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Published On: August 21, 2018

Edited On: September 21, 2018


Before I got to test the 360 S6 I was a fan of Xiaomi Roborock and ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 930. The robot has the same high-end features coming with a lower price tag. With the minimalist design and smart features, the device has the mopping option and lasts for the whole two hours. Its mapping technology works accurately, allowing the robot to work in the dark. With the app, you are able to control the cleaner when you are not home and get informed by anything that's going on while the device is working. This robovac can compete with the well-known brands having a price twice less than them. Strong suction power, easy-to-get dustbin, and the large wheels make it the best for its value.

The 360 S6 is the brand-new robot vacuum cleaner. It comes with a budget price tag offering a lot of high-end features. Big thanks to Gearbest for letting us to test the 360 S6 robotic vacuum cleaner. Is it a decent competitor of Roomba, Xiaomi Roborock or Neato Botvac? Let's find out.

The 360 S6 Video Review: Unboxing and Test

The 360 S6 Robot Vacuum Specifications

Features360 S6 robot vacuum
Cleaning time120 min
Battery capacity3200 mAh
Dustbox capacity400 ml
Water tank capacity150 ml
Suction power1800 Pa
Obstacle climbing0.67 in / 17 mm
Mapping technologylaser
Recharge & resumeyes
Area coverage2153 ft2 / 200 m2
Noise level55 dB
Virtual Wallsyes
Customize areayes
Carpet boostyes
Warranty12 months
Where to buyOn GearBest for $349

Design and Appearance

The 360 S6 somehow reminds me of Xiaomi Roborock and ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 930.

360 S6 robot vacuum unboxing

In the box I found the robot, charging dock, adapter, cleaning tool, water tank, mop cloth, and three different types of plugs.

360 S6 robot vacuum - what in the box

I have never seen that a robot would be equipped with the plugs that are easy to set, just slide it into the adapter and click through.

360 S6 charging base and ac power adapter

The charging base is amazing. It has the same black & white design all the Xiaomi robots come with. On the bottom of the dock, there is a room for a cord that supposed to be hidden inside the base so the cord would not lay on the ground.

360 S6 charging dock station

The robot is made in a black and white minimalist design.

360 S6 robot appearance

On the lid, I see two buttons: power and home.

360 S6 robot vacuum - remove before use

The dust box is very easy to remove. Just click the "open" button and the container jumps up automatically. This is the easiest way to remove the dirt box and I love how intuitive it is. By the way, the robot is equipped with the "danger-aware" system that forbid the robot to work when the dustbin is out.

360 S6 with removed dustbin

Underneath the robot reminds Xiaomi Roborock. There are two side sweepers, two large wheels, and the main brush slot. The robot comes with a rubber bumper that supposed to prevent furniture scratching.

360 S6 robot vacuum bottom view

The robot is equipped with an LDS laser located inside its "head". It rotates around accurately measuring the layout of the room to create a map. After the map has been created, the 360 S6 build the most efficient way of cleaning on its own.

360 S6 robot vacuum lidar close look

If you place the machine manually into the kitchen or any other room far from its base location, the 360 S6 starts rotating trying to figure out where it is, then it restores the map of the room it's in, and starts the work. Firstly the robot methodically cleans the room starting with the outward borders before cleaning inwards.

In case the device could not recognize its location, the voice system alerts about it and you get a notification on your phone. Just press start once again and the 360 S6 will understand its location to get the cleaning started.

I set forbidden zones to see how the robot cleans with it and it never crossed the areas, the same with block off zones. The laser works accurately which means the device bumps into furniture very rarely, it slows down when it "sees" the walls. Thanks to the LIDAR system, the robot is able to work in the dark.

360 S6 Lidar sensor

The 360 S6 comes with large wheels and doesn't have any issues with crossing 15 mm height rugs or thresholds nor as with transforming from bare floor to medium-pile carpets.

Wet mopping feature is awesome. The 150 ml water tank container comes with a mop cloth. The 360 S6 has the newest dripping technology that makes water leaking only when the machine is moving. However, please note that the robot is not able to remove stubborn stains.

