The Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors & Carpets: Neato D7 Connected vs Roomba 960 Comparison

By Michael Fisher·Updated: Dec 10, 2018· 7 min read

We are going to talk about the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market - the newest Neato D7 Connected and one of the best from iRobot - Roomba 960. Consumers rate both robots highly so we decided to compare them and find out which one is the best.

SpecificationsNeato D7 ConnectedRoomba 960
Smart NavigationSLAMiAdapt 2.0
Amazon Alexa / Google Homeyesyes
Virtual Wallsyesyes
FiltrationUltra Performance FilterHEPA
Recharge & Resumeyesyes
Wi-Fi supportyesyes
Dustbin Capacity700600
Good for Carpetyesyes
Weight (kg/lbs)3.5 / 7.73.8 / 8.6
Dimensions (W&H)33.6x10cm / 13.23x3.94in35x8.9cm / 13.78x3.5in
Warranty12 months12 months

Robot vacuums mentioned in the article:

Neato D7 Connected. Quick look

D7 Connected is the newbie in Neato's family. It is one of the most powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Like all the Neato models, the D7 Connected is D-shaped which makes it work on edges and corners better. It has sensors that prevent it from bumping into things and falling down from stairs.

The robot equipped with the Spiral Combo brush that was designed for multi-flooring surfaces. With the powerful motor and a side brush, the Spiral Combo handles pet hair, dust, and dirt with ease. The robot performs well either on a floor and carpeting surface. Long cleaning time covers an average house on one charge.

A laser that located on top creates a map and then Neato build a cleaning route on its own. The Neato's app allows you to see the map, create as many virtual walls as you want, view its cleaning history. Along with virtual walls that you can create on your phone, D7 Connected comes with boundary markers that prevent the machine from going to the areas you don't want it to go.

Because of the compatibility with smart devices, Neato can be controlled via voice commands or the app. All the robots from Neato have recharge & resume feature, so the robot cleans a floor, go back to recharge and resume its cleaning session in case it didn't finish.

What does the Neato D7 Connected Do

  • Thanks to its long runtime it covers about 5000ft2 / 460m2
  • Strong suction power, side brush, and Spiral Combo brush picks pet hair, dust, and dirt from carpets
  • Performs well on bare floor
  • You can create as many virtual walls as you want via the app
  • The thing recharge and then resume its work so you don't have to worry about the cleaning at all
  • Understands voice commands thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Neato Chatbot, IFTTT
  • Can clean on its own at a specific time because of the scheduling option
  • D-shape works better on corners and edges
  • Creates a map of a cleaning area and build its own cleaning path automatically
  • Ultra Performance filter is ideal for people who suffer from asthma or allergies
  • It comes with the Turbo and Eco cleaning modes. Turbo is louder and works less than Eco - about 90 minutes.

Who is the Neato D7 Connected for

  1. People with pets. Strong suction power, cleaning brush, and the ultra-performance filter make it easy to catch pet hair from the bare floor and from carpets.
  2. Those who have asthma or some kind of allergy.
  3. Houses that are bigger than average. While other robovacs run about 60-90 minutes, the Neato runs the whole 120 minutes and it can resume after recharging which making it ideal for bigger homes.
  4. Households with mostly carpeting surface. Thanks to its strong suction power, the Neato D7 Connected catches a lot of dust from carpets. Even though it has one of the largest dustbins on the market, it will be full after every cleaning session.
  5. Geeks and those who love new technology. It's kind of fun to see how this thing works from your smartphone. You can manage it even not being at home.
  6. Those who are just busy and don't want to waste their time cleaning the floor. Just press start and enjoy your free time while Neato does its job.
  7. Parents. Because what could be better than spending time with your child while the floors get cleaned.

What the Neato owners say

Mostly the consumers are happy with the purchase. It is almost perfect at the things it should do. The robot performs very well catching a lot of dust on its dustbin.

The software updates regularly.

The device is perfect for bare floors and low/medium-pile carpets. Even though it does its job very well on thin carpets, it gets stuck on thick ones. Thick carpets are not only Neato's pain. Fairly to say that no one robot does high-pile carpets and rugs so if you have one - think twice before buying. Otherwise, it is one of the best robot vacuums on the market for carpets.

Its D-shape is better at cleaning edges and corners, but it makes the robot stuck into tight places.

Also, sometimes it takes several attempts to connect Neato to Wi-FI especially if you already have other devices connected.

Overall, it worth every penny.

How Much the Does Neato D7 Connected Cost & Where To Buy It

The Neato D7 Connected is available on Amazon, coming with the Amazon's Choice label as a highly-rated product with the best price. You can get it for around $800 which is a good deal considering its cleaning performance. You can sign up as an Amazon Prime member to get it for free in two days.


