room cleaning yes no yes
Map saving yes yes yes
Alexa support no no yes
Warranty (months) 12 12 12

What is the difference between 360 robot vacuum cleaners model line? 

These are similar models that featured with the same options each. The 360 S5 is very similar to the newest S7 model, but it does not have mopping and is not compatible with Alexa. Mapping options are the same: both support restricted areas, zoned cleaning, and selected room cleaning. They both have 2,000 Pa strong suction power, great climbing ability, and 110-120 minutes of battery life. 

As for the oldest model, 360 S6, it is not as powerful as its brothers, having 1,800 Pa of suction the vacuum cleaner is enough to get your home clean. Not suitable for thicker carpets though. Also, this model does not support selected room cleaning; however, you still able to set restricted areas and zoned cleaning. For the price of around $300, the 360 S6 is still a champ.

To Sum It Up

The 360 S7 is another budget robot vacuum cleaner that is featured with options that are supported by flagship models. 

It is smart, efficient, ideal for big homes with more than one level and is suitable for thin and thick carpets. 

For this price, you probably will not find anything similar on the market, and it makes the 360 S7 one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in this price segment in 2019.

Since English is not our first language, you may notice spelling and grammatical errors in the article. We would be very grateful if you could help us fix the mistakes. Just select the confusing part of the text with your mouse and press Ctrl + Enter, then you will be able to send us a corrected version of the text. Thank you for your effort!

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  1. jauling
    13 july 2019, 07:03
    #      0
    I've read that the S7 will not enter the European market, which is really unfortunate!
    1. Natalie Red
      15 july 2019, 04:15
      #      0
      We contacted the company and they said the S7 model needed some time to overseas market. Hopefully, the 360 S7 will see the European market sooner or later.

      However, the 360 S5 and 360 S6 are on sale and both are great models, so you may have a look at them too.

      1. Michael Fisher
        17 july 2019, 07:11
        #      0
        It's already available on GearBest for $459.99.
        1. jauling
          17 july 2019, 07:58(edited})
          #      0
          Thanks, I just checked yesterday and it wasn't there. IMO, its a bit on the expensive side, but I guess that's presale prices for ya. The question really is, does it have English and does it work outside of China/Asia?
          1. Michael Fisher
            18 july 2019, 03:13(edited})
            #      0
            I wish it would be cheaper, but even with the price of $450 it's still a good choice. I'm pretty sure GearBest will not sell China-locked devices. Also, the 360 S5 and 360 S6 robot vacuums from Gearbest that we've reviewed were with full English localization.
      2. Danny
        19 july 2019, 05:04(edited})
        #      0
        Nice review. I have few questions if you can please answer! Does it automatically stop mopping once it goes on top of the carpet? Is it possible to use any of the 360 models without the main brush to avoid hair getting tangled, I guess with such power it should not be necessary use the main brush right? And How important is it to have two side brushes, the new 360 S7 seems to have only one like the S5?
        1. Michael Fisher
          20 july 2019, 11:10
          #      0
          Hi Danny,
          Unfortunately, it doesn't automatically stop when it goes on a carpet in mopping mode. However, you can set blocked areas in the app where your carpets located so the robot will not go through these areas. Since the app allows you to store up to 10 maps, you can save one map with blocked areas for mopping and another map (without blocked zones) for vacuuming. I would not recommend using any robot vacuum without the main brush. It helps a lot in picking up debris and dust from carpets.
          Can't say anything about the S7 model, but we've tested the S5, and it has powerful suction, so hair goes directly to the dustbin without getting tangled.
          Robot vacuums use the side brush to pick up debris along walls and corners. Devices with one side brush always go along walls only in one counterclockwise direction, so the side brush always goes close to the wall. There are no needs in two side brushes, and a lot of robot vacuums (for example, Roborock S5 and S6) also have only one side brush.

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