360 S6 robot vacuum water tank with cloth

Strong Suction Power

The 360 S6 is one of the most powerful robot cleaners on the market even though it is a budget model. It delivers 800 Pa of suction power in the silent mode, 1300-1500 Pa - standard mode, and 1800 Pa when the powerful mode turned on. For example, the high-end Roomba 980 comes with 1670 Pa. The S6 easily handles deep cleaning on thin and medium carpets and is a champ at catching pet hair.

360 S6 robotic vacuum - back view


The Li-ion battery with 3,200 mAh of capacity lasts up to 120 minutes before it needs to recharge. It actually sounds great, since the robot works longer than 90% of other cleaners on the market. Thanks to the map that our robot holds in its memory, it knows the position where it left before it went to recharge. Once the battery is fully charged, the 360 S6 gets back to the point it stopped to finish the cleaning.

360 S6 robot vacuum side view

Filtration System

The 360 S6 is equipped with a washable HEPA filter. It catches up to 99.9% of pollen, dust, and dirt decreasing chances of allergic diseases. Wash it with water and let it dry.

360 S6 sudt bin open side

Carpet Performance

Firstly it comes with the carpet boost technology that is helpful since I don't need to increase the suction to deep clean my rugs, the robo does it automatically. It easily climbs onto thin and medium-pile carpets. Along with two side sweepers that catch dust from corners, the robot has strong suction and a bristled brush. They work together to transfer all the dirt, dust and pet hair right into the dustbin. The dustbin got full fast even though a day before I ran my Xiaowa Lite that had a strong suction power as well. The 360 S6 caught rice and oats on my cleaning test and in general performed better than Xiaomi Xiaowa did on the same areas. The 360 S6 performs really great on thin and medium carpets considering the price of about $350. I think this robot easily can compete with the high-end beasts such as Xiaomi Roborock, Roomba 980 or Neato Botvac D7 Connected.

360 S6 robot front view

Carpet Boost

360 S6 comes with the Carpet Boost that boosts the robot's suction from 1300 Pa to 1500 Pa once it recognizes carpeted surface to provide deep cleaning.

The 360 S6 is surprisingly quiet when working considering its strong suction, the robot makes noise that is equivalent to 65 dB. With this sound level, you are still able to hold a conversation without the robot disturbing you.

The app

The app is minimalist yet featured. You can manage your robot's working using your phone. In the app you get:

  • Recharge (Home button)

  • Sweep (Start & Stop buttons)

  • Modes. Switching between Silent, Standart, Powerful cleaning modes.

  • Block off. You can set the forbidden zones that the 360 S6 should not cross. For example for some reasons you don't want it to go to the bedroom. Just draw the rectangle on your phone (you are able to set it as many as possible) and the S6 will not cross the zone. You can change the size of it making it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

  • Specify. This feature allows customizing a specific area where you want the 360 S6 to clean by drawing a rectangle on your phone screen. You can change the size of the rectangle, add as many zones as you want and choose how many times you'd like the vacuum to clean the chosen area. After setting the cleaning zones, the robot will not cross it providing deep cleaning within the allowed area.

  • Cleaning area. To be able to track how much of cleaning area the device already covered.
  • Battery level. Check when it needs to recharge.
  • Cleaning time. You can see for how long your robot has been working.
  • History. In this tap, you can see the history of each cleaning such as cumulative time (how much time the robot spent cleaning so far), cumulative size (the area the robot covered in general), cumulative sum (how many times it got to clean).

360 S6 robot vacuum review

You can open each cleaning session and see where the robot has been and for how long it had been cleaning.

  • Schedule. To set up a specific cleaning time up to 7 times per week.

  • Do not disturb. When this mode is on, the robot doesn't resume unfinished cleaning and provides no voice during the scheduled period.

  • Update. Where you get the firmware updates.

360 S6 robot vacuum firmware upgrade

  • Restore map. The robot holds all the map it built in its memory. No needs to build the new map again.

  • RC mode. Manage manual cleaning.

  • Settings. You can adjust the volume level. Turn on/off the device light. Reboot device. Change its name. Unbind (reconnect the robot to the app).

  • Share device. Share the machine with another phone.

  • Device info (serial No., completed version, MCU version, WiFi name, IP adress, MAC adress).

  • Positioning to find where your robot is located.

