Xiaowa Lite Robot Vacuum Cleaner The Powerful Robovac From Xiaomi For Under $300

Lately, Xiaomi presented their flagship model - Xiaomi Roborock that cost about $400 and fully-equipped with many helpful features for better and deeper cleaning hardwood floors and carpets. Their previous version - Xiaomi Mi Robot is one of the best offers in the market as well.

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xiaoma robot vacuum cleaner lite

For those who don't want to spend this much money, Xiaomi released the newest budget crowdfunding product Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C10 that cost more than twice cheaper. The price is less than $200 which makes it one the most budget-friendly devices one the market. So what Xiaowa Lite Robot Vacuum offers for its price?


  • Suction power: 1,600 Pa
  • Dustbin capacity: 640 ml
  • Covers up to 80 square meters
  • 2,600 mAh battery that lasts up to 60min
  • Can climb 20 mm (0.78 inches) obstacles
  • 10 sensors placed on the body
  • Scheduling
  • Different cleaning modes
  • Mi Home App
  • Low-noise operation

Design and Appearance

When it comes to design Xiaomi prefer to keep things simple making their products look modern and minimalist. The robot looks similar to its older brother Xiaomi Mi Robot. The classic white & black design.

Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite sizes

Three buttons sit on the lid managing the way Xiaowa works. On the side, you will find a side brush that along with a three-dimensional tornado cleaning mechanism clean a floor sweeping and absorbing all the dust and dirt from the hardwood floors and carpeting surfaces.

Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite

Cleaning Performance

The Xiaowa Robot Vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers a maximum wind of around 1,600 Pa making the device to be perfect for a carpet. Speaking of the suction power, Roomba 980 that is the most expensive model from iRobot delivers 1,650 Pa with a cost of about $700. It has 10 sensors that were designed for better navigation around a room, avoid obstacles and recognize the steps.

The large wheels allow the robot to climb obstacles 20 mm (0,78 inches) high with ease. A big dustbin with a capacity of 640 ml located inside the device, just open the lid and pull it out to clean the box from the dust it has collected.

xiaoma robot vacuum cleaner lite Cleaning Performance

The three-arc design allows the Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Youth Edition work quietly even when it is working on its maximum pressure.

Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Youth Edition

Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner


Xiaowa Lite robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 2600 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 60 min, at least Xiaomi claims it should be this way. It is enough for cleaning a medium-size room covering up to 80 square meters area. When the battery falls below 30% the Xiaowa Lite returns to its dock to recharge.

Mi Home App

Using your smartphone you can choose a cleaning pattern and schedule the robot to work in the specific time.

Mi Home App

Where to buy Xiaomi Xiaowa robot vacuum?

Right now you can buy it on GearBest for under $300.

UPDATE: Check out our latest Xiaomi Xiaowa vs. 360 S6 robot vacuum comparison

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