ECOVACS DEEBOT Robot Vacuums With Mapping And Path Planning: Model Comparison Chart

ECOVACS DEEBOT is one of the most popular brands on a robot vacuum cleaners market. You may not have heard of it but you definitelly should get to know it better. You can find the model comparison chart related to the family and learn what the definitely between them and which one might suit your needs. But here we are going to talk about the flagship ECOVACS DEEBOT and figure out what makes the brand one of the best on its price range.

Cleaning Time1001109090
Climbing Ability18161616
Charging Time4433
Dustbox Capacity350450400520
Mopping Featurenyyy
Mapping TechnologyLaserLaserLaserLaser
Virtual Wallyyyy
Carpet Boostnynn
Voice Reportyyyy
Controlapp+voiceapp+remote control+voiceapp+voiceapp+remote control+voice
Amazon Alexa/Google Assistantyyyy
Suction Inletyyny
Noise Level67657070
Battery Capacity3000mAh320028502850
Area Cleaning Modeyyyy
Targeted Cleaningyyyy
Floor Typestile, marble, lamitane, linoleum, hardwood floors, thin carpetstile, marble, lamitane, linoleum, hardwood floors, thin and some medium-pile carpetstile, marble, lamitane, linoleum, hardwood floors, thin carpetstile, marble, lamitane, linoleum, hardwood floors, thin carpets

Cliff Sensors

Like other robot vacuum cleaners (almost all on the market) DEEBOT machines are equipped with cliff sensors that recognize obstacles and stairs and help the machine to avoid them.


The mopping feature is for wet cleaning bare floors. The robot comes with a water container and a mop cloth. Upgraded reservoir controls the amount of water dripping so the cloth will not get too wet or too dry when mopping. Advanced sensors automatically stop dampening the cloth when the robot does not move.

Please note, that this option is not able to clean stubborn stains but it will help to lower that amount of time you spend actually moping.

Only ECOVACS Deebot 900/901 doesn't have mopping.

How To Control Your ECOVACS DEEBOT

All ECOVACS robots that support Wi-Fi are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so can be controlled by simple voice commands. Also, some of them have an IR remote control in the box and you still are able to manually press the buttons on the lid. Do not forget about the app that might be the simplest way to manage your cleaner.

ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 and ECOVACS DEEBOT R98 do not come with the remote control. DEEBOT OZMO 930 and DEEBOT R95MKII enable to be controlled by a remote control, voice and the app.

Voice Report

ECOVACS can talk. Voice Report informs about the robot cleaning status, errors or literally anything the machine has to tell, it will announce in real-time.

Carpet Boost

It is an option that boosts suction on Maximum once the robot knows it's on carpeting surface so you don't need to do it manually. This feature is present in OZMO 930 only.

However, the feature is not great on small rugs where the robot tends to bundle up the rug and get tangled. We suggest taking away all small rugs from your cleaning areas (on bigger rugs OZMO 930 works well).

How Does Mapping Work?

ECOVACS uses LIDAR for creating a map that is called Smart Navi Technology. Based on a laser, this feature scans an interior of the room making a map so ECOVACS actually "see" the room and know where to clean. After that, a smart algorithm calculates the optimized route for perfect cleaning. This option allows the robot to clean the whole area without missing a single spot.

Laser-based technology is more accurate than the one based on a camera sensor. It also allows the device to work in the dark.

How ECOVACS DEEBOT Clean The Floor?

ECOVACS DEEBOT is equipped with two side brushes that sweep dust, dirt, and pet hair from corners. The main cleaning brush scratches debris from the floor transferring it to the robot's dustbin where the motor sucks it inside. In case the robot has an option such as suction inlet, side sweepers move the dust right into the port.

Continuous Cleaning

Since the cleaner has the map, it knows where it has been which means the robot can get back to its charging dock when the battery needs to recharge. After the machine is fully-charged, it continues cleaning from the spot where it left.

Please note that you have to turn on this option on the app since it's not by default.

Virtual Wall

The app allows blocking the robot from a "No-Go" areas without physically blocking it. Just draw virtual boundaries on your smartphone and your smart device will never go there. Ideal for places where a lot of cords or stuff that lie on the floor and you don't want the robot to clean the spot today. Or if your family member is sleeping in other room and you do not want to disturb them.

