2nd Generation Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Is The Most Powerful Smart Robot On The Market

What is the second generation of Xiaomi Roborock? More suction power, the new mopping function, an upgraded app and many other things we love this robot vacuum for. Equipped with intelligent mechanisms such as intelligent carpet identification, mapping function, the ability to choose the most efficient path of cleaning etc. Moreover, this device works for 2.5 hours having the 2000 Pa of suction power. Sounds great? So is the new generation Xiaomi MiJia Roborock better than anything on the market? Let's find out.

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The Next Generation Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Review

2nd Generation Xiaomi Roborock features:

  • Probably the robot gets the largest capacity lithium-ion battery in the industry — 5200 mah
  • 2.5 hours working time or cleaning about 250 square meters (2700 sq. ft) of the house area
  • Intelligent identification of carpets. It opens the maximum suction force once the robot identifies the carpet and after leaving it Mijia returns to its regular mode
  • Designed with 13 sensors including LDS that helps the robot to not bump into the furniture, avoids falling and keeps it at the distance of 10 mm from the wall
  • Laser Distance Sensor maps the cleaning area of the multiple rooms
  • With the MiJia app you can create virtual walls, navigate the robot to clean the specific area, schedule the cleaning time multiple times in a day and many other cool things
  • The ability to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm height
  • The new mopping function thanks to which the robot is perfect for any type of surface (except high pile carpets). It can mop for about 45-60 min
  • 2000 Pa suction power makes the MiJia Roborock the most powerful robot vacuum in the industry
  • A LED indicator that shows the battery level
  • The new washable HEPA filter. It is better than previous Heppa version for people who suffer from asthma or allergies
  • The 2nd Generation Xiaomi comes with closed silence soft cotton and porous air sieve and provides low noise cleaning process
  • Forget about hair everywhere you see because the new Xiaomi robot vacuum prevents the hair tangling because of the three anti-hair designs on the wheel, side brush and rolling brush
  • Once the battery power is low the MiJia returns to the base, recharge and then get on to finish the work

Video review of Xiaomi Mijia Roborock 2nd Generation

Accessories included:

  1. Robot Vacuum
  2. Charging Dock
  3. Charge Cable
  4. Mopping Pad
  5. Water Tank
  6. Brush Cleaning Tool

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 - Sweeps & Mops

The built-in plant bionic tank filter absorbs the water keeping enough water content on the mop cloth. When the robot stops working the water stops dripping too. The water tank was designed to easily installing it into the bottom of the device.

The main brush with V-type bristles (the rotation speed is 1350 revolutions per minute) in addition to the side Z-form brushes (330 revolutions per minute rotation speed) provides the maximum effective cleaning. The water box holds around 100 ml that is enough to mop for 45-60 minutes. The intelligent system works by the main principle of plant bionic system and controls the water by itself. The sliding mechanism designed in such a way that water is spread wisely, only when the robot is moving.

To empty a 500 ml dustbin just open the lid of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The most powerful vacuum robot with a long-lasting battery

The new Xiaomi Roborock comes with a 5200 mAh Li-Ion battery, the barrier height is increased from 1.5 cm to 2 cm, the suction power is 2000 Pa which is speechless because even Roomba 980 that is designed for carpets delivers 1670 Pa. A LED battery indicator displays the charge level via different colors while the robot is charging. The white light means the battery charge level is more than 50%, yellow - less than 50%, red - the battery charge level drops below 20%.

  • Powerful motor with 2000 Pa power suction. For example, the first version Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum has 1800 Pa and the latest Roomba 980 delivers 1670 Pa. It deeply cleans carpets, perfect for mostly carpeting surface houses.

  • While other robot vacuum cleaners that are even more expensive offers about 120-130 minutes of running, the Xiaomi MiJia works the whole 150 minutes covering about 250 square meters (2700 sq. ft) of the house area and provides 2000Pa of suction power. Speaking of the power, it is speechless that the battery lasts for that long has a powerful motor that cleans carpets with ease.

  • Xiaomi MiJia Robotock easily climbs up to 2 cm height obstacles.

  • The tornado system coordinates the side and roller brushes providing deep floor cleaning.

Intelligent Identification of carpets

The smart device usually works in normal suction mode but the maximum suction mode activates once it recognizes the carpet to provide the high-quality deep cleaning.

Three tangle-free design

While tangling hair could be annoying while cleaning the main brush of other robovacs, Roborock's main and side brushes are tangle-free along with its wheels. The design helps to protect the device from overheating and entering the bearing stuck to the motor.

