Viomi V2 vs Roborock S6: the Differences Explained

By Natalie Red·May 13, 2019· 6 min read

Today we want to talk about the two newest beasts in the robot vacuum cleaners market: the Roborock S6 and Viomi V2. What is the difference between two?

The Roborock S6 has everything we loved in the S5 and some improved and new features. It is the same smart and powerful machine that knows your home and where exactly it should clean with an improved water tank and advanced mapping. Recently, we wrote a detailed review of the Roborock S6.

The Viomi V2 is the first model in their model line that is equipped with the LDS laser. And if Roborock knows how to produce a decent robot cleaner, the Viomi is a bit new in this area. We think they made it great though.

Both models can mop and sweep, support zoned cleaning and restricted areas, build an accurate map, etc. So are there any other things to consider buying the Viomi V2 over the Roborock S6? What makes the Roborock S6 one of the smartest in this price segment?

We have two flagship robot vacuum cleaners, and it might be challenging to choose the best one. Let's try to understand what are the difference between the two and why would you want to choose the Roborock or Viomi.

Roborock S6 vs. Viomi V2 comparison chart

Specs Roborock S6 Viomi V2
Suction power 2,000 Pa 2,150 Pa
Battery life 150 min 120 min
Recharge & Resume yes yes
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh 3,200 mAh
Mapping technology LIDAR LIDAR
Mapping sensor LDS LDS
Multiple mapping no yes
Mopping yes yes
Water tank size 150 ml 560 ml
Dustbin capacity 500 ml 600 ml
Climbing ability 0.79 in / 20 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm
Noise level 45 dB 69 dB
Alexa/Google Home support no no
Washable HEPA filtration yes yes
Restricted areas yes yes
Zoned cleaning yes yes
Carpet boost yes no
Sensors 14 10
Room division yes no
Room cleaning yes no
Warranty 12 months 12 months

Features the Viomi V2 and Roborock S6 share

  • HEPA filtration

Both are equipped with a washable HEPA filter and are safe for those who suffer from asthma and allergy.

  • Real-time tracking

Both can be tracked in real-time. In the app, there is an ability to watch the robot building a map.

  • Water level control

In the app, you can set the level of water dripping depending on your mopping needs. For everyday cleaning choose a low volume if you need to remove stubborn stains and make the robot mop the whole floor - set the high volume settings.

  • Multimapping

The Roborock S6 and Viomi V2 save created maps. This feature makes them both perfect for homes with more than one level.

  • Great climbing ability

Each of them can cross a 20 mm obstacle; thus they are perfect for thicker carpets.

  • Restricted Areas / Zoned cleaning

Both models support setting restricted areas and zoned cleaning. The Roborock S6 though also has a selected room cleaning option. 

Roborock S6 glance

Roborock S6 vs.Viomi V2 which one is better

The Roborock S6 took all the great features users loved about the Roborock S5 and added new options.

It delivers the same 2,000 Pa of suction, has the same 20 mm clearance and dustbin size but got quieter than the older model.

The Roborock S6 automatically divides the created map into the rooms after finishing cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner identifies carpet surface and boosts suction power providing deeper cleaning.

The app supports restricted areas, zoned cleaning and the newest feature - scheduling the robot to work within a certain room at a specific room.

The robot is also perfect for bigger houses thanks to the multiple mapping storage.

Get the Roborock S6 if you...:

  • Live in a big house. Thanks to the longest-lasting battery and resumption the Roborock is perfect for big homes.
  • Your home is mostly covered with carpets. Because of the strong suction, good clearance and carpet identification, the S6 provides deeper cleaning on thicker carpets.
  • Want to have an ability to schedule the robot to work in a particular room.
  • Have a pet. Even though the S6 does not have a big dustbox, it's cleaning brush has detachable parts that make cleaning it from pet hair easier. And strong suction picks up pet hair even on thicker carpets.
  • Live in a multiple level house.
  • Want a powerful robot vacuum cleaner that does not make lots of noises.
  • Want to have an ability to set restricted areas and zoned cleaning. Do not forget about the new feature with which you can also make the robot work in a particular room.
  • Someone in your family or you suffer from an allergy.
  • Want mopping. Yes, the Roborock S6 has a smaller water tank but if you don't have lots of space with no carpets - the newest water level control and a few types of the mopping pads would be very useful.

Viomi V2 glance

The Viomi V2 has the strongest suction power of 2,150 Pa which is insane. The robot is equipped with ten sensors that help it to navigate including the LDS laser that scans the surroundings to build the map of the floor which makes navigation more efficient.

The Viomi is equipped with a big water tank and dustbin.

Still not the biggest and we would recommend getting it empty after every cleaning, but at least you don't have to clean the dust and dirt in the middle of the cleaning cycle.

The big dust container is better for pet owners.

The Viomi V2 is great for homes with mostly bare flooring thanks to the 560 ml water tank. Most of the robot vacuums have 150-300 ml containers. Two types of mop cloths are suitable for different mopping needs.

The app supports zoned cleaning and restricted areas which is presented in a few models that are based on the LDS sensor.

Get the Viomi V2 if you...:

  • Don't have carpets and want the mopping feature the Viomi V2 would be better since it covers more when mopping before the container gets dry.
  • Have more than one pet. The container is big enough to hold more pet hair.
  • Live in a house with more than one level.
  • Your home is covered with thin and thicker carpets. Thanks to the strong suction and good climbing ability, the Viomi performs great on carpets.
  • Don't want to spend more on the Roborock S6.
  • Or anyone in your family suffers from an allergy.
  • Want to have an ability to block the robot from going to certain places.

Price & where to buy

  • So far the Roborock S6 is available to buy on GearBest for $599 (use the coupon code GB-APRBS6 for $10 discount).
  • The Viomi V2 is coming to the market with a price of ~$400, and you can buy it on GearBest.

Wrap It Up

Both models are great at cleaning carpets and bare flooring. The Viomi has a bigger container, if mopping is important for you and you have a big area with no carpets — the Viomi V2 would be the best in your case. 

If you want some additional options like selected room cleaning, carpet identification, if you live in a multiple-store house and are ready to spend some extra — go with the Roborock S6

Where to buy

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