The 360 S5 Robot Vacuum: High-end Features For A Reasonable Price

By Natalie Red·Mar 26, 2019· 4 min read

Previously we reviewed and tested the new robot vacuum cleaner - 360 S6. Today we are going to talk about the latest device from 360 - the S5 model. Is the 360 S5 good enough? What makes it one of the best affordable robot vacuum cleaners with intelligent mapping technology? Is it a good machine to buy in 2019?

360 s5 robot vacuum cleaner

360 S5 Specifications

Specs360 S5
Suction power2,000 Pa
Battery life110 min
Climbing ability20 mm
Battery capacity2,600 mAh
Mapping technologyLIDAR
Restricted areasyes
Zoned cleaningyes
Spot cleaningyes
Height10 cm
Multiple map storingyes
Real-time trackingyes
Manual movement controlyes
Recharge & resumeyes
Voice promtyes
Dustbin size550 ml
Amazon Alexa / Google Home supportno
Intelligent carpet identificationyes
Weight3.6 kg
Accessoriescharging station, HEPA, cleaning brush, adaptor, side brushes, dust tank, English manual
Warranty12 months

360 S6 Design

The 360 S5 has a minimalist design. On top, there are two buttons: power and recharge. Near the buttons, you will see a "head" with a laser inside. The 550 ml dustbin is housed under the lid. Underneath you will find two big rubber wheels and the main cleaning brush. On the side, there is a sweeper that catches debris along the walls. The charging dock that comes with the 360 S5 is black & white. It allows hiding the charging cable behind so it looks sleeker.

Battery life, recharge & resume

The 360 S5 is equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery that lasts up to 110 minutes.

If the area is too large for one-time cleaning, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock, recharges to 80% capacity, then returns to the breakpoint to continue cleaning. The vacuum knows its location, so if you move or suspend it during cleaning, it continues cleaning without repeating the previously cleaned areas.

360 s5 recharge and resume feature

The long-lasting battery and recharge & resume make the vacuum suitable for average or bigger-sized households.

Mapping & Navigation

On top of the robot, you can see a tower. There is an LDS laser housed inside. This laser scans the cleaning area to create a map of your room based on which the robot will navigate further.

360 s5 robot vacuum navigation

The robot is equipped with a bunch of sensors that help it to maneuver around without falling and bumping into obstacles. The sensors and created map work together to help the robot understand where exactly to clean.

Also, there are three processors inside that allow you to track it in real-time. Thanks to these processors, the robot knows where to clean and where it already vacuumed.

After the robot is done creating a floor map, it calculates the most efficient way of cleaning. Following the generated map, the 360 S5 navigates back-and-forth in straight lines. This way of cleaning helps to save battery life since the robot does not go over the same spots again.

360 s5 height and width

Multiple level mapping. The 360 S5 is able to save multiple level maps which makes it ideal for one or more levels homes.

360Smart app

The app offers to schedule the robot, switch between cleaning modes, manually control it, see saved maps, etc.

Restricted areas. This feature keeps the 360 out of certain rooms. Once you draw a rectangle on a created map, the robot will not cross this zone.

360 s5 forbidden zones and specified areas

Zoned cleaning. If you want the vacuum to stay within a particular room, set a cleaning zone where you want the 360 S5 to stay within. It also works as a spot cleaning mode. By creating a rectangle around a high-messed area, you make the robot to clean it.

360 s5 zoned cleaning

Also, in the app, you can see where the robot's accessories need to be replaced.

Cleaning performance

How does the robot vacuum work? The cleaning system ensures maximum efficiency by mixing a side brush and the main brush. The side brush captures dust along the walls which helps the round robot to clean edges. The main brush collects debris and hair and channels them into the suction path of the vacuum motor. The dust gets sucked up right into the dustbin.

360 s5 how it works

The 360 S5 is able to identify carpeted flooring. Once the robot steps on carpet, its suction power automatically gets boosted up to a maximum level providing deeper cleaning. When the cleaner is out of the carpet, the cleaning mode returns to standard.

360 s5 carpet boost

Also, according to the 360 official website, the S5 can cross an obstacle up to 20 mm which makes it suitable for thicker carpets.

360 s5 climbing ability

The robot is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction.

Thanks to carpet identification, obstacle crossing, and strong suction, the 360 S5 performs flawlessly on carpets that are not thicker than 20 mm. It handles pet hair, dust, and dirt and in overall does a great job on carpets.

It is suited for hard floors. That’s true for all vacuum robots. Though it lacks mopping, the 360 S5 performs great on bare floor.

Price & where to buy

The 360 S5 is available to buy on Gearbest. You can get it for $350 which is a fair price considering that it is a flagship model.

Where to buy

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