Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair of 2018

If you have a dog or cat, pet hair probably is a continual nuisance. It clings to the carpet and floor all over the house, and you need regular vacuuming to remove it from your home surfaces. It takes so much time to clean the house with a regular vacuum cleaner that it can be even a problem if you are a busy person who doesn't have time for removing pesky pet hair. It can be a real problem if you have pet allergies. There is a good solution — an automatic robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your floors and carpets every day, even when you are at work.

Features&SpecsXiaomi RoborockNeato Botvac ConnectedShark ION ROBOT 750Roomba 890ILIFE A4S
Running Time150min120min70min60min120min
Suction Power2000PaN/SN/AN/A1000Pa
Dustbin Capacity480ml700ml300ml300ml450ml
Virtual Wallsyesyesyyn
Battery Capacity5200mAh4200mAhN/AN/A2600mAh
Water Tank CapacityN/A----
ControlAppApp+VoiceApp+VoiceApp+VoiceIR remote control
Smart Path Planningyynnn
Climbing Ability20mmN/AN/AN/A15mm
Carpet Indentificationynnnn
Dirt Detectionnnnyn
Full Bin Indicatoryynyn
Cliff Sensorsyyyyy
Weight3.5kg (7.7lbs)4.1kg (9lbs)2.4kg (5.5lbs)3.8kg (8.4lbs)2.2kg (4.85lbs)
Dimensions (H/W)9.65cm (3.8in) / 35cm (13.7in)10cm (3.9in) / 33.5cm (13.2in)6.6cm (2.6in) / 32cm (12.6in)9.1cm (3.6in) / 35.3cm (13.9in)7.6cm (2.99in) / 31cm (12.2in)
Amazon Alexa / Google Home Supportlimited support / yesyyyn

1. The Xiaomi Roborock

New second generation Xiaomi Roborock S50 the best for pet hair

The Roborock is the newest robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi that costs around $500 and is easily compared with the newest Roomba robots. On the top of the device you will see three buttons: Start or Power, spot cleaning for cleaning a square area of about 1.5 x 1.5 meters around the vacuum, and a plug button that sends the robot to recharge. 13 sensors are located all over the body helping it move around without bumping into things. You will notice a "head" with a laser that scans the cleaning area and creates a map of the room (which by the way you can see with the MiJia app on your smartphone). The SLAM algorithm system calculates the most efficient way to clean your house so the robot will provide more thorough cleaning.

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If you have mostly bare floors, the robot has a wet mopping function. The tangle-free design prevents the motor from hair tangling. The powerful motor cleans a carpet from pet hair, dirt, and dust. The Xiaomi Roborock has strong suction power and comes equipped with a 2mm soft bumper that makes for quiet operation. Also, the robot has a washable HEPA filter that catches even the smallest particulars in the air.

The Roborock supports Wi-Fi and comes with an upgraded app that has a lot of functionality to helps you to control it when you're not at home; in fact, you can watch the device moving in real-time. Despite the fact that the second generation has a powerful motor, it is equipped with a soft bumper that provides quiet operation. In case the device hasn't finished its job but the battery needs to be recharged, the Roborock will find its way to the charging dock and get back to finish its cleaning after recharging.

What you can do with the MiJia app:

  1. Schedule the robot up to 7 times per week and even multiple times in a day
  2. Watch the vacuum moving in real-time
  3. View the map of a cleaning area
  4. Switch between cleaning modes
  5. Create virtual walls in areas you don't want the vacuum cleaner to go
  6. Navigate the robot by tapping on a special area on your phone

What you get in the box with the newest generation Xiaomi Roborock

  • The Roborock S50 itself
  • Charging base
  • Adapter
  • Water tank
  • Mopping cloth

What we like about the Xiaomi second generation Roborock

  • Mapping and smart navigation system
  • User-friendly upgraded app
  • Long operation time
  • Sweeping and mopping functionality
  • Powerful motor
  • Super quiet operation
  • Virtual walls


  • Not a lot of accessories included
  • Expensive

Why the new Xiaomi Roborock is good for pet hair considering its price

The Roborock costs around the same as the Roomba 890 but it has a mopping function and the SLAM navigation system. The powerful motor can clean your carpet from pet hair with ease especially with its smart carpet identification that turns on the maximum suction mode once it recognizes a carpet to provide high-quality deep cleaning. It supports Wi-Fi so you can manage it even when away from home. Let the Roborock work on its own and you will be surprised to see how the device changes your life.

