4 Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaners With Mapping

By Natalie Red·Updated: Mar 10, 2020· 7 min read

We used to think that a robot vacuum cleaner with mapping had a price tag of around $1,000. What if we say that you can get a decent one for a price of less than $300? Sounds cool? Let's find out what a budget robot vacuum cleaner with mapping can offer for its value.

Features 360 S6
360 S6
Roborock Xiaowa E2
Roborock Xiaowa E2
Xiaomi MiJia 1C
Xiaomi MiJia 1C
Operation time (min) 90 100 120 100
Battery capacity (mAh) 3,200 2,600 2,400 3,000
Dustbin capacity (ml) 400 640 600 350
Water tank capacity (ml) 150 150 200 -
Mapping yes yes yes yes
Mapping technology LDS laser gyroscope gyroscope + visual sensor LDS laser
Recharge & resume yes yes yes yes
Mopping yes yes yes no
Wi-Fi yes yes yes yes
App 360Smart Mi Home Mi Home ECOVACS
Virtual walls yes no no yes
Specified area yes no no yes
Spot cleaning yes yes yes yes
Suction power (Pa) 1,800 1,800 2,500 1,000
Amazon Alexa / Google Home support yes yes no yes
Scheduling yes yes yes yes
Noise level (dB) 55 60 50 67
Barrier-cross height (in / mm) 0.67 / 17 0.79 / 20 0.79 / 20 0.71 / 18
HEPA yes yes yes no
Carpet identification yes yes no no
Voice alert yes yes yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Price ~$330 ~$260 ~$217 ~$250

360 S6 Robot Vacuum

The best around $300

360 S6

Affordable 2-in-1 robot vacuum with Lidar

Equipped with the LDS sensor that maps your home layout and remembers your floor plan. It supports zoned cleaning and restricted areas. The robot stores up to 10 different floor plans and is ideal for multi-level houses. Resumes cleaning after recharging.

The 360 S6 is a brand-new robot vacuum on the market that has with strong suction, voice prompt, two side brushes, and a multi-surface cleaning brush. It uses LIDAR technology to remember your home layout and builds the most efficient way of cleaning on its own. One of the best parts of S6 is its dustbin. To pull it out just click on the "open" button and the dust box jumps up automatically. Its HEPA filter is washable. The app allows to customize areas and set up forbidden zones. The 360 S6 is equipped with a water tank container and can do mopping and sweeping at the same time. Carpet boost makes it easy for you to clean carpeted surface, you don't need to switch cleaning mode to MAX manually. 

The 360 S6 is suitable for multilevel houses as it can store up to 10 different plans


  • Quiet operation even though the robot has strong suction.
  • One of the most powerful motor on the market.
  • Easy to pull out the dustbin.
  • Ability to set forbidden zones and customized areas.
  • Carpet boost provides deep cleaning.
  • Can sweep and mop at the same time.
  • Washable HEPA filter.
  • Real-time tracking in the app.
  • Voice prompt informs what's going on in real-time. Aside from that, you get notifications in the 360Smart app.
  • Affordable price.
  • Saves 10 different created maps.
  • The app allows watching the 360 to create a map in real-time.


  • Is not integrated with Google Home.

Roborock Xiaowa E2

Best robot based on a gyroscope

Roborock Xiaowa E2

Strong suction and carpet identification

Strong suction power, the Xiaowa E2 is equipped with a gyroscope. It is the only robot vacuum based on s gyroscope that resumes cleaning after recharging.  

The Roborock Xiaowa E2 is one of the best budget cleaners on the market equipped with a gyroscope that can do mopping and sweeping, identifies carpeted surface and has strong suction. 

The robot is equipped with a water container that is easy to install, just slide it underneath, and it's ready to go.

The Roborock Xiaowa E2 works on thicker carpets

The Xiaowa E2 mapping system is based on a gyroscope. The HEPA filter can be washed with water, the Xiaowa is safe for those who suffer from allergy and asthma. It is the only robot (except the Xiaowa E3) that resumes cleaning after recharging. 


  • Decent battery life.
  • It can sweep and mop at the same time.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home.
  • Voice prompt alerts what's going on in real-time. The robot sends notifications in the Mi Home app.
  • Slide drawer detachable water container.
  • Washable HEPA filter.
  • Strong suction power can collect dust, dirt, pet hair from the carpeted surface.
  • Carpet boost provides deep cleaning.
  • In the Mi Home you can watch the Xiaowa in real-time.


  • Does not save a map after finishing cleaning.

Xiaomi MiJia 1C

Most Powerful

Xiaomi MiJia 1C

The most powerful

The cheapest yet powerful robot vacuum suitable for low and medium-pile carpet cleaning.