Smart Navigation Technology

Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)

Along with the LDS that scans the room at 5x360 degrees per second, Roborock use SLAM algorithm. The Laser Distance Sensor map out the interior helping the robot better navigate around while the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping calculates the most efficient way of cleaning without getting lost and provides more efficient cleaning.

Sensors that help navigate the Xiaomi Roborock

Xiaomi Roborock is equipped with 13 sensors including LDS that helps the robot to navigate around and provides better cleaning performance.

  • The 4 cliff sensors help the robot to avoid the failure.
  • A wall sensor keeps the device from bumping at a distance of 10 mm.
  • Roborock was designed with 3mm slight collision an extra soft crash bumper to protect your furniture.
  • A technology called the "omnidirectional pressure sensor" can now avoid areas where the robot bumps with its "head".
  • The drop sensor activates when the robot is lifted so it stops working immediately.
  • Double Electronic Sensor identifies virtual walls.
  • With infrared technology, the charging back sensor makes the recharge more efficient.

Washable HEPA filter

The E11 washable grade filter designed with Teflon cover provides a 95% of effective cleaning. Wash it with water, let it dry and the robot is ready to go but do it only once in a week. Xiaomi doesn't include extra filters, so you have to change it once a year.

Low Noise Operation Even With The Powerful Motor

Even tough Roborock has a powerful motor it works with a low noise level because of its new cotton and porous air sleeve construction. The robot will not disturb you while working.

Operate Roborok With The Upgraded MiJia App

The new MiJia app deserves to talk about a little bit more since it is really great compared to everything you've seen.

Three processors located inside the robot track its movements in real-time. The new Mijia application synch with the Roborock so you are able to see the map of the house and can easily navigate the vacuum by drawing the special area of the map on your phone (as it showed on the picture down below). This feature is incredible because the robot can clean a specific area of your home without actually using a virtual wall or just blocking it. You can also navigate the robot by tapping on your screen and it will go towards the target.

You need to drag the scan box on the phone map to set the cleaning area using the MiJia app

The Mijia app allows you to monitor the cleaning process, schedule the cleaning time whenever you want even multiple times in a day, create virtual walls, upgrade it to the new version and choose the name of your new friend. Track the whole process and manage your robot even when you are away from home.

Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Dimension
Width13.77 in / 35 cm
Length13.9 in / 35.3 cm
Height3.79 in / 9.65 cm
Weight7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg

XIaomi MiJia Roborock dimensions

Recharge & Resume Feature

The improved charging base has a protection from over-current, overvoltage, and short circuit. When the robot's battery runs out it will find the docking station using 2 laser sensors.

Actually, it is good to have the recharge and resume feature. If you have bigger household than average Xiaomi Roborock will automatically clean on its own after recharging in case if it didn't cover the whole area on a single charge. But in most cases, 2.5 hours of working is enough to clean the whole home so probably Roborock would make its job without returning after the battery is full.

Who 2nd Gen Xiaomi Roborock Was Designed For?

Xiaomi Roborock comes with a lot of features that will make your life much easier especially when it comes to cleaning your floor.

  • The robot is a perfect alternative that an upright cleaner for people who have pets because its tangle-free design makes it easier to collect long human hair along with pet hair not getting tangled around the main brush.
  • Also, it is perfect for all the bare floor types including tile, laminate and hardwood floor, because of its mopping feature. Now you don't need to worry about wet cleaning. Just install the water container and click start using your smartphone or manually press the "Home" button.
  • Roborock's powerful motor carries to deep clean the houses with mostly carpeting surfaces.
  • For those who have a bigger house than average, this device would be good because of its long working time and recharge&resume feature. While other robots randomly navigate around for about 100-120 minutes and get recharge when the battery runs low, Roborock cleans for the whole 150 minutes and resume after recharging from the place it stopped.
  • Because it is an app-based robovac you can manage it from your phone. For example, if you need to clean the floor because of the visitors coming in the evening but you are not home, just press "start" on your screen and by the time you are home, Roborock already finished its job.
  • HEPA filtration that is inside is good for people with the chances of potential pulmonary side-effects like asthma and allergies.

Where to buy Xiaomi Roborock 2nd generation?