  • Maintainance. The app shows when you need to replace some parts of the robot such as its filter, main brush, side brush, and when the next time to wipe sensors.

  • Reconnect the device.

  • Turn on/off push notifications.

The 360Smart app demo

You can download the 360Smart app from Apple iTunes or Google Play:

360 S6 robot vacuum app screenshot

What is the 360 S6 best for?

  1. Carpeted surface. Along with the bristled brushes, the robot has a powerful motor that sucks up all the dirt providing deep cleaning on thin and medium-pile carpets.
  2. Bare floor. With the mopping option, you are able to wet mop all types of bare floors such as laminate, linoleum, tile, hardwood floor and so on.
  3. Pet owners. Since the robot comes with strong suction, it easily handles pet and long human hair.
  4. Medium and big-sized homes. The 360 S6 runs for the whole 2 hours before it needs to recharge which is equivalent to about 200 square meters of cleaning area. However, it would clean the smaller house much faster without the need of resuming.
  5. Two and more floor houses. The robot is great at remembering its location. Once it maps out the floor it manages to hold it in memory which means the next time you place it on the same floor, it will recognize the area and restore the map automatically.

Price & Where to buy

The 360 S6 is on sale right now and comes with a price tag of $329.99 with the coupon code GB-APS6 (valid until September 31). Gearbest offers a great deal giving a set of additional accessories for free (the main brush, side brash, and HEPA filter). Good offer, isn't it? Especially considering that it can compete with robots that cost double the price.

The 360 S6 - the best in its price range

Before I got to test the 360 S6 I was a fan of Xiaomi Roborock and ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 930. The robot has the same high-end features coming with a lower price tag. With the minimalist design and smart features, the device has the mopping option and lasts for the whole two hours. Its mapping technology works accurately, allowing the robot to work in the dark. With the app, you are able to control the cleaner when you are not home and get informed by anything that's going on while the device is working. This robovac can compete with the well-known brands having a price twice less than them. Strong suction power, easy-to-get dustbin, and the large wheels make it the best for its value. Is 360 S6 the best high-featured but budget robot vacuum cleaner on the market? The best we've seen so far.

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Comments ()

  1. Mike 21 august 2018, 09:03 #
    Thank you for the review, Michael! Sounds like a winner. Few quick questions…

    1) Does it vacuum at same time is mopping? If so how effective does this seem to be. I worry about the vacuum function on wet surfaces it has previously mopped.

    2) How is it about avoiding getting stuck? Can you trust it enough to «set and forget»?

    3) How is it on medium pile carpet? Does the drive to the wheels have enough power to move it effectively over decent pile carpet?

    Thank you very much for the review. Continued success!

    1. Michael 21 august 2018, 10:51(Comment was edited) #
      Hi Mike, thanks for your comment. As for your questions:
      1) Does it vacuum at same time is mopping? If so how effective does this seem to be. I worry about the vacuum function on wet surfaces it has previously mopped.
      Yes, it can mop and sweep at the same time. The floors after mopping are slightly wet, so it is not a problem when it sweeps on the wet surface especially considering that the robot rarely goes through the same places twice (thanks to mapping and path planning feature). The robot suitable for slight wet mopping (if the floors are not too dirty). It can't handle ingrained dirt.
      2) How is it about avoiding getting stuck? Can you trust it enough to «set and forget»?
      The robot never stuck in my apartment. It is important to pick up all the wires and other little things from the floors before cleaning, so it always needs some quick preparation before cleaning. Worth mentioning that you need to do this preparation with any other robot vacuum.
      3) How is it on medium pile carpet? Does the drive to the wheels have enough power to move it effectively over decent pile carpet?
      It has big wheels and overcomes the border between the hardwood floors and the carpet with easily. Check out how it climbs the 0.7 inches plank. It works without any problems on my carpets, unlike my other robot vacuum ILIFE V7S, that stuck a lot on carpets (can't overcome the border when going from a hardwood floor to a carpet).
    2. Mike 22 august 2018, 00:25 #
      Thank you very much for your thorough and prompt reply. Much appreciated.

