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Hi guys,I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My partner Natalie and I have been working on this website for more than 2 years, and we want to make it useful and informative for our readers. I appreciate any critics or suggestions on how to make it better. I would be very grateful to hear your thoughts.We have built a database of robot vacuums with more than 150 devices already. We tried to add as many features and specs as possible for you to make a more detailed comparison. Of course, it's not perfect yet, and some data may be inaccurate; however, we are doing our best to improve it. Are there any features that are not displayed in our charts but might be important for you?Also, is there any of our readers who would like to publish a review of their robot vacuum on the website? Maybe we can add the ability to post reviews for our registered users. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Brian
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    Hello — this website is really great. I've been researching robot vacuums for about 3 weeks now as I plan on buying one in the very near future. This is the only website that doesn't seem like it is paid for by some company and includes reviews/articles/comparisons of pretty much every single robot vacuum. On top of that, you guys stay very up to date which is great.

    I would only suggest that you include the formula for how the score is calculated because, for example: I am choosing between the Ozmo 950, Roborock S6, Roomba s9 and I know they all have very very close scores. I would love to just be able to defer to the score you guys have come up with, but I don't know what weight each category was given. If I was able to see the formula myself, then I can ± or alter certain categories that may be more important to me at the moment because right now, I find it really difficult to make a final decision.

    Maybe you can include something like the following sections:
    1. A forum or a specific part of the website — I know you have a forum, but maybe a more specific one, with different threads — i.e. one forum is dedicated to _____ robot vs _____robot and where people can go ahead and vote on which they think is the better of the two for that person's 2 choices (or 3, 4, etc.). Another can be dedicated to modding the vacuums, or whatever other general discussions can be had.
    2. Maybe to include robot vacuum release dates?
    3. A top 10 (maybe on the side of the front page) that can be altered whenever a new, better robot comes out — and maybe weekly (or monthly) articles once again going over the top 10 and discussion any changes you made?

    On a side note — if I am looking for the absolute best robot vacuum (but also want a robot mop) on the market — which do you think fit my requirements below:
    1. A dedicated robot vacuum and a dedicated robot mop — which vacuum and which mop are the absolute best on the market at the moment?
    2. A combo mop/vacuum? Which one is the absolute best on the market at the moment?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Michael Fisher
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      Hi Brian,
      thank you so much for such detailed feedback and kind words, I really appreciate it. I will publish a post with a formula we use to calculate the score within a few days. I think it will be interesting to know for our readers. Our formula is not ideal and it's just our subjective opinion since something that important for us, absolutely doesn't matter for other users, and we are correcting it from time-to-time. However, if you check our buying guide, all the most powerful robot vacuums have the highest score, so seems like it works somehow:)
      Regarding your ideas and suggestions:
      1. Good idea, just need to do research on what people would like to discuss about robot vacuums. The idea when you can vote for robot vacuums is also great. Please let me know if you have an example of a website (maybe with another kind of products) with such functionality. Will see what we can do.
      2. Done! We've added a release date to product pages (the penultimate row in the table) and to our comparison service. Unfortunately, we don't know a release date for some devices, but all the new models will be added with the approximate released date. In the future, I think we should add a release date to our reviews and articles. People looking for the newest models with the latest innovative technologies, nobody wants to buy outdated products.
      3. Great! I think we can make something like that. We can add a block to the home page with the newest products added to our catalog and another block with updated articles. It would also be great to add the most discussed articles. I've seen something similar on Wirecutter's home page.
      As I understand, you are looking for a high-end device with mapping and all the smart features. Seems like you already watched Vacuum Wars latest video (since you mention these models). His reviews are very informative and trustful, we can recommend the same robot vacuums. Really hard to say which one is absolutely the best, so I can name a few devices.
      1. If you want two dedicated robots for vacuuming and mopping, the Roomba s9/i7 and Braava Jet m6 will be a good choice since they can work in tandem. Especially if you would like to have the automatic dirt disposal function. But it's an expensive option.
      2. It depends on how big is your house. For example, the Roborock S6 has only 150 ml (5 oz) water tank, it can mop 30-40 minutes, then you need to refill the container with water. Probably the newest Deebot 950 will be a better choice in this case since it has 240 ml (8.1 oz) water tank.
      If you want something more affordable, the 360 S5, 360 S7, Roborock S5 are great devices for the price under $500. They have almost the same smart features as the twice-more expensive Roomba s9/i7.

      Best mid-range devices for our opinion: Roborock S6, Neato D7, Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 and 950. There are a few other devices with great features, but we have never tested them so hard to say how reliable they are.

      You can also check Robot Master's Youtube channel, he runs a lot of tests with the Roomba s9/i7, Neato D7, Roborock S5/S6 and other robot vacuums.
      1. Michael Fisher
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        Just published a new post about the score: smartrobotreviews.com/forum/discussions/what-is-the-srr-score.html


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