Roborock E4 Review & Cleaning Tests

Video made by Robot Masters

Roborock has released its budget robot vacuum, the Roborock E4. It is a gyroscope-guided machine and has OpticEye motion tracking system. The robot follows a Z-shaped path. It is not as efficient as the S series but can be a handy model for smaller homes or those who do not need extra features.

Roborock E4 Main Features

  • Real-time robot movements tracking
  • Efficient Z-shaped path
  • Srtong 2,000 Pa suction
  • Good climbing ability so the robot is able to vacuum medium-pile carpets
  • Senses carpeted surface and boosts suction when identifies one
  • Has a relatively large dustbin
  • Lasts up to 150 minutes on one charge
  • Supports resumption
  • Can do mopping, sweeping, mopping and sweeping.
  • Is integrated with Alexa.

First that comes to my mind is the crystal clear dustbin. Another thing about the dustbin that it can be emptied through the filter opening which is not as convenient.

Pick up test

For this test were used: powder, candies, black rice, skittles, and more. This debris was shattered all along the walls and edges to see how well the robot handles cleaning there.

The robot follows a Z-shaped pattern and pick up almost all Skittles but left some around the chair legs.

Because of having duo gyroscope, the robot doesn’t miss a spot but would not be as efficient as the S series.

The robot picked up around 94% of all debris which is a good result for such machine. 

In the box

The Roborock E4 has the same old-styles extractor bar with non-removable side tips. If you have long hair, it might be a bit challenging to remove those. If you like, you may buy a new style extractor from any other model that has detachable tips, these are interchangeable. Same goes for the filter, cleaning brush cover, and a side brush.

Underneath the robot looks the same as the previous Roborock Xiaowa series.

The robot has an old-styled charging dock, you can’t adjust the cord.

You can also get mopping attachments separately if needed.

The Roborock E4 does not have extra filters or side brushes.

Mi Home app

The Roborock E4 has a static map, you can’t interact with it, only see it in history. Also, the robot does not save one, it rebuilds a map every time it cleans.

In the app you can track battery level, cleaning mode, shut suction off if needed, etc. Scheduling is pretty much basic too, you can choose time, repeat, and cleaning mode. You can control the robot remotely like a radio car.


The Roborock E4 is a great option for small homes with low to medium-pile carpets. It is powerful and has some smart features to provide the best cleaning ability. Because of not having Lidar, the robot is shorter which means it can get under most furniture.

If you are living in a small home and looking for a decent budget robot, have a look at the Roborock E4.


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