      1. Erik 25 august 2018, 13:22 #
        The Xiaomi Robot rock S50 is on sale for $399. Which would you recommend since the price is closer to the 360 s6? Which has a better app and better mopping? Thanks for all the work!
        1. Natalie 26 august 2018, 04:10(Comment was edited) #
          Hi Erik,
          It is really hard to say which one is better. On the one hand, the Roborock has a little bit stronger suction power of 2000Pa, Amazon Alexa and Google Home support, and Xiaomi is a well-known brand. On the other hand, the 360 S6 comes with free additional spare accessories (a side brush, main brush, and HEPA filter).
          The 360 S6 manufacturer can add Alexa and Google Home support to the app in the future. Check out the Roborock app, and our 360 S6 app screencast. I think the apps have very similar features, there are some small differences, but they are not significant. Unlike the Roborock, the 360 S6 remembers the map of each floor. If you bring the 360 S6 robot to another room, it will recognize its location, which the Roborock don't do. Also, the 360 S6 has restricted zones and specified zones, while the Roborock has only specified zones. Check out how the 360 S6 bypasses 3 restricted zones and clean one specified zone. Both robots have a great built quality and a very similar minimalistic look. I would say that they were constructed at the same factory, as they are very much similar in design and functionality. I don't think there is some difference in the mopping feature, because they both have the same water tank and cloth.
          What I like in the 360 S6 robot, is the ability to hide the cable from the AC adapter inside the charging dock. The AC power adapter has a few types of plugs, which can be easily replaced. I also like the way how the dustbin removes. Since this is a new robot, that was released recently, I hope the manufacturer will update the app and the robot firmware and add even more cool features in the future. In a month or so we will have the opportunity to compare both robots and make a detailed review.
        2. Alex 26 august 2018, 04:31 #
          Hi there and thank you for the review! How long does the battery last with the moping feature on? Thank you :)
          1. Natalie 26 august 2018, 05:36(Comment was edited) #
            Hi Alex,
            The battery lasts approximately the same time with the mopping attachment and without it. Runtime depends on the suction mode, it can work up to 100 minutes in the «standard mode», about 120 minutes in the «quiet mode», and approximately one hour in the «powerful mode». It is worth mentioning, that the 360 S6 robot vacuum has the «recharge & resume» feature, so it can automatically continue cleaning after recharging if it did not finish the session on a single charge.
          2. Robert 27 august 2018, 09:30 #
            Hi I have a question about the usuability of the app. How did you manage to get an account? I have downloaded the English version of the app and wasn't able to create an account due to the fact that the SMS-verification did not work. Therefore my question.
            1. Michael 27 august 2018, 10:09 #
              Hi Robert. When I tried to create an account, I received an SMS with the confirmation code, entered this code, but nothing happened after clicking the confirmation button. Then I tried to log in and was successfully authorized. So please try to log in with your phone number and password even if the registration was not accomplished.
              1. Robert 27 august 2018, 10:41(Comment was edited) #
                My problem is I did not receive an SMS to my Dutch phone number. I have a temporary fix by using an online text service to receive a sms to a U.S. number. So I have an account now based on a U.S. phonenumber. Furthermore I asked support to provide me an ‘own’ account with username/password.
                1. Michael 27 august 2018, 11:06 #
                  Got it. Glad that you found a temporary solution.
                  1. Robert 27 august 2018, 13:14 #
                    Thanks for your help by the way. Was able to register via e-mail with the help of the support desk.

