Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum — Powerful and Smart Vacuum Cleaner for less than $400

UPDATE 12/29/2017: Xiaomi just released a new version of their robot vacuum, check out our latest review of Xiaomi MiJia RoboRock Second Generation.

If you are looking for powerful, functional and not expensive robot vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi Mi Robot will be your best choice. Mi Robot is a new vacuum cleaner from Chinese fast-growing hi-tech company Xiaomi which has become very popular in the last few years. Xiaomi Mi Robot costs more than twice cheaper than main competitors with similar features. It has the perfect minimalist design, powerful and quiet brushless motor, intelligent path planning and home mapping system, long battery life and powerful smartphone App for remote control.

Xiaomi Mi robot testing

Design & Features

Xiaomi Mi Robot has a modern and futuristic design. The diameter of the device is 13.5 inches, a height of 3.8 inches and a weight of 8.4 lbs. It has smart «brain» with 3 powerful CPUs (ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core processor, TI Digital Signal processor, and ST ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller) for the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) movement algorithm. The processors receive data from 12 different sensors to intelligent path planning: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a radar sensor, a speedometer and an electronic compass. Powerful brushless DC motor has a high speed and performance, with air pressure up to 1800Pa.

Mi Robot powerful DC motor

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 12 sensors.

Xiaomi Mi Robot sensors

It is very easy to clean the robot, just open the lid on the top and threw away the trash from the container in one movement.

cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner

The Mi Home app lets you control vacuum's status remotely: watch the robot moves in real-time, toggle it off or on, schedule time for automatic cleaning and switch between suction modes - normal, quiet and active.

Smartphone App to control the Mi Robot

The Mi robot has Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) located on the top case which allows it to scan all your rooms and create a detailed plan of your house. The sensor scans the perimeter of the room 360 degrees at 1800 times per second.

Laser Distance Sensor - Xiaomi MiJia robot vacuum

Automatically finding and returning to the recharging base after finishing.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum parking on the base

Product Specifications

Xiaomi Mi RobotSpecs
Vacuum MotorNidec brushless DC
Dirt capacity0.45 liters
Dry/wet moppingNone
Full bin indicatorYes
Side brushYes
Cliff detectionYes
Self dockingYes
Multi RoomYes
Smartphone appYes, WiFi connected iOS/Android App
FeaturesSweep, Suction
BatteryLi-ion, 14.4V / 5200mAh
Working Time150 min
Recharging time3-4 hours
Dimensions13.58 inches x 3.15 inches
Accessories in the package1 x CN plug, 1 x Charging Base, 1 x Brush cleaning tool

YouTube reviews of Xiaomi Mi Robot


Pros of Xiaomi Mi Robot

  • affordable price — Mi Robot much cheaper if you compare it with similar models
  • impressive run time — two and half hours of continuous cleaning (thanks to the 5200mAh lithium ion battery)
  • nice minimalist design
  • HEPA filtration and good suction power
  • intelligent path planning and home mapping system
  • WiFi App for Android and iOS allows you to track, control and schedule the robot from your smartphone.

Cons of Mi Robot

  • no virtual walls available
  • does not have any extra accessories in the box
  • no virtual walls.

UPDATE: Check out the latest budget Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum, it has strong suction power and costs less than Mi robot and Roborock, however it comes without mapping feature.


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