Why I am returning my Shark IQ after 30 days

Let’s start with the pros of the Shark IQ:

  1. The self-emptying bin works great, it cleans up the robot completely unless it is completely full but other than that it cleans the bin perfectly.
  2. Because of a bagless system, the auto-empty bin is easier to empty. It even has a little window that helps to see how much dirts the base holds.
  3. The robot cleans well. 
  4. Decent battery life. On Max mode it runs for about 60 minutes, on low mode, it will give you about 2 hours of running. Not a con or pro, just the fact that the battery could be better but it’s not bad at any mean.


  1. The mapping: you have to run the robot up to 10 times to get the map complete. Many users claim they run it for about 20 times and did not have the map anyway.
  2. The robot does not have a full bin indicator. It does not know where it is full. 
  3. The bin inside looks small.
  4. App. It has some sort of delay when informing about the robot started working, docking itself and so on. The app is very basic as well.

The Shark IQ is good for small houses. If you run it every other day and don’t have a big mess, this robot is probably going to be great for you.


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