We've found the best offers on the market:


  1. A 2000 Pa motor makes Xiaomi Roborock one of the most powerful robot vacuum in the industry
  2. With the 5200 mAh battery, the device provides long-time working for about 2.5 h or clean about 250 square meters (2700 sq. ft) till it needs to recharge
  3. The new version is 2-in-1. It comes with 2 functions: sweeping & mopping
  4. The new upgraded MiJia app helps to manage the robot while you are not home, schedule it at the specific time, track its movement in real-time etc.
  5. SLAM algorithm builds the most efficient way of cleaning using LDS sensor that scans its surroundings 360 degrees, 180 times per second to map out the interior of your house
  6. Washable HEPA filter
  7. Designed with a dustbin and a water bin that are easy to maintenance
  8. Barrier height is increased from 1.5 cm in the first Xiaomi Mi Robot model to 2 cm in the new one
  9. The new smart carpet detection technology that recognizes the carpet and turns on the maximum mode
  10. Thanks to the charging back technology the Roborock is able to recharge after cleaning and then get back to finish its work.

Alternative / Similar Products to Consider

If suction power is important for you, we'd recommend the latest Roomba 980, though it is more expensive and doesn't mop.

Another good alternative is Neato Botvac Connected which comes with a D-shape design that's claimed to be better on cleaning corners and edges.


  1. The price is above average especially comparing the robot with other ILIFE or Xiaomi vacuum cleaners. It is on sale for about $600 but worth every penny spent on it.
  2. Few accessories included in the box

The differences between the new Xiaomi MiJia Roborock and the firts Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

the difference between the second generation of the new Xiaomi MiJia Roborock vs Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Does Xiaomi Roborock Worth Buying?

The second generation of the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock is definitely better than the Xiaomi Mi Robot but the price of the device is higher as well. The suction power of 2000 Pa is enough to pick up long human or pet's hair and if you have any carpeting surface this vacuum cleaner is perfect for deep cleaning. Also, the tangle-free technology just amazing feature for those who don't like to clean all the brushes from everything that stuck in it while untangling the hair that's stuck could be really annoying. Do not forget about the new mopping function because it is a rare thing that a robot vacuum cleaner does both: sweep and mop in one device. So it makes the Roborock good enough for any surfaces including hardwood floors, tile, laminate, and carpeting surfaces. The upgraded navigation technology makes the robot slide through rooms without bumping into things, mapping the area and choose the most efficient path to work. The MiJia app is just amazing, it has a lot of things that even Roomba robots don't do. Anyway, it still could be an expensive robot vacuum cleaner with the $600 price tag. But could find anything similar to the Xiaomi Roborock for the price of $600, having all the features and cleaning performance, could you? So the main question is the second generation of Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner worth buying? Definitely yes!


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Comments ()

  1. John 05 december 2017, 03:33 #
    I bought Xiaomi 1st generation a while ago and it's amazing! And now I want to buy the second generation as a Christmas gift for my parent. Hope to receive it before Christmas.
    1. Catherine 20 march 2018, 13:14 #
      I bought this because it was very affordable at a good price and general opinions stated there were few problems other than the wheels getting stuck, the step is too high, failing to clean carpet, etc. I also still had some faith in Xiaomi despite a string of failures.

      What happened instead was: after only 2 months, it seemed the motor fan had stopped working so the motor started to overheat(or so our electrician told us). The exterior of the casing cracked and melted. We would've taken photos or videos but we were too busy trying to prevent a fire from happening. Some of the floor wood panels were starting to burn from the melting plastic!

      The apartment was built less than 7 months ago, we regularly unplug devices we don't use and so on. The robot's exterior btw, was dry wiped frequently to prevent dust from clogging the interiors. So, I doubt it was an issue on our end.

      This isn't the first Xiaomi product to fail on us and some failed within barely 3 to 6 months. All were obtained directly from the MiStore in either China or Singapore. Rice cooker heating coil failed, Redmi Note 3 screen started to leak internally, air purifier stopped working, etc. It seems their products are really affordable but they must be skimping on some of the QC or quality of internal parts, to set such a low price. We do have other Xiaomi products which are still working like their power banks, their router, kettle, etc. but our confidence has been dented. We did manage to get many of the problematic devices repaired or replaced but I won't be buying another Xiaomi product again.

      I guess this is my lesson: you get what you pay for. I'm not too sure if I'll get a robot cleaner ever again! If I do, I'll make sure it has more safety checks!
      1. sam 02 may 2018, 04:20 #
        Hi Catherine,
        Its very sad to hear your experience .Which vacuum cleaner you bought, gen 1 or gen 2.I have ordered Gen 2 and bit scared now with you experience, as the vacuum cleaner is not so cheap(around 400 euros). From which website you ordered and was there any problem when you returned the product.
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