What are the main differences between the Roomba 690, e5, and i7?

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A few months back iRobot released the newest models Roomba e5 and Roomba i7. What are the main differences between the two and what makes the cleaners better than the Roomba 690?

If you are thinking about getting any of the Roomba 960, 980 or the Roomba i7 but have no idea which one to go with, please read our flagship Roomba robots comparison

Roomba 690 vs. Roomba e5 vs. Roomba i7 features

Features Roomba 690 Roomba e5 Roomba i7
3-Stage Cleaning - 5x the air power 10x the air power
Run Time (min) 90 90 75
Distbin size (ml) 600 500 378
Battery capacity 1,800 mAh 1,800 mAh N/A
Cleaning Techonoly AeroVac AeroForce AeroForce
Navigation Technology iAdapt iAdapt iAdapt 3.0 + mapping
Mapping Function no no yes
Virtual Walls yes yes yes
Filter AeroVac HEPA HEPA
Auto Recharge yes yes yes
Scheduling yes yes yes
Wi-Fi Support yes yes yes
Smartphone App yes yes yes
Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant yes yes yes
Tangle-Free Brush no yes yes
Multi-Room Cleaning no no yes
Recharge and Resume no no yes
Deeper Carpet Cleaning no no yes
Full Bin Indicator no no yes
Built-in Camera no no yes
Cliff sensors yes yes yes
Anti-collision sensors yes yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months

Roomba 690

Roomba 690 vs Roomba e5 comparison chart

The Roomba 690 is the best value robot vacuum that Roomba currently offers. It costs about $300 and what are the main features the Roomba 690 have?

It comes with a side brush that catches dust and dirt from corners, sends it to the main brush and channels them into the suction path of the vacuum motor. It does not remember your room plan and moves randomly occasionally getting stuck and bumping into furniture harshly.

The AeroVac filter is not classified as a HEPA filter and not very good for people with allergy. It catches the smallest particulars in the air and absorbs it yet the AeroVac filter does not absorb allergens.

The Roomba 690 is compatible with Alexa enabled devices and Google Home. It can be a part of your smart home ecosystem.

The Roomba 690 is equipped with double-rotated bristled brushes that are good at working on a carpeted flooring but become a pain when you need to clean it out from all the hair that got stuck.

The Roomba 690 performs great on carpeted surfaces and bare floors, not very good for pet hair and those who have asthma and allergy.

In the app, you can schedule the robot, get it to work or send it to the charging dock, switch it to spot cleaning mode.

When the battery dies, the Roomba 690 automatically docks itself to recharge.

Price & Where to buy the Roomba 690?

The Roomba 690 costs about $280 on Amazon.

What the Roomba e5 offers?

Roomba e5 what makes it better than most of the Roomba robots?

The Roomba e5 has a similar design if you compare it with other robots from iRobot. It supports Wi-Fi and is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The side sweeper works along with multi-surfaces upgraded brushless rollers to find all the dirt around sending it to the dustbin where the 5x more air power (compared to the Roomba 690) sucks it up into the dustbin. It is not equipped with a camera and navigates randomly. By the way, the duct container is washable (only in the Roomba e5 and i7).

The brushless silicone rollers are essentials for pet and long human hair. Where all the bristled brushes get tangled with hair, those are very easy to clean. Brushless rollers are the best when it comes to picking up pet hair.

The brushes work better on bare floors than bristled ones; thanks to the 5x air power, the Roomba e5 performs excellently on both bare floors and carpets.

The robot is equipped with a HEPA filter that is claimed to be an anti-allergen.

The Romba e5 comes with a Dirt Detect that allows the cleaner to recognize dirty spots providing deep cleaning on these zones.

The full bin indicator alerts when you need to empty the container. The Roomba 690 doesn't have it.

The iHome app gives users the ability to set a schedule, send the Roomba e5 off on a one time clean, put it in spot cleaning mode, or send it back to its home charging base.

When the Roomba e5 is out of energy, it automatically docks itself to recharge.

Price & Where to buy the Roomba e5?

The Roomba e5 costs about $430 on Amazon.

Roomba i7

Roomba i7 vs Roomba e5 comparison chart

The Roomba i7+ 7550 is basically the same Roomba i7 7551 with a self-cleaning base that holds up to 30 robot bins. The base sucks out all the debris from the dustbin inside the body into the disposal bag that is located on top of the charging base.

The silicone rollers have changed to a neon green color from grey the previous Roomba is equipped with.

Same as the previous models, the Roomba i7 is equipped with a side brush and rollers that catch debris and dirt transferring it into the dirt container where the strong air power sucks it up with 10x more suction than the Roomba 690 does. The dustbin is washable.

If you are not sure about the self-cleaning base, you can get a Roomba i7 7150 and buy the dock later.

The 900 Series Roomba uses the iAdapt 2.0 navigation technology; the newest Roomba i7 has an advanced navigation system called iAdapt 3.0. Its sensors are more sensitive to recognize obstacles making the Roomba bumps less often and not that harsh.

Advanced Dirt Detect technology finds high-traffic areas and cleans them efficiently. An indicator light on the device and in the corresponding app tells you when the base station is full, so you can remove the bag of debris, throw it away, and replace it with a fresh bag.

The Roomba i7 is equipped with a camera sensor thanks to which the robot builds a plan of a cleaning area and calculates the best way of cleaning following the created map.

When the map has created, you can name zones of your home to make the robot cleaning the "kitchen", "living room" etc. You are also able to schedule the robot to clean the zone you've chosen. With Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can command the robot to clean the kitchen, and the robot will do the rest.

The HEPA filter inside is half the size of the previous HEPA.

The previous 900 Series Roomba does not save a map. The Roomba i7 holds in memory up to 10 different floor plans.

When the battery runs out of energy, the robot returns to its charging base to power up and resumes cleaning tight from the place it left off.

Price & Where to buy the Roomba i7?

You can get the Roomba i7 7550 for around $950 on Amazon which is more or less expected for the features and cleaning performance it offers.

If you want to get the one with a self-cleaning base, get it on Amazon for $799.99

What is the best Roomba to buy?

The Roomba 690 is the cheapest cleaner that is suitable for small and medium homes covered with carpets. If you don't want to spend the extra money and don't have pets, go with the Roomba 690, it is a decent robot that will cost you about $300.

If you live in not a big house and have pets or someone from your family has long hair, the Roomba e5 would be perfect for you. It works great on any surface (except high-pile carpets) and is an excellent choice for people with allergy.

Your budget allows you to go with an expensive robot cleaner? Consider getting the Roomba i7. In case you already own the Roomba 980, there is no too many reasons to switch your old cleaner to the newest one. Though, if you are thinking between buying the Roomba 980 or Roomba i7, go with the second one. You do not necessarily have to buy the Roomba i7+ 7550 with a self-cleaning base. In the future, if you feel like getting the base separately, you will still have a chance to do it. The Roomba i7 is perfect for pet hair, bare floors, and carpeting flooring. With the recharge & resume feature, the robot will cover more in one cleaning cycle without missing uncleaned areas.

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