The Ecovacs Deepbot N79S vs the N79: What is the Difference Between the Two?

By Michael Fisher·Updated: Dec 11, 2018· 1 min read

The Ecovacs Deepbot N79 has thousands of good reviews on Amazon as a high-rated product that is super budget-friendly by the way. With a price of $230, you get 100 minutes of running time, decent suction power, and good cleaning performance on thin carpets and bare floors. Based on consumer reviews, the Ecovacs Deepbot N79 cleans pet hair, dirt, and dust with ease. It doesn't come with a mopping feature though. It can be controlled manually through its buttons and by using the app.

Ecovacs Deebot N79

Runtime100 minutes100 minutes
Suction PowerN/A1000Pa
Dustbin CapacityN/A300ml
Noise Level67dB64dB
Max Modeyesno
Battery CapacityN/A2600mAh
Amazon Alexa/Google Homeyesno
Dimensions (WxH)13.90in / 35.3cm x 3.27in / 8.3cm12.99in / 33cm x 3.07in / 7.8cm
Weight9.48lbs / 4.3kg6.17lbs / 2.8kg

What is the difference between the Ecovacs Deepbot N79S vs. the Ecovacs Deepbot N79?

Ecovacs Deepbot N79S vs. Ecovacs Deepbot N79

Both robots are equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop sensors. Both get to recharge when the battery runs out. They don't have any issues with going over a threshold. The running time is pretty much the same - about 100 minutes. Please note that neither can do medium and high-pile carpets.

The newest Ecovacs Deebot N79S is compatible with Alexa while the N79 is not. So you can control the N79S with your voice, manually through the buttons on the lid, and by using the app. Also, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S has a Maximum Cleaning Mode that provides more thoughtful cleaning.

Price & Where To Buy

The Ecovacs Deepbot N79S is found on Amazon for the price of about $250, which makes it the most budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner on the market that supports Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It also comes with the Amazon's Choice label as a highly-rated product.

The Ecovacs Deepbot N79 has a price of about $225.

Which Ecovacs to buy?

The Ecovacs Deepbot N79 is still a decent budget robot vacuum cleaner, but we would recommend spending an extra $20 on the newest model since it is compatible with Alexa and apparently performs a little bit better on thin carpets and bare floors. The Ecovacs Deepbot is the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner on the market that supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be controlled by voice commands.

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