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Buy one premium robot or multiple cheaper robot for multi floor home


Hi there,

First, thank you for creating this wonderful & informative website.

I have decided to buy robot vacuum for the first time. Now, my home is a 2 floor house with each floor around 150 sq meter (1615 sq feet?). 

I wanna ask for any input / opinion, is it better to buy one premium lidar navigation robot (and place the robot upstairs for one day, downstairs for another day) , or two cheaper "dumb" navigation robot for each floor?

Is lidar navigation really life changing differences compared "dumb" navigation robot?

Since Ecovacs have official representation & service center in my country, I decided to either get one Deebot Ozmo 920 or get two Deebot Ozmo 601 for each floor.

Any help / input is appreciated. Thanks in advance..


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