360 S6 Pro: A Powerful Robot Vacuum For Multi-Level Houses

By Natalie Red·Updated: May 22, 2020· 10 min read

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese internet security company that is well known in China thanks to its antivirus software and smart security IoT devices. For the past few years, they started developing robot vacuums as well. I had already reviewed and tested their robot vacuums, such as 360 S5, S6, and S7 and I like these models a lot since for the affordable price they can give you the same features as more expensive iRobot, Neato, Ecovacs, and Roborock products. I am excited to see what the company brings with the newest product, 360 S6 Pro which should be available on the market until the end of March. Gearbest kindly sent us the 360 S6 Pro for this review, they have a lot of good deals so if you are looking for a robot vacuum I would recommend checking their hot sales in the robot vacuum cleaners category. I love the other models and actually the older 360 S6 model is my main robot that been vacuuming my floors for over 2 years already.

All 360 robot vacuums use Lidar to build a map of the cleaning area. They all have a lot of smart features and pretty good build quality but cost less than most competitors with similar features. Let’s see what the 360 S6 Pro offers and what has been improved over the previous models.

Accessories in the box
360 S6 Pro in the box

360 S6 Pro In The Box & Appearance

The robot has a charging dock that adjusts the length of the charging cord to look sleeker

Charging dock

The robot has contacts that help it to dock itself to recharge.

There are also two types of plugs.

two types of plugs

It is the first robot in the model line that has a remote controller in the box. I like the way it looks, nothing like I used to see in different robots.

the minimalist remote controller

There is also a cute surprise in the box everyone might like.

Cute eyes

When opening the lid, I see two containers and this is rare. Normally the water tank is visible or can be attached separately but the 360 S6 Pro is nothing like its brothers or other robots on the market. The water tank is electronic, it adjusts water supply depending on cleaning tasks. It also comes with mopping attachments (mopping pad and two microfiber cloths).

Under the lid

The dustbin stores a washable HEPA filter and also a cleaning tool. Surprising, huh?


Washable HEPA filter and a cleaning tool is stored with the dustbin


Underneath, you can see the cleaning brush which has detachable side tips, an omnidirectional wheel, a side brush, and two big wheels.

The 360 S6 Pro Underneath view

the wheel

The cleaning brush

Has detachable side tips which make it easy to remove hair

How the 360 S6 Pro Navigates

The 360 S6 Pro has a Lidar (laser distance sensor) on top that helps to create a high-precise map based on the surroundings of the floors. The created map helps the robot to understand where it should clean and where it has already cleaned. The robot calculates the most efficient way of cleaning in real-time thanks to the powerful processor inside the device which helps to save more battery and cover larger areas on one charge. The robot navigates following a back-and-forth path methodically covering the whole cleaning area.

On the tower, there is a laser pressure sensor. When pressing it, the robot moves backward. This is designed for the robot to escape itself when the sensor bumps into furniture such as an area under the bed where it can’t fit, etc.

The 360 S6 Pro uses 24 built-in sensors which help to navigate around obstacles, keep it from bumping into furniture, and falling off stairs.

LDS sensor builds an accurate map
The LDS sensor builds an accurate map based on the surroundings 
wall sensor
The wall sensor keeps the robot at a distance when it cleans next to the wall

Once the robot finishes cleaning and creates a map, it divides it into separate rooms. You can divide or merge the rooms you want it. It was nearly perfect in my case and the 360 S6 Pro recognized the rooms better than the latest Xiaomi MiJia STYJ02YM.

Is the 360 S6 Pro suitable for carpets?

This is going to be the most powerful robot from the 360 family. By having 2,200 Pa, the S6 Pro should be capable of deep carpet cleaning. All the previous 360 models I tested showed great cleaning performance on a low pile and middle-pile carpets and I think this model will show even better results. As well as predecessors, the 360 S6 Pro has carpet boost function which means it automatically increases suction power when detecting carpet. The carpet boost feature should be turned on in the app.

Another new cool feature is the collision protection mode. The robot is gentle to your furniture but with this mode on it stays away from chair legs, bed, etc without bumping into things.

How well the 360 S6 Pro performs on carpet?

When running the robot on a medium-pile carpet (20 mm / 0.79 inches thick), I noticed that it struggles to move a bit, it is not as smooth as the previous models. However, I think it is because of stronger suction, the robot gets closer to the carpet and that’s why it seems to be struggling on one. In the end, it shows great results on carpets.

When testing its pick up ability, I scattered 100 grams of some oats, rice, beans, and quinoa. I tested the robot twice, the first time it picked up 100% of it, the second time it managed to catch 96% of it which is much better than average for a robot vacuum.

