Which Roomba is Worth Buying in 2019: Model Comparison Chart

By Natalie Red·Aug 9, 2018· 3 min read

We have already compared the most popular Roomba robots before. Here is another Roomba comparison that might help you to decide which Roomba to buy.

FeaturesRoomba 630Roomba 640Roomba 652Roomba 671Roomba 877Roomba 960Roomba 980
3-Stage Cleaning----5x the air power5x the air power10x the air power
Run Time90 min60 min60 min90 min60 min75 min120 min
Cleaning TechonolyAeroVacAeroVacAeroVacAeroVacAeroForceAeroForceAeroForce
Navigation TechnologyiAdaptiAdaptiAdaptiAdaptiAdaptiAdapt 2.0 + MappingiAdapt 2.0 + Mapping
Virtual Wallsyesyesnonoyesyesyes
Dirt Detectyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Auto Rechargeyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Recharge & Resumenononononoyesyes
Wi-Fi Supportnononoyesnoyesyes
Smartphone Appnononoyesnoyesyes
Amazon Alexa & Google Assistantnononoyesnoyesyes
Tangle-Free Brushnonononoyesyesyes
Multi-Room Cleaningnonononoyesyesyes
Recharge and Resumenononononoyesyes
Deeper Carpet Cleaningnonononononoyes
Full Bin Indicatornonononoyesyesyes
Built-in Cameranononononoyesyes
Warranty12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months
Amazon linksCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the price


Operation time means for how long a robot's battery lasts in one charge.

The Roomba 640, Roomba 652, and Roomba 877 are ideal for small homes.

The Roomba 630 and Roomba 671 are perfect to clean small and medium sized-houses.

roomba 671

High-end Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 comes with 75 and 120 minutes runtime and have the "recharge & resume" feature that makes the robots suitable for medium and big-sized homes.

roomba 960 what in the box

Cliff & Anti-Collusion sensors

Every Roomba robot is equipped with a bunch of sensors that help it to navigate around without bumping into collisions and avoid drop-offs.

Dirt Detect

Dirt detect recognizes the dirtiest areas and provides deep cleaning.

Virtual Walls

Virtual Wall helps you to block some areas you don't want the Roomba to cross.

Every Roomba cleaner comes with the Virtual Wall Barrier except Roomba 652 and Roomba 671. However, you can buy it separately.

What is iAdapt & iAdapt 2.0

iAdapt Navigation is a set of sensors that help find dirt and clean in a back-and-forth pattern, prevent it from falling down. Roomba prevents hitting walls and other solid barriers by using Light-Touch bumper technology.

iAdapt 2.0 is the upgraded technology that uses a camera sensor for mapping your home layout making the Roomba 960 and 980 moving on purposeful, efficient cleaning pattern.

More about the mapping technology you can find in our latest review of robot vacuums with a mapping feature.

Auto-recharge & Recharge and Resume

Every Roomba robot is equipped with sensors that are able to recognize where its charging station is. The cleaner automatically docks itself when its battery runs out of energy.

High-end models such as Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 comes with the "Recharge & Resume". The robot remembers where it has already cleaned and resumes the session after recharging.


Scheduling allows programming Roomba to works at a specific time up to 7 times per week.

Unfortunately, the Roomba 630 and Roomba 640 don't have this option.

Wi-Fi support, App, Smart Voice Assistants Integration

Who would have thought that a robot vacuum cleaner would have Wi-Fi support? It helps to manage the cleaner when you are not home so by the time you get back your floors are clean. The app allows to schedule Roomba, manually manage its movements, switch between cleaning modes, track the robot's movements and check where it has already cleaned (only the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 support this feature). Every Roomba cleaner that supports Wi-Fi is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can control it by voice commands.


The Roomba 671, Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 can be controlled by the app and voice commands.

Roomba iRobot Home App

Other models are able to control by manually pressing the buttons on the lid.

Bristled & Tangle Free Brushes

Roomba is equipped with two types of brushes: bristled and silicone ones. Old Roomba robots have Multi-Surface Brushes with bristles, the newest 800s and 900s series - Multi-Surface Brushes that are made of silicone.

roomba 614 main dual brushes

Bristled brushes work better on a carpeted surface but become a pain when it comes to wrapped hair untangling.

Silicone ones are the best at performing on bare floors and handling pet and long human hair. These rollers are much easier to clean that bristled ones.

roomba 690 bottom view

Carpet Boost

Carpet boost automatically turns on suction to its maximum level once the robot's sensors recognize carpets or rugs. Only Roomba 980 has this option.

Full Bin Indicator

Full bin indicator shows when the dustbin needs to be emptied. Even though it's better to check the container after every cleaning, the indicator is great because you don't need to do it manually.


Roomba is known for its great performance on a carpeted surface. Strong suction power along with double-rotating rollers catch dirt, dust and pet hair providing deep cleaning.

As we mentioned before, silicone brushes are not as good at picking stuff from carpets, however, the newest Roomba cleaners are equipped with a powerful motor that ensures better pickup. The 800s and 900s series robots work better on bare floors thanks to the tangle-free rollers.

When it comes to pet hair, Roomba is one of the best at handling it. Old and modern models catch pet hair, the only difference is you have to clean tangle-free brushes modern Roombas come with less often.

Which Roomba is worth buying in 2019?

Every Roomba is designed for different things depending on your needs, surface, budget and much other stuff.

If you have a pet - consider going with the newest models that have silicone rollers to make sure you don't have to fight with tangled hair.

To be a part of your smart home system consider buying Roomba 671, Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 and can control your home assistant with voice commands.

Basic Roomba such as Roomba 630, Roomba 640, Roomba 652, is ideal for those who are not ready to spend a lot on a robot cleaner.

Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 are perfect for big homes, while Roomba 671 and Roomba 630 are suitable for small and medium-sized households.

Which Roomba would you buy and why? Tell us in the comment section down below.

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