Xiaomi 2nd Generation Roborock S50

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Xiaomi 2nd Generation Roborock S50 technical specifications
Runtime 150 min
Suction Power 2000 Pa
Сleaning Area 2691 ft2 / 250 m2
Dustbin capacity 500 ml
Noise Level 60 db
IR Remote Control
Mapping / Path planning
Wet Mopping
Good for Carpets
HEPA Filter
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App
Virtual Wall
LCD display
Amazon Alexa Support
Google Assistant Support
Full Bin indicator
Carpet Boost
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor
Dirt Detect
Recharge & Resume
Mapping Sensor Type laser
Water Tank Capacity N/A
Battery Capacity 5200 mAh
Charging Time 240 min
Barrier-cross Height 0.59 in / 15 mm
Robot Weight 7.72 lbs / 3.5 kg
Width 13.78 in / 35 cm
Height 3.78 in / 9.6 cm
Warranty 12 months
Side Brushes (one or two) 1 pcs

150 minutes of working is an impressive amount of time considering the fact that Xiaomi Roborock has a powerful motor that delivers 2000Pa of suction power. Along with a laser located on top, the robot equipped with the SLAM algorithm that helps to create a map of an interior and then build the most efficient way of cleaning on its own. This technology allows the machine to work in the dark. The mopping mode works about 45-50 minutes on one charge. Xiaomi Roborock equipped with a washable HEPA type of filter.

The device performs well on carpeting surface and on bare floors. A tangle-free design prevents wrapping hair around the main brush and wheels which makes the robot perfect for pet hair and long human hair. It can easily climb obstacles or thresholds up to 20mm. Also, there is an intelligent carpet identification that turns on maximum suction power once the machine recognizes carpeting surface so it is perfect for deep clean thin and medium-pile carpets/rugs (So far there is no robot vacuum cleaner that would do thick carpets). Also, the app allows to track its movements in real-time, where the robot been, and create virtual walls as many as possible. When Xiaomi Roborock's battery is 20% it goes to recharge, juice the battery up to 80% and return to finish the job from the point it left off.

Overall, owners are satisfied with Roborock performance, it does its job well on carpets catching even the smallest particles, pet hair, dust and dirt leaving a carpet clean. It also performs great on a hardwood floor, tile, marble etc. The mapping feature is accurate which makes the cleaning process even more efficient. Although Xiaomi Roborock is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners so far, it has its issues with connecting to Wi-Fi and US consumers cannot fully enjoy the app, they don't get any updates. We have searched the internet and found the solution. Also, 2nd get Roborock has limited Amazon Alexa support.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner water tank

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 inside

xiaomi roborock mapping

Video review of Xiaomi 2nd Generation Roborock S50

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