Carpet boost works accurate allowing the robot to get deeper cleaning on a carpeted surface.

I should also say that for such strong suction, the robot works quieter than most robots on the market which is nice. The noise is smooth and easy-to-the-ear.

Overall I would say the 360 S6 Pro is one of the best robots on the market that can handle a low and medium-pile carpet.

Battery capacity & for how long the robot can clean

Inside the robot, there is a built-in 5,200 mAh battery. This is one of the biggest batteries on the market and only a few high-end devices from other manufacturers equipped with an equivalent battery. The large battery provides up to 180 minutes of cleaning time and if you live in a really big house that can’t be cleaned on one charge, the robot will automatically recharge and continue cleaning to finish the job.

App and smart features

The 360Smart app (available for iOS and Android phones) contents a lot of smart features including multimap support, no-go zones, selective room cleaning, zoned cleaning, etc. For example, you can order the robot to directly clean the kitchen or living room, go vacuum a particularly messy area, set where the machine should not go or send it to clean a high-traffic spot.

The S6 Pro also has an RF omnidirectional remote control so you can use it instead of the app for some basic things such as start/stop, return to the dock, manual control, and suction adjust functions.

After the first run, the robot creates a complete map of your house, divides it into sections (rooms) for easier cleaning (scheduling) a specific room further.

Room cleaning: order the robot to clean a particular room or a few that are the messier.

Room-in-sequence: allows you to set which room to clean first. For example, start with the kitchen which normally needs more cleaning and then order which room to clean next.

Prioritize which room to clean first
Prioritize which room to clean first

When choosing mop mode the suction will be shut off. In this mode, you can also set mopping off-limit areas to keep the robot off carpets. When the mopping attached are off these areas become inactive.

Off-limit area: keeps the robot from going to some areas where it can get stuck or where you don’t want it to go.

Spot cleaning: cleans a small 1.5x1.5 area, for example, you can use it to clean a messy spot.

Zoned cleaning
Order the 360 S6 Pro to clean a specific area

Deep cleaning: by setting a zone, you can specify to clean it twice to provide better cleaning.

Schedule: set the time and days when the robot vacuum cleaner should automatically start cleaning.

When setting schedules, you can choose whether the robot will only be mopping or sweeping and mopping at once. You can set cleaning mode too.

The only thing that is missing (in my opinion) is you can not choose the water dripping level. I believe it will take the one that was set on default before.

When choosing the area you want the robot to clean you can order it to clean the whole house, select area cleaning (zoned cleaning), and specified room cleaning.

The whole-house cleaning is when the robot cleans your house without missing a room.

Select area cleaning means you can draw a zone on the map you want the robot to clean. Saying you have some areas that get dirtier than others and you want it to be cleaned more often.

Specified room cleaning is when you order the machine to clean a kitchen and bedroom at once. A handy feature if you don’t need the whole house cleaning.

Mopping off-limit area: when the water tank and mopping pad are attached, you can draw a rectangle on the map in places where your carpets are located to prevent the robot from going on carpets when mopping. When the attachments are removed these areas become inactive.

Multi-floor map management: the robot saves up to 10 different floor maps which makes it suitable for multi-level houses. You can set your favorite map which will not be deleted or replaced, or use the downstairs or upstairs map depending on the robot's location.

All the smart features of the 360 S6Pro
All the smart features of the 360 S6 Pro

Wet Mopping function

The 360 S6 Pro has a mopping ability. It is equipped with a water tank that is big enough to mop up to 100 minutes before it needs to be refilled again. There is electric pomp inside the robot which controls the water dripping speed. You can also choose the water dripping level in the app depending on your needs (three modes available).

According to the 360Smart app, depending on the water level the robot can cover:

  • Low water output up to 200 square meters (2152 sqft).
  • Medium water output up to 140 square meters (1506 sqft).
  • High water output up to 90 square meters (968 sqft).

The electronic water containers are more useful in my opinion. You can set the amount of water dripping (I normally set the highest level) instead of water just running out to the mopping cloth. You can also change the water dripping level depending on the room. The kitchen normally needs more while for the bedroom you can set it to a minimum.

Water tank
Large water tank with electric water dripping control
Mopping attachments
Mopping pad & two cleaning cloths

The water tank is placed inside the machine under the lid next to the dustbin which is surprising. I have never seen a robot vacuum to have two containers under the lid at once. Attaching and removing the mopping pad is very convenient, slide it underneath until it clicks.

To start mopping, you have to fill the container with water, attach the pad with a cloth on, set water dripping level, and let it go.

The container is electronic which means it supplies water right to the mopping pad. Also in mopping mode, you can set no-mop zones so the robot will avoid carpets.