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Roborock in rose-gold on Gearbest

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2. The Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac Connected the best for pet hair

The Neato Botvac Connected features an all-black color scheme with shiny metallic accents. A "D" shape helps the robot get deep into corners and track around furniture. The robot vacuum cleaner supports Wi-Fi and voice-activated systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. On the top of the device, you will see a little color LCD panel for basic interactions and two big buttons: spot cleaning to clean a specific area and home/Power that tells the robot to return to its charging base. A little screen shows how much battery is left, in which mode the device is running, and any error messages. The screen can be used for connecting the Neato to Wi-Fi and set a cleaning schedule. Underneath, it houses a combination brush-and-blade roller, which helps cut up tangled hair and dust as they are caught.

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LaserSmart mapping and navigation scans and maps the room, plans, and then cleans. The robot has two cleaning modes: Eco gives a longer, quieter energy-saving clean while Turbo provides a super-powered cleaning-with maximum hair pickup. If the Neato Botvac Connected needs more power, it automatically returns to the charge base, powers up, then goes back to finish the job.

What the Neato Robotics app does:

  • Alerts when the robot start working and when it's finished cleaning
  • Sends notification when it gets stuck or needs your help
  • Switches between Turbo and Eco modes
  • Schedules cleaning at a specific time
  • Allows viewing of a summary of where the Neato robot has been

What you get in the box with the Neato Botvac Connected

  • Robot vacuum
  • Integrated charge base
  • Power cord
  • 2 ultra performance filters
  • Combo brush
  • Spiral blade brush
  • Side brush
  • Boundary markers
  • Brush & filter cleaning tool

What we like about the Neato Botvac Connected

  • Fantastic cleaning power, including the ability to pick up clumps of pet hair
  • Effective smart features
  • User-friendly app that offers a ton of stats
  • Great for hard floors
  • Good battery life
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant + supports Wi-Fi

What could be better

  • Doesn't love thicker carpets
  • Expensive

Why should you get the Neato Botvac Connected

The robot is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so it can be controlled by voice commands. It covers a large area when cleaning and it has a recharging function similar to the newest Roomba models come with. Smart navigation allows the robot to methodically clean without bumping into things when working. It comes with an expensive price tag, but the device has a lot of nice features that make it worth its value.

Buy Neato Botvac on Amazon

3. The Shark ION ROBOT 750

Shark ION ROBOT 750

On top of the Shark ION ROBOT 750 are three buttons: clean for starting cleaning, dock to get back to recharge, and a spot button for a specific area. The robot supports Wi-Fi and Amazon Alexa, so it can be navigated and controlled by an app and voice commands. A light indicator alerts when the device gets stuck or when there is a problem with a brush roll. By the way, the robot comes with a brush roll that can untangle hair, string, and just about anything that gets in it. It is equipped with navigation sensors that allow the robot vacuum to navigate through a room and help find its charging dock when the battery runs out.

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What Shark ION ROBOT app does:

  1. Schedules machi8ne to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week
  2. Voice controlled by Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  3. Gives you access to the default cleaning and spot cleaning modes

What you get in the box with the Shark ION ROBOT 750

  • 2 side brushes
  • Filter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Charging dock
  • 9 feet of botboundary strip

What is good about Shark ION ROBOT 750

  • Not very noisy
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Decent cleaning performance on hardwood floors and low-pile carpets
  • Anti-allergen HEPA filtration

What could be better

  • Difficult time cleaning high-pile carpets
  • Doesn't mop

Why would you buy the Shark ION ROBOT 750 robot vacuum cleaner

The device that comes with a $350 dollar price tag and still can be navigated by voice commands. The robot will clean hardwood floors or a low-pile carpet from pet hair. Also, the anti-tangle technology will help with hair rolled around most brushes, so you will not be spending valuable time untangling anything from them.

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4. The Roomba 890

Roomba 890

The Roomba 890 is the robot vacuum that costs around $500 and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance, which is a big pro. If you have Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or an Amazon Echo Show, or any other Alexa-powered devices, you can navigate the robot by voice command. Also, the Roomba 890 supports Wi-Fi so it is an app-based device, which is good since only the Roomba 890 has the ability to be controlled via an app or voice-activated system from the Roomba 800 series. At the top of the fuselage are a handle and three buttons: Clean, Home button, and key Spot patterns. It is equipped with the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System that grabs dirt and debris off the floor, sweeps dust and dirt to the main brush that suctions it up to provide more thorough cleaning.

