Meet the Roborock T6: the Smartest and Most Capable Robot Vacuum We've Been Waiting For

By Natalie Red·Mar 20, 2019· 4 min read

A few days ago, robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer Roborock Technology Ltd. released a new flagship robot vacuum — the Roborock T6. This model designed for the Chinese market; however, there is an identical model called Roborock S6 for the international market. It has improved sensors, smarter navigation, better noise reduction, improved wet mopping, and new app features such as the ability to clean specific rooms and store a few maps. Since the previous models become very popular and have great features and performance for the price, let's take a closer look at the Roborock Sweep T6.

Roborock T6 specs

Model name Roborock T6
Runtime 150 min
Suction power 2,000 Pa
Mapping yes
Mapping technology LDS laser
Zoned cleaning yes
Dustbin size 500 ml
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh
Restricted areas yes
AI room recognition yes
Scheduling to clean in one room yes
Multiple maps support yes
Sensors 14
Noise level 50 dB
Height 3.78 in / 9.6 cm
Cleaning coverage 2691 ft2 / 250 m2
Mopping yes
Water tank size 150 ml
Climbing ability 0.79 in / 20 mm
Carpet identification yes
Resumption yes
Warranty 24 months

New Design

What has changed compared to the previous model S5? The Roborock S5 has three buttons on top: power, charging, and spot cleaning. The Roborock T6 buttons get evoked by touching them. The lid is not glossy anymore which is excellent, with the matte finish there is no chance for fingerprints to be left. Under the lid, you will find a 500 ml dustbin. The vacuum has an upgraded charging dock, the cord can be hidden.

roborock t6 3th gen close look

Battery and Recharge & Resume Feature

The Roborock T6 equipped with a 5,200 mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts up 150 minutes of runtime. It is enough to clean a big house.

When the battery's energy is lower than 20%, the robot automatically docks itself, gets recharged up to 80% and resumes cleaning from the same spot it left off.

charging dock

If it finished cleaning before the battery got recharged, the cleaner docks itself without resumption.

Improved Navigation

On the top, there is a tower with an LDS laser inside. This laser scans the room to create a map of the floor layout. The New Map Management 3.0 system upgrades a mapping algorithm that brings faster, more stable and more accurate mapping capabilities.

roborock t6 LDS construction

There are three processors inside that allow to track the Roborock movements in real time. The mapping progress can be seen in the Mi Home app.

After the map is created, the Roborock calculates an efficient way of cleaning. It moves back-and-forth in straight lines.

Thanks to mapping, the T6 saves cleaning time because it does not go over the same spots twice. Mapping helps the vacuum to know where it should clean.

roborock t6 mapping

The new robot is capable of storing maps which makes it suitable for homes with one or more levels.

Made of world-famous brand components

roborock sweep t6 construction and what inside

App With New Features

Now the new mapping technology allows recognizing different rooms. We don't know if you can set each room on the map manually or the Roborock is able to identify them itself.

roborock t6 separated rooms cleaning

It is useful if you need to clean a specific room, with the T6 you don't have to create a zone manually, just select the room you need to be cleaned. Also, you can schedule to clean your kitchen at a specific time by choosing it on the map.

roborock t6 app screenshot

Digital boundaries and zoned cleanup are the same. You can drive a rectangle if you don't want the Roborock to go to a particular room.

Roborock t6 virtual walls and blocked zones

You can choose some area to clean by setting zoned cleaning to make the robot clean within it.

In the app, there is an ability to switch between cleaning modes, manually control it like a radio car, start/stop the vacuum, track it in real-time, etc.

Noiseless But Still Strong Suction

The Roborock T6 has a powerful motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction, the same as the Roborock S5 does. It is one of the strongest suction on the market.

The robot is equipped with a bunch of sensors that are able to recognize carpetted surface. When the cleaner is on carpet, its suction power automatically boosts to its maximum level to ensure deeper cleaning. When the Roborock leaves the carpet, its cleaning mode returns to the previous position.

With the strong suction, excellent climbing ability, and carpet boost, the Roborock T6 performs great on carpets up to 20 mm thick.

roborock t6 appearance

Improved Sensors and Navigation

The Roborock T6 is equipped with a side sweeper, main cleaning brush and a powerful motor. They work together to catch and agitate dist and debris channeling them right into the suction path. It is equipped with 14 types of sensors to help the robot navigate around, recognize obstacles better, know where the charging dock is, prevent from falling.

roborock t6 top sensors

roborock t6 bottom sensor

Even though the Roborock has strong suction, it comes with a 30.5 mm motor with reduced speed (compared to the previous generation). The Roborock T6 optimized the motor vibration. The manufacturer fills the sound insulation cotton and noise reduction air screen near the motor. It helps to reduce noise when the robot is working. They promise a 50% reduction compared to the previous generation which we think would not be as good though the sound will be lower.