360 S6 Pro restricted areas
The robot supports sweep off-limit area to avoid some zones and mop off-limit area to avoid carpets in mopping mode 

During our tests, the robot was able to remove stains but those weren't stubborn. On high water output and a full water container, the 360 S6 Pro can mop for about 44 minutes covering 45 square meters (484 sqft). When the container is empty, the robot alerts that it needs to be refilled and this is the first robot I have tested that actually alerts in mopping mode.

Keep in mind, the mopping option is not going to replace manual mopping but it is a great feature to have if you want to keep hard floors clean as long as possible.

The robot can do vacuuming, mopping, vacuuming and mopping so you can turn on/off suction when needed.

Which 360 robot vacuum to buy?

The 360 S6 is the oldest model. It also has the mopping function but the suction power is weaker (1,600Pa) and it lucks of some smart features (room recognition, water level control, custom no-mop zones). If you have a small area of hard floors to mop and low-pile carpets/rugs only, the 360 S6 would be a good choice as it is one the cheapest among others.

The 360 S5 does not have the mopping function but it is more powerful than the 360 S6. It performs great on medium-pile carpets, has a better climbing ability and handles pet hair pretty well. For under $300 you get a robot vacuum cleaner that is capable of cleaning medium-pile carpets, and has all the smart features such as room recognition and selective room cleaning, no-go zones, zoned cleaning, etc. It doesn’t have competitors on the market in this price range. Not suitable for bigger homes though because of the small battery.

The 360 S7 is as good as the S5 but in addition, it has a longer battery life and mopping function. If you live in an average house with medium-pile carpets, need a robot that will also mop hard floors and have smart features, consider getting the 360 S7.

The latest 360 S6 Pro is an improved version of all the previous models. It is ideal for big multi-level houses covered in low and medium-pile carpets. It would also be perfect for pet owners. With a big water tank, it can cover a large area in mopping mode. If you want a premium robot vacuum for a reasonable price, go with the 360 S6 Pro.

Where to buy

The 360 S6 Pro is already available to buy on Gearbest for $549.99.

To sum up

I have tested all robots from the company and I also have always been a fan of these. The 360 S6 Pro is the best among the family with stronger suction and the ability to clean carpets.

The app got better and became more intuitive which I like. And if I am being honest, the 360Smart app is one of the best on the market. Easy access to the most important features, minimalist design, and no bugs. Real-time tracking is smooth with no delay and overall using the app leaves good impressions.

Overall the 360 S6 Pro is much better than average robot cleaners by having the strongest suction and performing as good on carpet as it does on hard floors.

If you are living in a big house and looking for a decent robot vacuum that can vacuum it, have a look at the 360 S6 Pro.

If you have pets, go with the robot as it has an easy-to-clean brush with detachable tips. As a long-haired person, I appreciate it so much.

If you have some hard floor area to mop, the S6 Pro will do the job for you.

If you have some furniture you don’t want a robot to break, the 360 S6 Pro is extra gentle, it keeps a distance and never bumps into things when sensors recognize one. Also, virtual boundaries help in cluttered homes.

I would recommend the 360 S6 Pro to anyone who is looking for an efficient and powerful robot vacuum that is also quiet when working which might be a big deal for someone since I am a big fan of these robots that are powerful yet not as loud as other models on the market.



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  1. Woody
    #      0
    can you say a little bit more about the multilevel-functions and how exactly it works? A well working multilevel function is the main reason for me to buy a robot vacuum. Can I just move the robot to some place on a different level or must it be always the same? Do I have also to move the docking station? Can I still choose which room to clean etc.? Unfortunately, I was not able to find more information about how multilevel-functionality works in the past, maybe you are the first to help me out :)
    1. Natalie Red
      #      0
      Hello, Woody. Sure let's do this together :)
      The 360 robots have the best multifloor management among the robots I have tested.
      1. You can run the robot upstairs and when it saves the map, you have to do the same downstairs (by letting the robot starts from the dock and return to the dock on its own).
      2. When the maps are created, you can mark them as favorites so they will not be replaced if you create more than 10 maps.
      3. When you have these maps, you can manually move the robot upstairs again (even if the dock is downstairs), choose the map you need in the app before starting the robot and let it run. Normally, the 360 takes a few seconds to recognize its location which you can see on the map once it knows its place.
      4. When those maps are created, the robot divides them into separate rooms, you can manually change the way they are divided and also rename each. When you do so, you can order the robot to clean a particular room, but you have to choose the map you need first.