The Xiaomi MiJia 1C has a visual optical sensor which in tandem with a gyroscope builds a map of a floor layout helping the robot to understand where it should clean. With a 200 ml water tank, the robot can cover a bigger area of hard floor and the app allows setting water dripping level depending on mopping tasks. It also supports recharging which is rare among not the camera or laser-guided robots.

The Xiaomi MiJia 1C has strong suction and is ideal budget robot for carpets

It is the cheapest robot in our list that can do both: sweeping and mopping. The Xiaomi MiJia 1C is the best robot vacuum for the price of around ~$220 that is also powerful and can do mopping. 


  • Affordable.
  • One of the most powerful.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Can do mopping and sweeping.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Good to use on carpets.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Can be tracked in real-time


  • You can not set virtual walls.




The most-featured for the price

Equipped with a laser, suitable for small and average homes with low-pile or without carpets.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 is one of the shortest laser-guided robots on the market. Short body allows getting under most furniture. In the app, you can switch between modes, start/stop the robot, control its movements, set virtual boundaries, order the robot to clean a specific place or room and even to prioritize where to clean first.

This model has features some high-end robots have by costing about ~$250. Keep in mind, the filter is not true HEPA and might not be suitable for very sensitive to dust people. Also, this vacuum is not suitable for medium-pile carpets.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 is perfect for pet hair

The robot comes with a suction inlet for pet hair but it is better to use on hard floors. For the price, you get a decent and smart robot vacuum with many nice features.


  • Decent battery life
  • Suitable for households with a mixed surface.
  • The laser helps to create a map.
  • Suitable for pet owners.
  • Supports no-go zones, zoned cleaning and room cleaning.
  • Can be tracked in real-time.


  • Doesn't work on medium and high-pile carpets

Recharge & Resume

This is a feature that makes a robot to get back to recharge when its battery runs out of energy and then resume the cleaning from the place the cleaner left off. This feature makes a cleaner suitable for small, medium and big houses.

House size

The longest a robot can last per one charge, the largest area it can cover. Recharge & resume makes the robot suitable for medium and biggest houses. Each of the cleaners can clean a small home as well.

Carpet & pet hair performance

Strong suction along with a cleaning brush ensures deep carpet cleaning.

The 360 S6, Xiaowa E2, and Xiaomi MiJia 1C have the strongest suction and also are equipped with carpet identification. They are perfect for carpet cleaning and pet hair thanks to the Roborock tangle-free design and the cleaning brush of the 360 S6 that has detachable parts.

The ECOVACS is more suitable for bare flooring and thin carpets but because of the suction inlet, it is ideal for pet hair.

Bare floor performance

Each of the robots from the list works excellent on bare floors picking even the smallest particulars. However, those that come with mopping can reduce manual mopping by cleaning any type of bare floor every once in a while.

If you need mopping, stick with the Xiaowa E2 S5, Xiaomi 1C, and 360 S6.

Smart home ecosystem vs. robot vacuum cleaner

Nowadays even a robot cleaner can be controlled by voice. In case you own Alexa-enabled devices or Google Home you might want to buy a robovac that would understand your commands. 


Every cleaner comes with an app. Though each vacuum has special features to talk about. Each app starts/stops a robot and allows scheduling it. 

360 S6 has the ability to set customized zones and forbidden areas yet don't have spot cleaning.

* customized zones - areas you want the robot to clean

* forbidden zones - places the robot should not cross when cleaning.

Roborock Xiaowa E2 & Xiaomi MiJia 1C: the Mi Home app allows to watch the robot in real-time and manually manage the robot's movement. 

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 has the features of the 360 S6 except for multi mapping but it has selected room cleaning the 360 S6 lacks.

A budget robot vacuum cleaner with mapping: which one to buy?

Each of the robots from our list is a decent machine that can compete with expensive high-end models but costs less.

The 360 S6, Xiaomi MiJia 1C, and Roborock Xiaowa E2 are the best for medium-pile carpets. The DEEBOT 901 is ideal for thin carpets and mixed surfaces.

All the robots are great for pet owners. However, if your home is covered with carpets, go with the Xiaowa E2, Xiaomi or 360 S6. The DEEBOT would be suitable for homes with no carpets.

Thanks to the mopping feature, the 360 S6, Roborock Xiaowa E2, and MiJia 1C are ideal for homes with no carpets. 

Budget: the robot vacuum price starts from $240 and ends up at $320. Depending on your needs, surface and home size, pick the one that would be the best for you. 

If you are struggling to choose yours, leave a comment down below, and I will try to help you decide which would be the best for you.

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