                    For the European people. It is possible to install the English app. You have to create an iCloud account as a native U.S. resident so you can access the U.S. app store and download the app. If you have trouble with sms verification please comment. I can help you with that.
                    1. Stephan 07 september 2018, 16:01 #
                      I have the same problem, that I got no verification code per sms. I also tried an online sms phone number. But no luck. That did you do to register via email?
                      Thanks for your help
                      1. Michael 09 september 2018, 05:20(Comment was edited) #
                        Hi Stephan,
                        There is a solution for how to register without a phone number. Unfortunately, the 360Smart app doesn't have an opportunity to register with an email. However, you can use another app called 360 smart camera. This app uses the same server, so you can go with an account created in this app to authorize in the 360Smart app).
                        How to create an account in the 360 Smart Camera app:
                        1. Download the 360 Smart Camera app from the App Store or Google Play
                        2. Click the «Register» button in the app.
                        3. Click «Email Register» link down below.
                        4. Click «Email Register» link again.
                        5. Enter your email and password.
                        6. Check your mailbox and confirm the registration.
                        Now you can log in to the 360Smart app with your email and password.
                        1. Stephan 09 september 2018, 07:48 #
                          Hi Michael,
                          Thanks for this workaround
            2. Drei 10 september 2018, 18:22 #
              No way to register via the 360 app, once you do via the 360 camera app, when you try to login you get an error message in Chinese, lovely:(
              1. Michael 11 september 2018, 03:20 #
                Hi Drei,
                Sorry to hear that. I've checked this method today and it worked on an Android phone. Did you activate your account (you should click the activation link that was sent to your email address)? Check if you are using the right app for registration:
                iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/360-smart-camera/id958068931?mt=8
                Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qihoo.camera&hl=en
                If it doesn't help, try to contact customer support:
                Email: zhanglei8-iri@360.cn
                Facebook: @360SmartAI
                For after-sales service: support@360smartai.com
                They usually respond within a day.
                1. Drei 11 september 2018, 13:04 #

                  I did manage to get it working but was a lot of trial and error. Kept going back and forth, could have also been the fact that when I tried to log in initially, I did not select «International Users» then enter my phone.

                  Would you be able to let me know if the 360 S6 is able to use the Xiaomi S50 Accessories (Brushes, Mob Cloth and Filter)? The reason I am asking is that I have just purchased the robot however I can't seem to be able to buy any spare part, however there are lots of Xiaomi ones available. Looking at the photos they seem identical.

                  1. Michael 11 september 2018, 13:42 #
                    Glad that you solved the problem. I'm not sure if you can use the Xiaomi Roborock S50 accessories with the 360 S6 robot vacuum. However, you can buy original 360 S6 accessories on GearBest:
                    1. Hepa filter
                    2. Side brushes
                    3. Main brush
                    1. Drei 11 september 2018, 17:55 #
                      Nice one. Might wait a bit as they are very expensive compared with the others.

                      One more question, on the Info it states that the 360 S6 is capable of multi-floor mapping, how would you go about doing this? Do you define one map as Ground and 2nd map as 2nd Floor?
                      1. Michael 12 september 2018, 02:36 #
                        Yes, I think the accessories will be cheaper later.
                        You can find all the maps that were created by the robot in the «Restore map» menu. Just mark the map of each floor as favorite and select the map you needed when you move the robot to another floor.
              2. Szati 18 september 2018, 04:30 #
                Hi, I have a question about the scheduling.
                Can be used the restricted area function if the robot start via scheduler?

                1. Michael 19 september 2018, 00:46 #
                  Hi Szati,
                  Good question. I'm on vacation right now, so I will check it on Friday and let you know.
                  1. Szati 20 september 2018, 08:19 #
                    Thanks Michael!
                  2. Michael Yesterday at 05:01 #
                    Just checked it, yes it works!
                    1. Szati Yesterday at 08:23 #
                      Oh, great! Thank You Michael!
                  3. Drei 20 september 2018, 06:43 #
                    Hi Michael, one more question from my side, this is a general question.

                    With mopping robots, do you add a little washing liquid to the water tank? Even just a tiny drop? With using just water on the floor, it won't really clean it and remove germs etc ,will it?
                    1. Michael Yesterday at 07:42 #
                      Hi Drei,
                      Nothing is mentioned in the manual regarding this. In my opinion, you can add some washing liquid to the water tank, why not. Of course, it will clean better in this case, but you should not expect too much from the mopping feature. It won’t replace an actual mop but if you have somewhat clean floors it is still really nice to not have to worry about mopping everyday. I can say the same about all robot vacuums on the market with a mopping feature because they can not press the cleaning cloth hard enough to clean the heavily polluted places.
                      1. Drei Yesterday at 08:07(Comment was edited) #
                        Thanks for that Michael. I was thinking just to maintain. We don't go inside the house with shoes on, slippers and socks only, the floors are as clean as they can be. Having someone else besides us making sure they stay clean would be greatt.

                        I am debating if the iRobot Braava 240/380 would be worth purchasing just for mopping. They cost pretty much the same as the Xiaomi S50 or the 360 S6 and they have no navigation.

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