Roborock S5 vs. Roborock T6: Are The Improvements Worth The Money?

By Natalie Red·Mar 21, 2019· 6 min read

Roborock has launched a new robot vacuum cleaner called Roborock Sweep T6 model at the crowdfunding platform in China. The latest model is equipped with an Allwinner R16 processor, a Texas Instruments signal processor, and a microprocessor made by STMicroelectronics. The main brush is made of a material from the brand called DuPont Zytel. Also, Xiaomi seems to have already bagged the iF Design Award.

With all the improvements, let's see are the differences between the Roborock S5 and Roborock T6. Is there any reason to buy the latest model?

Roborock T6 vs. Roborock S5 comparison chart

SpecsRoborock T6Roborock S5
Suction Power (Pa)2,0002,000
Working Time (min)150150
Battery capacity (mAh)5,2005,200
Noise in min/max mode (dB)50-6054-67
Dust Bin Capacity (ml/oz)500 / 16.9500 / 16.9
Water Box Capacity (ml)160150
Amazon Alexa/Google Home Supportnoyes
Xiaomi Mi AI Speakeryesno
Mopping Functionyesyes
Mopping attachmentsMicrofiber mop + 10 disposable wipesMicrofiber mop
Infrared Sensoryesyes
Intelligent carpet identificationyesyes
Digital customized areaszoned cleaning, block offs, room recognization in the appzoned cleaning and block offs in the app
Number of sensors1413
AppMi HomeMi Home
FilterWashable HEPAWashable HEPA
Barrier Height (in/cm)0.78 / 20.78 / 2
Weight (lbs/kg)7.7 / 3.57.7 / 3.5
Height (in/cm)3.78 / 9.63.78 / 9.6
Width (in/cm)13.77 / 3513.77 / 35
Warranty2 years1 year
Accessoriescharging dock, power cable, water tank, mop, user manual, warranty cardcharging dock, charge cable, mopping pad, water tank, cleaning brush

What the Roborock S5 and T6 have in common?

The newest Roborock T6 and S5 share a lot. They both are efficient, provide excellent cleaning performance, smart and are more or less affordable, at least they have a lower price tag than other flagship models. Let's get into details, what features they share.

LIDAR system

There is a "head" where the LDS sensor is hidden. It works to scan the surrounding to create a floor layout. Mapping helps the robot to understand where it needs to clean. Also, it reduces cleaning time by preventing the Roborock to go over the same spots twice.

When the map is created, the vacuum calculates the best way of cleaning which it follows when cleaning.

Smart navigation

Unlike robots that don't have mapping and randomly move around until the battery is out of charge, the Roborock navigates efficient.

It moves back-and-forth in straight lines methodically covering the cleaning area based on the map it created.

The robot is equipped with a bunch of sensors that prevent bumping into things, falling down and keep it at a distance of 10 mm from the wall.

Roborock claims that the new model T6 improves cleaning efficiency by 20%.

App & Features

The app allows switching between cleaning modes, start/stop the machine, schedule it to work at a specific time, etc.

Digital blockers. If there is a room that might not be ready for cleaning or a zone where you have cords, etc., you can set an unlimited amount of digital block offs. Once you have done it, the robot would not cross it.

Zoned cleaning. Let's pretend you need the robot to clean a high-traffic area. For these needs, there is a zone cleanup feature. Draw a rectangle on the map to make the vacuum clean within it. This option is useful in case you need to clean the kitchen only.

Real-time tracking. Thanks to the three built-in processors, you can track the robot in real-time.

Manually control it like a radio car. If you need the device to go to a specific spot, you can use the app remote control and manage its movements by sending it where you want to.

Strong suction, climbing obstacles, carpet boost

Both Roborock models have a powerful motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction. It is one of the strongest suctions in the industry, only a few other models have the suction that is as strong as the Roborock's.

Also, the Roborock is able to climb an obstacle up to 20 mm tall. Carpets that are not thicker than 20 mm is not an issue for the robot.

The Roborock has sensors that are able to recognize carpet flooring. Once the vacuum is on carpet, its suction gets boosted to a max level providing deeper cleaning automatically. When the robot is off the carpet, cleaning mode returns to standard power settings.

Strong suction power, excellent climbing ability, and carpet boost work together ensuring outstanding cleaning performance on a carpeted surface. The vacuum is able to pick up pet hair, so if you have a dog or cat, the Roborock is ideal for you.


The Roborock S5 and T6 come with a water container and a microfiber mop. The newest model has disposable wipes as well.

Mopping helps with keeping bare floor clean without doing it manually. For sure, it does not handle stubborn stains, but it is a useful feature to have. If you run the cleaner a few times per week, it will decrease the need of mopping manually.

To start - fill the water tank with water, attach the mop cloth, slide the container underneath until it clicks and let the robot run. In this mop, the Roborock cleans for about 40-50 minutes until the container gets dry. If you need it to wet mop more, repeat the cycle again.

Same dimensions

Both robots have the same dimensions of 35 cm (13.78 in) in diameter and 9.6 cm (3.78 in) in height. The weight is 3.5 kg (7.94 lbs).

Battery, recharge & resume

The Roborock has a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 5,200 mAh. It lasts up to 150 minutes which is the longest runtime in the industry. It is enough to cover a cleaning area that is equivalent to 250 square meters (2691 ft2).

When the battery is on a 20% level, the vacuum automatically docks itself to recharge up to 80% so it can finish cleaning. When it's done charging, the Roborock resumes the job from the spot it left off.

In case it covered the whole cleaning area, it gets to the charging dock to juice up to 100% with no resumption.