Targeted Cleaning

By drawing a rectangle on the virtual map, you let your device to clean on a specific area so it will not spend time on other spots if you don't want it to clean there.

Area Cleaning Mode

With this mode, you can prioritize some cleaning areas where you want your robot to clean first. Simply tap on the room you want to be cleaned first on your smartphone and let ECOVACS do the rest. This is a cool option that allows you to manage cleaning in high-traffic areas.

Cleaning Performance

Overall, DEEBOT owners are satisfied with its cleaning performance. The dustbin gets full after every cleaning session especially if you have pets. Also, some ECOVACS come with a tangle-free suction inlet that prevents hair tangling which is a great option to have because unwrapping it from a cleaning brush could be annoying. Please note, that the cleaning brush works better on carpet flooring, even though it causes hair tangling.


  • DEEBOT is able to clean pet hair, dust and dirt from bare floors.
  • Catches dust, dirt, and pet hair on thin carpets and rugs
  • Filtration system gets rid of the smallest particles in the air reducing causes of allergy and asthma.


  • Unfortunately, these machines can not deep clean medium and high-pile carpets.

What Issues ECOVACS DEEBOT Faces?

While searching around we had to admit that bad reviews mostly related to the app. Firstly, the app supports only 2.4 GHz speed so make sure you set your router in the right way. Secondly, consumers reported that the app loses its data from time to time which makes the robot impossible to continue cleaning, create virtual walls, customize the block off areas and other cool features the app offers.

How to make your experience with Deebot better?

When the robot loses its data? Let's talk about what to do (or not do) avoid making the app works the best.

  1. Turn on "Continued Cleaning" before your robot starts cleaning.
  2. Do not move your robot when it's working even when it stops before going to recharge. Let it finish its job alone.
  3. In case the charging station changed its spot while the unit is cleaning (even a few inches), the device would probably lose the map.
  4. Do not pick it off the floor (see the p.1) while running.
  5. When ECOVACS DEEBOT get stuck and tries to free itself. If its battery runs low, the device will not find its way back home.
  6. What is annoying is the fact, that DEEBOT speaks notifying when something happens in real-time so if you miss it, you will never know what happened.
  7. If you see that the map has gone, try to find it somewhere in the app since the maps might be stored in memory.

However, if you move the robot or its charging dock during standby mode when it's not working, it will announce 'relocating' and show up at the new location on the map. Same about losing the internet. The map is retained when the internet comes back so no worries about it.

What is not that good with ECOVACS DEEBOT R98

This is the most expensive from DEEBOT line so we have to warn you what you might not like in ECOVACS DEEBOT R98 before you decided to buy it.

The R98 comes with a cordless canister vacuum cleaner and an array of attachments for integral home cleaning. This additional handheld vacuum cleaner is supposed to suck what's inside the robot's dustbin helping you to empty the dustbin less often and the robot to clean longer since its dustbin would not get full too fast. Although if you have pets or the robo catches a lot of dust, you might have to empty the dustbin manually because it is not too big. Check the container after each floor cleaning. Also, the handheld is not as powerful as compared to other handheld vacuums but still does its job well.

Overall, if you pay attention to everything we've said about losing the map and prevent the R98's dustbin full you will enjoy your new helper and the way it performs on your floors.

Price & Purchase Details

ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 is available to buy on Amazon for a price of $400.

ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 will cost you around $600.

You can get ECOVACS DEEBOT R98) for a price of about $700.

Find ECOVACS DEEBOT R95MKII on Amazon with a $500 price tag.

Does ECOVACS DEEBOT Worth Buying?

Mapping is a great feature that allows you to not think about cleaning your floors. With the map and smart navigation, the robot will never miss a spot, cleaning every inch of the floor.

The recharge and resume option makes these robots perfect for average and big-sized homes (please remember that mapping technology does not cover the second floor).

If you have a pet and do not have thick carpets in your house - ECOVACS DEEBOT is everything you need. It is smart, good-looking, and has a lot of cool features. Choose the one you like the most and do not to forget to take care of it (clean the brush, empty the dustbin, remove dust from its sensors etc) if you want your robo to make you happy longer.

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