Could The 360 S6 Robot Vacuum Be The Xiaomi Roborock Killer?

The Xiaomi Roborock is one of the best smart robot cleaners on the market. The 360 S6 is the new machine that surprised us with its features and a price tag. Can the S6 compete with the Roborock?

Xiaomi Roborock S55 vs. 360 S6 Video Comparison

The Xiaomi Roborock vs. the 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Comparison Chart

Features360 S6Xiaomi Roborock
Operation time120 minutes150 minutes
Battery capacity3,200 mAh5,200 mAh
Dustbin capacity400 ml500 ml
Water tank capacity150 ml140 ml
Mapping technologylaserlaser
App360SmartMi Home
Virtual wallsyesyes
Specified areayesno
Spot cleaningnoyes
Suction power1,800 Pa2,000 Pa
Amazon Alexa / Google Homenoyes
Noise level55 dB60 dB
Cleaning area2,150 ft2 / 200 m22,690 ft2 / 250 m2
Barrier-cross height0.67 in / 17 mm0.59 in / 15 mm
Carpet boostyesyes
Voice alertyesyes
Warranty12 months12 months
Price$350$399 on GearBest / $535 on Amazon

Robot vacuums mentioned in the article:

Navigation and Sensors

Each of the robots is equipped with a bunch of sensors that help it to move around and "see" obstacles, avoid collisions and don't fall down from drop-offs.

Along with than the robots build a map thanks to which they recognize obstacles even better.

Mapping technology

Both robot vacuums have a LIDAR (laser) sensor located inside each robot's head that scans your house layout. They equipped with powerful ARM processors that use SLAM algorithms to build a most efficient path of cleaning based on the map it has created. Thanks to this, the robot does not repeat or miss any places when cleaning, and significantly reduce cleaning time compared to robot vacuums with a random cleaning pattern. The laser is much more accurate than camera sensor (like Roomba 980 uses), it allows the robot to work in the dark.

Mopping & Bare floor performance

Both robots has a water tank and a mopping pad, whish is great since such high-end and more expensive robots as Neato D7 and Roomba 980 don't have mopping feature. Please note, that this feature is amazing for everyday use but can't get rid of stubborn stains. Both of the robots comes with a similar mopping technology, the difference in a water tank capacity and the way the container attaching to the robot.

The Xiaomi Roborock is equipped with a 140 ml water container and is able to mop for about 40-50 minutes until the water tank is emptied. Fill the tank with water, side it underneath and the robot is ready to mop.

The 360 S6 has a 150ml water tank and can be installed by a simple click.

Smartphone App

The Xiaomi Roborock and the 360 S6 support Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone. In general "360Smart" and "Mi Home" apps look very similar and have about the same main features. The app allows to turn on/off the robot, switch between cleaning modes, track its movements in real-time, view the cleaning map, schedule the machine, see the cleaning history etc. Along with then, you can see when the accessories need to be replaced.

The Mi Home has the ability to create a cleaning zone which means the Roborock will clean this specified zone and not cross this area. It also has a spot cleaning mode for most-dirtiest areas, which means you can tap on the map and the robot will go to that point and clean it.

On the other hand, the 360Smart also has the zoned cleaning. In addition, it is able to create forbidden zones (spaces that the S6 should not cross when cleaning). Block off (forbidden areas) is great when the robot is working in wet mop mode and you don't want it to go over carpets. So it is very useful feature that the Roborock doesn't have at this moment.

Both robots can be controlled manually like a remote radio car.

Carpet boost & performance

Carpet boost is a feature that automatically increase a suction power to maximum once the robot recognizes carpeted surface. Both robot vacuums has this features.

The Xiaomi Roborock has a strong suction power of 2,000 of Pa which is enough to deep clean thin and medium carpets from dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair. Since it is a high-end model it performs great on the carpeted surface.

roborock vs. 360 s6 comparison - side view

The 360 S6 has a 1,800 Pa suction power which is almost the same as the Roborock. It is designed to clean carpets and is able to deep clean low and medium-pile carpets/rugs. Even though it costs twice less than Roomba 980 that is known for its carpet cleaning performance, the S6 can easily compete with such a beast.

In short, both robots are the champs when it comes to deep cleaning on carpeted and mixed surface.

Smart voice assistants compatibility

The Xiaomi Roborock is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be a part of your smart home system.

The 360 S6 is not compatible with any smart assistant so far. Fairly to notice that Roborock wasn't integrated with it at first either. We hope that 360 S6 will understand voice commands sooner or later.

