A Budget Xiaowa Lite Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs Flagship Xiaomi Roborock Comparison

Not so long ago, Xiaomi released its new version of a robot vacuum cleaner, Roborock S50, the improved version of their high-rated first gen - Xiaomi Mi robot. To know the differences between the two, we recommend a look at our Roborock vs Mi Robot comparison. Even though consumers review the Mi Robot in a good way, the second version becomes even more successful than its older brother. A few months back Xiaomi presented a budget robot vacuum cleaner - the Xiaowa Lite. It doesn't have any smart functions but is definitely worth paying attention to. Let's find out why Xiaowa is a great robot vacuum and if there is any reason to select it over the Roborock.

Features & SpecificationsXiaowa LiteRoborock S50
Run time (min)120150
Suction Power1600Pa2000Pa
Cleaning area80m2/861ft2250m2/2690ft2
Intelligent route planningnoyes
Recharge & Resumenoyes
App controlMiJiaMiJia
Climbing capability2cm2cm
Amazon Alexa/Google Homenolimited
Dustbin capacity640480
Mopping functionnoyes
Good for carpetyesyes
Good at picking up pet hairyesyes
Dimensions (LxWxH)35.3x35x9.05cm / 13.9x13.78x3.56in35.3x35x9.6cm / 13.9x13.7x3.8in
Warranty12 months12 months

Xiaowa Lite

XiaoWa the budget robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi that has everything you need

Short description

Xiaowa robot vacuum cleaner Lite is the newest budget version of the Xiaomi Roborock. It is equipped with sensors all over its body that navigate the device around the house with no bumping into furniture or falling from stairs. One side brush sweeps dust from corners transferring it to the dustbin.

Along with the main cleaning brush, the 1600PA powerful motor does its job well with picking up pet hair and cleaning bare floors and thin carpets. The 2600 mAh Li-ion battery lasts about 120 minutes in one charge which is impressive since other robots work for about 90 minutes tops (not Roborock though). It has the possibility of being managed via the MIJIA app (Wi-Fi enabled) where you can schedule it to work at a specific time. Large wheels can climb up to 2 cm barriers. Xiaowa is also equipped with a 640ml dust box that collects dust and dirt,makes you to clean less often than other robots. When the battery runs less than 30 percent, the robot automatically returns to its charging base.

What you get in the box with Xiaowa Lite:

  1. Xiaomi Xiaowa robot vacuum
  2. Charging dock
  3. Main brush cleaning tool
  4. Power cable

Who is Xiaowa good for?

  1. Average and small houses. Even though 120 minutes of working time is enough to clean a big house, you probably need more than one charge to cover the whole area; small homes are perfect for the Xiaowa.
  2. Pet owners. The main cleaning brush is designed to collect pet hair with ease.
  3. Homes with mostly bare floors. In fact, Xiaowa performs well on thin carpets too.
  4. Busy people. When you don't have time to clean your floors, Xiaowa can help you.
  5. Parents. People with kids are always distracted by something and the best thing is to let the robot do its job. By the way, kids love robot vacuum cleaners even more than adults.
  6. People who suffer from allergies or asthma. The high-efficiency anti-allergen HEPA filtration system catches up to 99% of particles with have a size greater than or equal to 0.3 µm.

Price & Where to buy Xioawa Lite

Xiaowa Lite is only available on Gearbest for ~$280 on Gearbest so far.

Xiaomi Roborock quick look

The second generation vacuum cleaner Roborock from Xiaomi flagship model to buy in 2018

Xiaomi Roborock is the most expensive robovac in the Xiaomi family. It is a smart robot vacuum with 13 sensors all over its body and a camera located on the lid. With its Simultaneous Localization and the Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, Roborock creates a map of the cleaning area and builds the most efficient way to work. It has the strongest suction power on the market - 2000Pa. The 5200mAh battery lasts for about 150 minutes covering 250 square meters. Even though it has a powerful motor, Roborock is also equipped with a soft bumper that decreases the noise level. When it comes to cleaning carpets, Roborock has the newest carpet identification feature that maximizes suction power once the robot recognizes a carpet/rug. It also has a tangle-free design so pet or human hair won't twist all over the cleaning brush, motor, and wheels.

Click here to see customers reviews about the Xiaomi Roborock on Amazon

With the MiJia app, you can create virtual walls simply by dragging areas on your smartphone. Also, the app is allowed to track Roborock movements in real-time to see the map it has built, etc.

In the box:

  1. Roborock
  2. Charging dock + adapter
  3. Water tank
  4. Mopping pad
  5. English user manual

Price & Purchasing Details

You can get the Xiaomi Roborock 2nd version on Gearbest with the following IT$APRBS coupon code for about $419.99. Hurry up, the code is valid until July, 15.

The robot is also available on Amazon for $549. The device comes with Amazon's Choice Label as a high-rated product. Prime members can enjoy free 2-day shipping.

*please take note that the prices may change

Why buying the budget Xiaowa Lite?

The first thing you should know is that Roborock is a top-level robot vacuum while Xiaowa is a budget model, so maybe it's not quite fair to compare them, but let's think why you should pick the cheaper one. The price. While Roborock costs about $500, having a lot of smart features, Xiaowa is a budget robot vacuum with a price tag of about $300 and basic functions enough to get your floors clean. If you have a small home and need a simple vacuum that works great - go with the Xiaowa. It has Wi-Fi so you can control it from everywhere just with your smartphone and the MiJia app. It has the same base as the Roborock. The same side and cleaning brush with less suction power performs similarly to the Roborock on bare floors and thin carpets/rugs. The bigger dust box allows collecting more dust with no need to clean it every other time. All these things make the Xiaowa a perfect robot vacuum to buy in 2018 without breaking your budget.

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