      I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any question :)

      1. Woody
        #      0
        Hi Natalie,
        wow, finally a good answer I can work with, thanks a lot :)
        So all I have to do is run the robot on each floor from its dock and later let it start somewhere on that floor and it will recognize the room by itself without any help?
        Is this any different from the new roborock T7? I dont know if I should wait for that robot to be available in Europe and if its any better than the 360…
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          Basically, yes. If you place the robot on that floor and (!) choose the needed map in the app, it will recognize where it is.
          The Roborock T7 is not going to be widely available. It is only for the Chinese market. But it seems like the company is gong to present something new.
          When comparing the 360 S6 Pro with one of the latest S5 Max, there would not be too many differences, except for the multimap support but again, have a look at this post, the Roborock S6 might get full multimap too.
          All I can say is that you might not see a difference between the two in real-life. When comparing with the Roborock S6, the 360 S6 Pro has better mopping but next to the Roborock S5 Max, the 360 S6 Pro is about equal.
          I love Roborock for the build quality and great customer support, but I love 360 too because its robots are also good. It's up to you :)
          1. Woody
            #      0
            Thanks again for your information and the helpuful advices, especially since I just saw the reveal of the new roborock s6 max v and I have to say, that I will probably wait for that robot to come out since it has everything I need and looks a lot cooler than the 360 robot :)
            I hope the multilevel option works as good as promised and that I dont have to move the dock every time to a different floor....maybe you have any information about that, too? you seem to know everything ;)
            1. Natalie Red
              #      0
              Hey there :) Lol I might hear about the newest Roborock as well. You can read more information here. Spoiler: I am getting this robot in the following days so there's a chance to have a closer look to it.
              Feel free to ask any questions.
              1. Woody
                #      +1
                Thanks for the spoiler :) I really look forward for your review, especially if the multilevel-feature works as described and how well it performs. As I said, thats the main feature I need, and if it does well, I place my preorder asap :)
                1. Natalie Red
                  #      0
                  I'll try my best to figure out how multimap works :)
    2. satya
      #      +1
      Can you please tell me which one is the best among below two. I was looking at all reviews reading them about their prons and cons and Finally I decided to chose anyone from below two.
      1) Roborock s5 Max
      2) 360 S6 pro

      I am bit confused what to select, I am sure I am not going to looking at Roborock s6 Max V bcz it's bit expensive.
      1. Natalie Red
        #      0
        Hey, Satya.
        Roborock S5 Max now supports up to 4 floor maps so multimapping is not an issue anymore.
        In terms of cleaning quality, I would say they are equal, maybe the Roborock is slightly better at mopping.
        Both have a nice and sleek app and similar features.
        I like Roborock customer service but 360 also produces great robots.
        You will not go wrong with either of them and would probably not see the difference in real life.
        The S6 Pro has a bit stronger suction but again, in real life, it might not make that much of a difference.
        1. Satya
          #      0
          Thank you so much for your kind reply.
          1. Natalie Red
            #      0
            You are very welcome :)
      2. Bee
        #      0
        It’s not my experience the multi floor management works without problems on the 360. It currently has a number if bugs which need to be worked out.

        1. It will loose its position if you move it from one floor to the next.
        2. It will build a new map of the new floor which I think adds a map, but that doesn’t get added unless you have a docking station in that floor, which no one does. Only once it docks it saves the map.
        3. If it can’t find the docking station, it will keep going with full vacuuming on until I guess it runs out of battery. I think after a long time it will tell you it can’t find the docking station.
        4. The app is good but the English is horrible, and the voice packs are not great either. You will probably want to turn the voice prompts off after a while.

        In short, it’s a great robot, but it needs improvements, and I would not get it currently for multiple floors unless you buy separate docking stations for each, or get a separate s6 for each floor. This is probably what I’m going to do, if you don’t need mopping and your rooms are reasonably sized, get a cheap s5 which is equivalent to the S7 without mopping and slightly smaller battery. Then I would say it’s a good deal.

        The good points are, the suction is great, it’s quiet, looks elegant, although slightly on the large size, but the best thing is you can set multiple time slots per day, which is what was important to me.
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          Hey there.

          1. To not make the robot loose the position, you have to choose the needed map in the app first. I haven't tested it in the S6 Pro tho because I don't have a second floor :)
          2. All robots save a map this way: it should start from the dock and finish by docking itself. The 360 robots works the same way. Maybe there are some other robots that are able to save a map without returning to the dock but I haven't heard about such.
          3. Same as the point 2. The robots needs the dock to finish cleaning. Maybe if choosing the upstairs floor in the app first will help the robot to recognize there's no charging dock on this floor but unfortunately I have nowhere to test this out. Maybe in this case the robot just says it finishes cleaning and stop running.
          4. Agree on this one :)

          The S5 is in my opinion the best budget vacuum for its price. Not for the larger areas but a great cleaner for smaller homes.

          Great points on everything!

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