Battery life

Most the powerful robot cleaners run about 90-110 minutes before its battery's energy drops down.

The Xiaomi Roborock lasts the whole 150 minutes that makes it the longest runtime on the market so far. It runs until the battery is 20% charge, docks itself juice up to 80% and resumes from the point it left off.

The 360 S6 runs for about 120 minutes which is impressive considering its strong suction. It's battery runs until the power is 20%, then automatically recharge to 80% and continue from the same spot it stopped working.

Both robots are suitable for average and big-sized houses. It is actually not a big deal that 360 S6 works less because it comes with the "recharge&resume" feature meaning that the robot covers a large cleaning area per one cleaning session.

Price & where to buy

  • Xiaomi Roborock is on sale on Amazon for about $540

  • On Gearbest Roborock S50 (white) comes with a $389.99 price tag is you use the coupon code GBapdeal07 (valid until 31.10)

  • Use the coupon code GBapdeal02 and get the Roborock S55 (black) on Gearbest for $399.99. Hurry up, the deal ends on October, 31.

  • The 360 S6 is on sale only on Gearbest so far. You can get it for $329.99 with the coupon code GB-APS6 (valid until October 31).

What are the main differences between the 360 S6 and the Xiaomi Roborock

Both devices have similar features and specifications. Since we have tested both, here are things we noticed that make the robots are different from each other:

  1. The Xiaomi Roborock starts cleaning much faster, it maps the layout in seconds while the 360 S6 takes a few moments to understand its position before it gets to work
  2. The Roborock doesn't save maps after the job is done. The 360 S6 holds the map it has built-in memory. This is the reason why it takes some time before getting started. The robot is trying to understand where it is, while the Xiaomi rebuilds the map again
  3. Both robots have about the same clearance but the Roborock climbs an obstacle up to 20 mm with ease. The 360 S6 climbing ability is about 17 mm.
  4. When it comes to manually control it through the remote control - the Mi Home app offers three options. You can do it with a joystick, with three buttons that send the robot forward, turn it left/right, and via a targeted point. You just click on the map to the point you want the Roborock to go and the machine will do the rest. In the 360 Smart app you only can control the S6 with a joystick
  5. The Xiaomi is louder. Even though it has a cotton sieve that reduces the noise, and its suction power it 200 Pa stronger, it is noisy. You can easily keep a conversation going while the 360 S6 is working but it becomes a challenge when the Roborock is in the same room
  6. Xiaomi came up with a great decision hiding the cleaning tool under the lid near the dustbin
  7. In the 360 Smart app, the robot's position in real-time updates with some delay. Mi Home works smother
  8. The 360 Smart app allows to set block-off zones and customize different areas. In the Mi Home app, you can specify zoned cleanup and send the robot to a specific place via target point option
  9. Zoned cleanup in the Mi Home app is not easy to set. When I tried to change the size of the rectangle I couldn't grab it and move to the place I needed the robot to clean. In the 360 Smart app, the rectangles are easy to draw. Much effortless than in the Mi Home
  10. The 360 S6 charging dock carries to hide the cord inside. Something we haven't seen in other robots
  11. The Roborock can go under curtains. Its sensors don't recognize an obstacle such as curtains until the robot touch it with its bumper. Once it gets there, it can't get out of here because it becomes confused and can't find its place in the map. The 360 S6 avoids curtains, gently running near.

In the end

The Xiaomi Roborock vs. the 360 S6 which one is better? These are very similar robots that even have the same minimalist black & white design. Both can sweep and mop at the same time, look about the same underneath. What is the difference between the two?

  • The best about 360 S6 is its easy-to-remove dustbin. All you need is to click the "open" button on the lid and it jumps out automatically.
  • The 360 S6 charging dock has room to hide a cord. You can roll it and place inside the base.
  • In the box with 360 S6 you will find three different types of plugs.
  • 360Smart app allows setting block off areas that control the robot from crossing some zones.
  • The 360 S6 has 2 side brushes, Xiaomi Roborock - only one.
  • The S6 is $40 cheaper than Roborock.
  • Mi Home app supports spot cleaning.
  • Mi Home app allows tapping on the screen and the robot will move to that spot.
  • Roborock comes with the water tank that is easy-to-slide underneath.

The Xiaomi Roborock is integrated with Amazon Alexa/Google Home but we hope that the S6 will be compatible with it as well. Xiaomi works 30 minutes longer.

Both robots can easily compete with expensive Roomba, Neato, and Samsung and half the price. Xiaomi is a well-known brand whereas the 360 is a brand-new on the market yet cost less than the Roborock.

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