What makes the newest Roborock T6 different from Roborock S5

Notwithstanding both of them have many things in common, there are some improvements you need to know about. The design has changed, mapping technology is improved, the T6 is equipped with an advanced water tank and works quieter even though it has the same strong suction power. We are here to help you to understand what is different between the two Roborock models.

Advanced mapping technology

Roborock claims that the newest Rock Navigation path plan is smarter than the previous generation.

It builds more accurate maps providing users with more personalized cleaning operations. The manufacturer promises that the newest model T6 improves cleaning efficiency by 20% by sweeping faster in narrow areas, not going far, etc.

With the new map that is built by the Roborock T6, the rooms can be automatically recognized. Then you can choose a particular room to be cleaned at a specific time up to 7 times per week.

In addition to that, the Roborock T6 supports virtual boundaries and zone cleaning as well as the Roborock S5.

Also, the Roborock T6 stores multiple maps which makes it ideal for houses with one and more levels. The Robrock S5 is only able to save one map.

Design: what has changed

The newest model has a beautiful matte finish. Old cleaner, the Roborock S5 has a glossy lid.

The Roborock S5 has three physical buttons on the lid: power, charging and spot cleaning. The newest Roborock T6 houses touch buttons.

Other than that, both cleaners look-alike.

The improvements were made with the charging dock as well. With the new station, you can hide a charging cable inside, it looks sleeker and more minimalist.

Mopping, new water tank, disposable wipes

The Roborock T6 can mop and sweep at the same time. The Roborock S5 water tank controls water dripping, when the robot is not moving, water stops leaking.

The newest water tank is a bit different. It has two levels of water dripping, one for daily usage, it does not damp the cloth too much so it will not leave watermarks on your floor. The second level is made for bigger stains. It damps the mop more, so it is able to dissolve these stains.

The Roborock S5 has a microfiber cloth for mopping; the T6 comes equipped with 10 disposable wipes and the same microfiber cloth in the box. Once the mopping is done, you can tear it off and throw away.

Upgraded cleaning brush with detachable parts

The newest cleaning roller is made of an international first-line brand DuPontTM Zytel material. It is a mix of bristles and rubber which makes the brush ideal for multisurface. Its parts are detachable that allows you to remove hair with ease.

Strong suction, carpet boost, climbing ability, and the newest brush make the Robrorock T6 perfect for pet owners.

Noise & new motor

Roborock did an excellent job of reducing the operating noise level. They modified the air flow of the fan and optimized the motor vibration. It makes the Roborock T6 works quieter than its older brother Roborock S5.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker support

The newest Roborok T6 is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker. Unfortunately, there is no information about its compatibility with Amazon Alexa/Google Home provided.

The Roborock S5 is integrated with Alexa-enabled devices and Google Home.


The Roborock T6 is launching a two-year machine warranty; the Roborock S5 provides a 1-year warranty.

Reasons to get the latest Roborock T6

If you have a house with more than one level - the Roborock T6 would be perfect for you thanks to the map storing feature.

Room recognizing is a useful feature. Many users wished the Roborock S5 would have it. With the newest model, you can choose a specific room and schedule the robot to clean it whenever you want.

Improved water tank and mopping attachments make the mopping more efficiently.

If any noise distracts you, have a look at the Roborock T6. It might not be the quietest, but let's not forget that it is a powerful machine, it should make noises, right? At least it is not as loud as the Roborock S5.

The new charging dock is minimalist. The charging cord will not be laying on your floor as it used to be with the S5.

Last, but not least: with the cleaning roller, the Roborock T6 is more suitable for pet hair.

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  1. Dr.VSS
    02 april 2019, 16:12
    #      0
    Hey there,
    Its a very nice website that you are running about RoboVacs, please keep up the good work. The website is really very helpful in sharing detailed information about all the robovacs available in the market, specifications etc. Added to it the comparison feature is most useful. It would be better if you can add more functionality to compare more than 2 products at any given time.
    I have a few questions to ask:
    1. How is Roborock S5/50 different from Xiaomi Roborock Mijia and why are they calling it with different names instead of a single name or common nomenclature «Roborock or Xiaomi». This is causing confusion in the psyche of potential buyers. Today I read another review on this website which spoke about «Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot». Elsewhere also, I read that Xiaomi owns Roborock, then why are they coming with different brand names as Roborock S5/T6 and Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot instead of Xiaomi S5/T6?
    2. I live in a duplex villa which has two levels. Given your experience with Robovacs and using your good offices & contacts, do you think the Roborock S5 will upgrade/update their existing S5 mobile software app with Multifloor map functionality since this feature is available by default in T6.
    Hope I havent asked too much. Thanks in advance. Have a great day. Cheers!!!
    1. Michael Fisher
      03 april 2019, 06:31(edited})
      #      0
      thanks for the kind words and your feedback! The ability to compare more than two robot vacuums will be added soon. It's almost done but works not as expected, so we need to improve it.
      Regarding your questions:
      1. There is a lack of info about the Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot at this moment. Probably it was developed by the same company Roborock as the first Xiaomi Mi Robot and will be presented as a product from Xiaomi (without mention of Roborock). However, I have no idea why they use different names instead of a single name. At the same time, Roborock presented the newest Roborock T6 under their own brand. So far we know that the Xiaomi Mijia 1S has a very similar appearance to the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot with a few improvements.
      2. Unfortunately, I don't know if they are going to add multifloor map functionality to the Roborock S5.
    2. Daniel
      17 april 2019, 16:36(edited})
      #      0
      I can't find any info online on when the roborock t6 is going to available to purchase in the USA like in Amazon or big box stores. Do you have any idea? When that will happen?
      1. Natalie Red
        Yesterday at 03:32
        #      0
        Hello, Daniel!

        Unfortunately, we don't know when it will be available to purchase in the US. Hope it will be announced by Roborock soon.

        Best regards,

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