Roborock S50 - connection problem

Just a weeks ago I received my Roborock S50 but has still problem to connect to the wifi. The recommended checklist step1 to step5 is done several times without any succés. 5Ghz not activated.
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  1. Nasty Waify
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    I have tried both a Samsung Powerbot r7040 and now this S50 and using the Samsung Connect app I cannot get it to connect despite the app detecting them. Part way through the connection process it seems to disconnect my Note 8 cell phone from my home Wi-Fi. Then, at 53% of the way through the connection process it stalls and ultimately times out saying it's taking too long to connect. I did an online chat with Samsung and they can't figure it out either. I have Xfinity with an ASUS router and I even powered that down and then back on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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