  • Long runtime
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Large dustbin
  • D-shape cleans corners better
  • Cleans well on thin carpets and bare floor


  • gets stuck into tight places

Read about the most popular Neato cleaners with a comparison chart and know the difference between them.

Roomba 960

Roomba 960 is one of the newest in iRobot series. It comes with an intelligent navigation iAdapt 2.0 and mapping. The Roomba 960 also has anti-dropping and anti-collision sensors. The device is equipped with an anti-allergen HEPA filtration. 2 rotating silicon brushes catch pet hair performing well on the bare floor. These are tangle-free so you don't have to worry about hair getting stuck into it. With the app, you can start/stop, schedule it to work at a specific time, view a map and name your Roomba. The machine supports Wi-Fi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home, understands voice commands. You get a full bin indicator that shows when the dust bin needs to be emptied. 960 and 980 Roombas have "Pause" and "Stop" option so you can temporarily stop your device or finish the job before cleaning the dust box.

What the Roomba 960 can do

  • It resumes its job after recharging automatically on its own
  • Performs very well on bare floors
  • Handles pet hair with ease
  • Anti-tangle rollers are super easy to clean. The hair doesn't get stuck around it
  • Full bin indicator alerts when the dust box is full
  • The Virtual Wall is included in the box. It keeps your robot in the rooms you want to be cleaned and out of the ones you don't
  • Can be managed by voice commands thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa/Google Home
  • A single pleated filter captures 99% of all particles as small as 10 microns making the Roomba 960 good for people with allergies to dust and pet hair

Who is the Roomba 960 for:

  1. Small house owners. Since the Roomba 960 runs for about 75 minutes before it needs to recharge, it covers all the cleaning area of a small and average house on one charge.
  2. People who have pets. Rubber rollers were designed to pick up pet hair.
  3. Those who have asthma or some kind of allergy.
  4. Houses with a mostly bare floor. The newest cleaning brushes perform well on hardwood floor catching everything on Roomba's way. It cleans carpets well either though.
  5. Busy people. Robot vacuum cleaners are perfect for people who have no time for cleaning that's why these things are so popular now. You just need to click start your phone and go do your business. You don't even have to be home anymore.
  6. Geeks. Everyone who loves new-tech devices.
  7. Parents. It would be the best toy for any child as well as a helpful device for any parent. While you can spend time with your loved one Roomba do its job.

What the Roomba owners say

In general, the Roomba 960 is a highly-rated robovac that performs well on carpets and hardwood floors handling pet hair with ease.

Anyway, what is not that good? People who had oldest models of Roomba before say that the newest rubber brushes work not that good on carpets and rugs as the old bristle rollers did. With what's being said we concluded that the Roomba 960 does a good job on carpeting surface but not the best.

Also, some of them say Roomba get stuck and sometimes can't find its charging base. Also, it bumps into things from time to time.

Because of its runtime, the Roomba needs more time to get the job done. It runs for 75 minutes then it goes recharge which also takes some time, and then it resumes from the point it left off. The whole cleaning session can take more than 2 hours in general (depends on a housing area).

Fairly to notice that the Neato works the same way. The difference only in the time Neato needs before its battery needs to be recharged.

Thick carpets. No chance the Roomba 960 can do high-pile rugs. It works well on thin carpets though.

How much does the Roomba 960 cost & Where to get it

Roomba 960 is available to buy on Amazon. It costs about $700 which is a reasonable price considering the fact that this is a top-level robovac from iRobot. It also comes with the Amazon's Choice label as a highly-rated product. Sign up as a prime member and get your robot vacuum for free in two days.

Pros of the Roomba 960

  1. Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home
  2. Performs very well on a bare floor
  3. Cleans pet hair well on hard floors and thin carpets
  4. The silicone brushes are tangle-free so hair doesn't get stuck into it
  5. Comes with Virtual Wall in the box


  • get stuck into things
  • sometimes doesn't avoid obstacles

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Wrap it up. Neato D7 Connected vs. Roomba 960 comparison

It is hard to say which robot is better. Let's talk about what they have in common and what's different between them.

Both are compatible with Alexa/Google Home. Both have a good app that is easy to use. The Roomba 960 has a physical Virtual Wall while Neato's app allows creating a lot of virtual walls only using your phone. Along with that, the Neato D7 Connected has a magnetic strip that is included in the package.

Considering what people who bought the Neato/Roomba say, we concluded that Neato performs slightly better on carpets than Roomba. They work great on a bare floor though.

Also, Neato has a bigger dustbin and longer runtime. But it either cost $100 more.

If you are okay with everything we've said here including the Roomba's issues or what the Neato can or cannot do, it would be easier for you to decide which robot vacuum is better. Roomba 960 vs. Neato D7 Connected: which one would you get in 2018? White in the comments down below.

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