Besides, the Roborock T6 can be commanded via voice control, but currently, only the control with the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is known. Whether Alexa and Google Home will follow is not yet certain.

New Removable Brush

The cleaning brush faces hair wrapping problem. The new brush has detachable parts, which allows removing hair in three steps. This brush uses the international first-line brand DuPontTM Zytel material.

new main central brush

Mopping + Disposable wipes (10 pieces in the package)

The Roborock T6 is equipped with a water tank and disposable wipes. Now the wipes are removable, they can be torn off after the cleaning is done.

roborock t6 new mopping pad

The new water tank has an adjustable gear position. One water volume adjusts a small amount of water for daily cleaning. It will not cause long-term moisture on the ground. The second volume position is able to dissolve stronger stains on the ground.

Roborock t6 mopping wipes

The Roborock has big wheels and is able to climb an obstacle up to 20 mm of height.

Roborock t6 covestro wheels

roborock t6 tests passed

Price & where to buy

The T6 is only available on the Chinese market. But the US and EU citizens can buy the identical Roborock S6 model for approximately $600 on GearBest.

You can read about the difference between all previous Roborock models in our latest comparison.


Where to buy

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  1. Muth Tudor
    21 march 2019, 06:52(edited})
    #      0
    From what I see the 3rd generation (T6) brings not much to the table. They could have waited a while longer (1-2 years) perfect more their tehnology and put on the market a vacuum with a docking base that cleans itself (like the iRobot Roomba i7), or that mops better (maybe a vibrating or rotating mop to it's «tale» that can be added/removed when needed to mop). They could have very easily upgraded the 2nd generation software more, to remember more maps/floors and to ad that detailed zone cleaning (kitchen, bedrooom, etc). If the robot couldn't insert those zones itself they could have easily done the map customisable and allow clients to draw their zones. I have a 2nd generation Roborock and i see no reason for me to upgrade to Roborock T6. You can make small holles to the 2nd generation mop filters and whater poors faster + i add cleaning solution (both for tile floor or laminated depending what i am clening) and with my method it is perfect. I ONLY HOPE THAT THEY WILL NOT SABOTAGE UNPORPOUSE their old version. By redoucing sound the 3rd generation could vacuum not so good as the 2nd (we will see) and they could send faulty updates that in time could make 2nd generation go worst than the 3rd (reduce vacuum power, worst orientation, etc). Apple (those thiefs) did that to their iphones and i am sure many companies do that too.
    1. Natalie Red
      21 march 2019, 09:40
      #      0
      Agree that it is not worth to upgrade if you already have the Roborock S5. But for new customers, it can be a good alternative to consider.
      1. Muth Tudor
        21 march 2019, 10:41(edited})
        #      0
        I don't know if it will worth the T6 for them either. Inevitable the new robot (if it is even a little better) will drop the price for the S5. So if for example the S5 will cost 400$ and the T6 will cost 500$ the S5 will have a much better price/value balance. Personally i would still buy the S5 vs the T6 even if the S5 where 450 and the T6 is 500$. But i know what the S5 can do. Don't get me wrong the S5 is an AMAZING robot vacuum and i think the T6 will be too (we will see) but the T6 really doesn't seem to bring ALMOST ANYTHING new. So if i where a new client why would I pay extra dollars for the same thing? But realistically, most likely the price will drop about 150-200$ for the old Roborock (s5) like it happened when it appeared in 2018 after the 1st generation,… So why me as a new customer should pay 500$ instead of 300-350$ for a coloured map? The only thing that the T6 has that really helps vs the S5 is the multiple maps/floors but pretty sure that the S5 will get that too in a few months (the 1st generation got no go zones from what i heard i might be wrong i don't have it). I am a little pissed off because i was hoping for a self cleaning dock or a better mop (rotating or vibrating), i wanted to use that and to take this S5 to my parrents but the upgrades realy don't seem much. I will wait until there will be a few comparation movies on youtube between this 2 robots and most likely i will buy another S5.
    2. Terry Day
      22 march 2019, 00:34
      #      0
      I've had nothing but problems with the S50, and they offer a 2 year warranty but you contact Roborock and they dont want to know about it so their advertised warranty means nothing.

      Terrible company, no way would i will be giving them another cent i'd rather toss $500 out in to the street.
      1. Adam
        30 april 2019, 02:57
        #      0
        My first thought was, can the new T6 mopping tank with adjustable water distribution, be used on the S5 model? Then that's the only thing I really see as attractive to me. If it does fit I'll upgrade my own S5 thank you very much.
        If it is specifically designed to only fit on the T6, that would be a shame. Anyone know?

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