Viomi V2 - An Intelligent Robot Vacuum For Carpet

By Natalie Red·Apr 25, 2019· 5 min read

Viomi is a Xiaomi-backed company. They launched the newest robot vacuum with mapping that can be a Roborock S5/360 S6 competitor. The Viomi V2 is their first robot vacuum that is based on the LDS laser.

Viomi V2 supports resumption after recharging

The full name of the Viomi is V-RVCLM21B which we find long and confusing, most likely you will not remember it, so that's why you see the robot named as the Viomi V2.


The robot vacuum cleaners with the LDS laser kind of look-alike. But honestly, the Viomi V2 looks a bit different. It has a fantastic dark-grey finish. Inside the "head" there is the LDS laser that works as a scanner of a cleaning area and helps to make a map of the room. In the middle of the body, there is a logo. One physical button works as a Home and Power button.

Under the lid, you will find a dustbin and a cleaning tool, very similar to the way the Roborock S5 build. The dustbin can be switched into a water tank.

Underneath, there is a cleaning brush that is a mix of thermoplastic elastomer and durable nylon materials. Two large wheels can climb an obstacle that is up to 20 mm height and one side brush that catches debris along the walls.

Mapping & Navigation

As I said before, the Viomi 2 generation is equipped with an LDS laser inside the tower. The laser scans the surrounding of the cleaning area building a map of the interior, so the robot knows where it needs to clean. Mapping helps the robot not to clean the areas it has already cleaned. Mapping makes cleaning and navigation more efficient.

Viomi V2 builds a map

Why mapping matters?

The robot vacuums without mapping just run around until the battery dies. They can go over the same spots a few times missing some areas untouched. With mapping, you can see where the robot has been and that it covered the whole area with no untouched space left.

The Viomi 2 navigates back-and-fourth in straight lines methodically following the created map.

The robot vacuum is equipped with 10 sensors. These sensors work together to help it to navigate around without bumping into things, falling down. Prevent the robot from running when the dustbin or water tank is inserted, etc.

Sensor Viomi V2
LDS laser yes
Dustbin sensor yes
Water tank sensor yes
Anti-collision sensor yes
IF receiver yes
Fan RPM sensor yes
Mop detecting sensor yes
Anti-falling sensor yes
Milemeter yes
Accelerometer yes
Cliff sensor yes
Electronic compass sensor yes

The robot vacuum stores a few created maps that makes it ideal for multilevel houses

Restore one of the maps you need to make the cleaner work on the second floor.

Cleaning performance

How the Viomi V2 works? It has a side sweeper that works together with the main cleaning brush to catch and agitating dust and dirt channeling it into the suction path.

How does the Viomi V2 perform on carpet?

The Viomi can climb an obstacle up to 20 mm tall, so the robot is ideal for thicker carpets. There are 3 cleaning modes for different needs: eco, normal, turbo. The V2 makes about 69-76 dB of noise, the same as the Roborock S5 does.

The Viomi V2 is safe for allergy and asthma sufferers

With the strongest suction in the industry and great climbing ability, the V2 performs well on thin and thicker carpets. The cleaning brush works great in terms of picking up pet hair, dust, and debris. It does not get hair clogged as much as other bristled brushes do.

Inside the dustbin, there is a washable HEPA filter that lasts longer than non-washable ones. The robot is safe for those who suffer from asthma and allergy.

Bare floor & Mopping

Basically, almost all the robot vacuum cleaners perform great on bare floors. Most of them are able to pick up stuff channeling it into the dustbin. The ones with mopping, however, are better because they give you an ability to wet mop your floors. For sure, this feature might not be the most helpfull though it is nice not to do mopping manually.

What does the Viomi V2 offer?

It has one of the largest water tanks on the market. The capacity of 560 ml means the robot covers more cleaning area before the box gets dry. With a 150 ml water tank, most of the cleaners come equipped with, you can get about 30 minutes of mopping which normally is enough for smaller space.

The big 560 ml water tank makes the Viomi suitable for bigger households

The Viomi works longer in mopping mode and is more suitable for medium and big homes.

Also, in the app, you can adjust the level of water leaking depending on your needs. There are two fiber cloths: one is for fully wet mopping, it absorbs water and is suitable for bigger areas, another one is for dampening your floors while the cleaner is vacuuming. When the unit is not moving, the water does not leak.

Battery life

The robot lasts up to 120 minutes, and resumes cleaning if it didn't finish the job before got out of energy.

App & Features

The app is similar to what we've seen in the Mi Home or 360Smart apps. You can switch between modes, schedule the machine to work at a specific time, control its movements, etc.

Also, as with other robot cleaners that are based on the LDS laser, the Viomi does not cross restricted areas that can be set inside the app.

Make the robot work in the kitchen by using zoned cleaning

Also, you can draw a zone within which the V2 will be cleaning.

Viomi V2 mapping & zoned cleaning

The vacuum can be tracked in real-time which you can see in the app.

Price & Where to buy the Viomi V2

The Viomi V2 so far is available to buy on GearBest for $367 with the coupon code GB-APVOMI which is cheaper than the Roborock S5.

Also, you can get the Viomi V2 on GeekBuying for around $400.

Hopefully, the Viomi 2 Gen will be available on Amazon soon.

Where to buy

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  1. Youness
    27 april 2019, 15:10
    #      +1
    Would love to see a comparison between the V2 and the Roborock T6
    1. Natalie Red
      28 april 2019, 04:10
      #      0
      Noted :)

      Will try to make the one as soon as possible.

    2. Ingo Berner
      25 may 2019, 10:36
      #      +1
      How do you connect the vacuum with the app? For me it doesn’t work.

      1. Natalie Red
        26 may 2019, 04:16
        #      0
        Hi Ingo,

        Seems like integrating the Viomi with the Mi Home will be available by the end of May 2019. Try to contact Viomi on Facebook. Costumer service works from Monday to Sunday 9:00-21:00.

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