Unable to carry out first clean up with Viomi V2 Pro

I recently bought a Viomi V2 Pro from Gearbest's German warehouse. After a few trials I changed my server to Germany (I live in Greece) and finally made it possible to pair and start cleaning through MI home app. 

My problem is that I haven't carried out the first clean up in order to save the map. The first time an obstacle blocked the robot and it reseted itself. The other time after a pause it started all over again and the last time the battery died and it didn't make it to its cradle to charge. When it was fully charged again it started again from scratch. 

Could I charge it halfway and then continue the first clean up?? Any ideas? 


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  1. Michael Fisher
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    I don't think there is a way to save the map without finishing the full cleaning. If you manually interrupt the cleaning process, the map will not be saved. If you live in a big house and the robot can't finish the job on one charge, try to start cleaning on low suction mode (silent mode). In this mode, the battery will last much longer.


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