Help Me Decide on a Robot Vacuum

So far I am choosing between:

1. Deebot Ozmo 950
2. 360 S7
3. Roborock S6
4. Proscenic M7
5. Xiaomi Mijia (the new model that just came out)
6.*potentially also considering a Roomba S9+ and a bravaa mop but i dont think my place is big enough for 2 robots and my 110 pound dog.
I currently live in a large, 1 bedroom apartment. Most of the floors are made of hardwood but there is one very large shag rug (high pile — in the living room) and a small shag rug in the bedroom (only about a foot comes out from under the bed). The rest is hardwood flooring.

I also have a Pet that sheds an obscene amount.

Lastly — I do not want to skimp on the robot vac. I am looking for the absolute best one for my needs — so a slightly worse robot but less expensive would be irrelevant to me. I simply want the top one.

Any thoughts?

Knowing the details above

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  1. Natalie Red
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    You said there is a large shag rug in the living room. Unfortunately, none robot vacuum can do high-pile carpets even the Roomba s9+. You can btw watch the video Nathan made with the Roomba. He has a high-pile carpet, and the results were not the best.

    Okay, let's make it a bit clearer. Do you need mopping or dragging a mop cloth the way Roborock, 360 and DEEBOT do would be enough for you?

    At this point, I would not recommend getting the Proscenic if an app matters for you. It is still raw and needs to be polished.

    In terms of cleaning hardwood floors, even the cheapest robots do the job pretty much good, so there is no need to spend more if you are only interested in vacuuming performance, but every robot you chose has some extra smart features that might be useful in your case.

    Mopping. The Roborock S6, OZMO 950 and 360 S7 perform about the same on bare floors except for the toggle the Roborock has that allows switching between two levels of water dripping and the OZMO that has the same only you can do it via the app which is more convenient. The 360 S7 lacks it.

    The DEEBOT tho has a bigger dustbin which allows covering more when mopping without the need of refilling it in about 30 minutes. Also, the ECOVACS recognizes carpets and automatically avoids them, but you can do the same with the 360 and Roborock by setting virtual block off areas.

    The Xiaomi though has a different mopping path; it follows a Y-shape pattern having covered the same spot twice, which potentially means it performs a bit better in mopping mode. So far there's no info about the size of the 1-in-1 tank that can be used for water and dust so we don't know for sure how much water it contains but you can get a 550 ml water tank separately.

    The Braava m6 is simply the best mopping robot so far. Some costumers, however, complain it leaves marks on a floor which Nathan have answered in his video too. But if you need vacuuming also, the Braava would not be enough since it only mops.

    Pet hair. The Roborock, 360 and Xiaomi have a very similar cleaning brush. I know for sure that the one inside the Roborock and 360 can be disassembled and it is essential, especially when it comes to hair. I don't know what kind of roller the Xiaomi uses in their new model so I can't say anything about that.

    The DEEBOT has a suction port which is great for pet hair but would be better to be used on bare flooring, since your place is mostly about hardwood floor it might be suitable for you.

    The Roomba's brushless rollers are the best for pet hair. I can't complain about the new model, it has a self-emptying charging dock, is powerful, equipped with tangle-free rollers and is one of the best on the market to date. But the shape makes it a bit harder to navigate; it faces the same issue the Neato models do. If you don't have lots of furniture in your place, the Roomba would be suitable for you.

    Keep in mind; all the models have HEPA except for the DEEBOT that is equipped with a high-efficiency filter, so if you suffer from allergy, it might cause some health issues.


    The Roborock S6 and 360 S7 are very similar models. They have about the same performance, but if you are looking for mopping also, you should be aware, the water tank is small, and there are no extra features in mopping except for blocking carpets with virtual walls.

    The DEEBOT has a suction port that is ideal for pet hair and automatically avoids carpets in mopping mode. Also, it is equipped with a bigger water tank, which is suitable for bigger areas and has three water level controls in the app.

    The Xiaomi is still new, and we don't know much about it. It has an efficient mopping path, you can buy a bigger water tank if needed, but we are not sure about the cleaning brush. If pet hair does not annoy you, the Xiaomi is the right choice.

    The Roomba s9+ has many nice features that give more value to the robot such as self-emptying charging dock, silicone rollers, and strong suction but it has a D-shape which might cause some troubles with navigation.

    The Braava m6 is a great mopping solution. It is suitable for bigger homes, has a water spray system for bigger messes, navigates in a purposeful pattern and even getting digital virtual walls soon but does not sweep, only suitable for mopping.
    1. Brian
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      Wow thank you! I appreciate all the input. I think I am going with the Deebot Ozmo — especially after Vacuum Wars pitted it against the S6 and a couple others.
      1. Natalie Red
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        No problem, hope it helped and I would love to hear your opinion on the Ozmo, it seems like a decent product they've made. Definitely in my top 10 list :)
        1. Brian
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          Just for reference — what is your Top 10?

          As for the Ozmo 950, so far so good. I'll report back in a week or so with some more details.

          1. Natalie Red
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            My top 10 is pretty much the same as the first 10-15 robots in our buying-guide.

            Roborock S5/S6
            All the 360 models (S5/S6/S7)
            Roomba s9+
            Neato D7 Connected
            DEEBOT OZMO 920/950
            The New Xiaomi STYJ02YM
            Roborock Xiaowa E2

            And maybe the newest Eufy robots 11S MAX/15C MAX. I believe they are the best among random-moving robots.

            Looking forward to your thoughts about the OZMO 950.
            1. Michael Fisher
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              Hey Brian
              I came across some reviews about the DEEBOT OZMO 950 and it seems like the app is still the same. The app keep getting crashed, the robot might loose connection and a created map.
              The previous Ozmo 930 had the same issues and looks like the manufacturer did not fix it.

              If an app is important to you, think again about buying the Ozmo 950. They maybe fix it in the future but there is a chance that the app will still be buggy.

              I truly hope it is only because the OZMO 950 is new and the issues will be fixed sooner or later.


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