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The Multi-Surface Brushes work together to pull in pet hair, dust, dirt, and large debris without getting tangled. The Roomba 890 comes with a full bin indicator that alerts when the dustbin is full and it is time to empty it. The high-efficiency AeroForce filter captures 99% of all allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns. Plus, the iAdapt navigation prevents the robot vacuum from bumping into walls, avoid obstacles or falling off stairs. When the battery is low energy, the Roomba 890 gets back to its dock to recharge.

The iRobot HOME app allows to:

  • Set up a schedule for up to seven times a week
  • Control the robot vacuum: start, pause, reserve or cancel the cleaning job

In the box

  • Roomba 890
  • Charging dock
  • Adapter
  • Dual mode virtual wall barrier
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Extra filter
  • Manual and manufacturer's warranty

What we like about the Roomba 890

  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa supported
  • App-based
  • Virtual walls
  • Full bin indicator
  • Powerful enough to clean carpeted surfaces


  • No mapping function
  • Kind of noisy
  • Doesn't come with advanced navigation technology

Why buy the Roomba 890 for pet hair?

First of all, the Roomba 890 has tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes that work together to clean the house from pet hair, dirt, and dust. The AeroForce filter captures 99% of all allergens, pollen, and air-borne particles. It is the first device from the 800 series that is compatible with voice-activated systems and can be controlled by the iRobot HOME app. If you are looking for a Roomba that costs around $500 and can clean a room from pet hair, this model is for you.

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5. The ILIFE A4S


The ILIFE A4S has the same minimalistic design as all the robots from iLife. It comes with a sleek gray shade design. At the top of the robot's body, you can see the Auto button. The vacuum is equipped with infrared, OBS and wall sensors that prevent the robot from dropping from stairs and avoid bumping into things. The powerful motor absorbs dust, dirt, and pet hair from hardwood floors and carpeted surfaces. You can schedule the A4S to clean at a specific time using the remote control that also allows you to change between cleaning modes and return the robot to its charging base. The device comes with multiple cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, border cleaning, spot cleaning, schedule cleaning, and maximum cleaning. It is suitable for most floors: cement, ceramic tile, wooden, undercoat carpeting, etc. After the battery runs, out the robot will get back to its base to recharge.

Click here to see customers reviews about the ILIFE A4S on Amazon

What you get in the box with the ILIFE A4S

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Extra filter
  • Charging dock
  • Remote controller
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Manual
  • Adapter
  • Cleaning brush plus 2 extra side brushes

What we like about the ILIFE A4S

  • Decent working time
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable price
  • Love noise operation


  • No smart navigation feature
  • No virtual walls included

Why is the ILIFE A4S perfect for pet hair?

This robot has a powerful motor that can easily absorb dust, hair, paper, and reduce the pollution of PM2.5. Needless to say, the A4S costs less than $200 but has good cleaning performance. It is as good on a hardwood floor as on a carpeted surface. A good-looking robot that works long, handles pet hair and costs twice less than the Roomba 890 - the iLIFE A4S is definitely good for your cleaning needs.

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Which robot vacuum cleaner is the best for pet hair in 2018?

If you are not going to spend a lot of money on a robot vacuum cleaner, go with the Shark ION ROBOT 750 or ILIFE A4S. The Shark ION ROBOT 750 is compatible with Amazon Alexa but doesn't have smart navigation. On the other hand, the A4S from iLIFE costs even less than $200 but offers decent cleaning features for the price.

Please note that the Shark Ion 740 as well as the ILIFE A4S are not able to deep clean thick rugs, but they do a great job on thin carpeted flooring.

The Roomba 890, the Neato Botvac Connected and the Xiaomi Roborock cost around $500 each. The Roomba and the Neato can be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, but the Xiaomi Roborock is compatible with Google Assistant only.

Three are app-based which allows you to control the robots from anywhere. The Neato Botvac Connected and the Xiaomi Roborock have smart navigation that provides more efficient cleaning. The Roomba, the Neato and the Xiaomi perform well on thin and medium-pile carpets as well as bare floors. On the other hand, the Roomba can run for 60 minutes only, while the Botvac Connected and the Xiaomi run about twice longer.

If your home is mostly covered with a hardwood floor, get the Roborock since it can sweep and mop. Also, the Xiaomi Roborock is ideal for average and larger-sized houses with thin and medium-pile carpets. The Neato Botvac Connected is suitable for mixed surfaces and a home mostly covered with carpets.

What do you think is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair? Write your comment below.

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