The XShuai HXS - C3: a Budget Robot Vacuum with a Camera, Smart Navigation, and Alexa Support

By Michael Fisher·Updated: Feb 4, 2019· 4 min read

There are so many robot vacuums on the market, sometimes it's hard to make a choice which one to buy. Today we want to talk about the Haier XShuai HXS - C3, a robot vacuum with a built-in camera, speakers and a microphone that can be connected to your smartphone, so you can talk with your family or pets remotely. It uses P2P technology to transmit the video from the camera for extra privacy. It also has a lot of other cool features such as mapping and path planning that helps the robot to build an effective route to clean an entire apartment faster. Moreover, the XShuai HXS - C3 supports Siri and Amazon Alexa control, so you can start or end cleaning by a voice command. Let's check its main features.

Haier XShuai HXS - C3 Specification

FeaturesXShuai HXS - C3
Suction Power1,000 Pa
Battery Capacity2,600 mAh (Li-Ion)
Dustbin Capacity830 ml
Water Tank Capacity100 ml
Cleaning Time120 min
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Edge cleaning
Auto Return to the Dockyes
Mapping & Path Planningyes (gyroscope)
Wet Moppingyes
Climbing Height0.8 cm / 0.31 inches
Voice ControlAmazon Alexa, Siri (iOS)
Video Chatyes
SensorsAnti collision, cliff sensors, gyroscope
Camera Resolution720p
iOS/Android Appyes
LCD Screenyes
Height9.5 cm / 3.74 inches
Width34 cm / 13.38 inches
Robot Weight3.3 kg / 7.27 lbs

XShuai HXS-C3 Appearance

The XShuai C3 robot vacuum has a slim 9.5 cm body made of ABS plastic and polypropylene. The low profile design means that it could fit under furniture very easily. Unlike most robot vacuums it has a square-shaped body with rounded corners. There are two eyes (camera) on the top of the robot, an LCD screen that indicates a current status of the robot and has touch buttons that can be used to change the cleaning mode, start and stop the robot, adjust the volume.

xshuai hxs c3 appearance

There are a bunch of sensors on the bumper that detect an obstacle and slow down the robot to avoid a collision.

This robot has a very big 850 ml dustbin, so you don't need to empty it very often. The dustbin located under the lid from the top side of the robot and can be easily removed and emptied. It is equipped with a HEPA filter that absorbs small particles and allergens, so it will be very helpful for people with allergy or asthma.

On the bottom of the XShuai C3, there are two wheels, two side sweepers that transfer the dirt to the suction inlet, an omnidirectional wheel, and the main brush. Here you can also attach a water tank with a mopping pad.

xshuai hxs-c3 bottom view


The XShuai C3 delivers a decent suction power of 1,000 Pa, which is enough to pick up all the particles as well as pet hair and debris. Combined with the side brushes and the main brush, it provides a good performance on bare floors and on carpets. However, it should be noted that this robot vacuum can work only on thin and low-pile carpets since it can only climb a 0.8 cm thick carpet. It performs the best on hardwood floors, tile floors, etc, especially considering that it can mop and sweep at the same time.

xshuai hxs-c3 cleaning performance

There are three different cleaning modes:

  1. Auto mode: the robot cleans all rooms using its own algorithm and path built by the smart navigation and path planning system that uses gyroscope and infrared sensors to predict the robot position and choose its next move.
  2. Edge cleaning: the robot cleans along the walls and room edges
  3. Spot cleaning: if you want the robot to clean a specific place with a higher concentration of dirt or stains.

Unlike robot vacuums with a random cleaning pattern, the XShuai C3 has a high-precision Epson gyroscope that helps the robot to calculate and build the most efficient Z-shaped cleaning route, so no place will be missed, no repetition, and better area coverage. There are only a few models of robot vacuums that cost under $300 and have such a feature.

xshuai hxs-c3 z-shaped cleaning path

Video chat

The video chat is the main feature that makes this robot different from most robot vacuums. This device will be a good choice for those who have kids, pets, or just want to be more connected with their family. You can make a video call to the robot vacuum via the smartphone app, the robot has a built-in camera, speakers and a microphone, so you can talk to your family or pets from anywhere.

xshuai hxs-c3 video chat feature

Some users may be concerned about privacy, however, the manufacturer claim that their device use P2P (point to point) technology, so your data will not be transferred to their cloud server.


What I like in this robot, that you can control it in a few different ways. There is an IR remote controller in the box, you can use it to start and stop cleaning, manually control it like a radio car, change the cleaning mode, or send the device to its charging dock.

xshuai hxs-c3 remote control

Via the Huiba App that is available for Android and iOS smartphones, you can control the robot, make a video call, schedule cleaning at a specific time, change the cleaning mode, no matter where you are.

If you have Amazon Alexa or Siri assistant on your phone, you can also start and stop cleaning with a voice command.

Where to buy the XShuai HXS-C3 robot vacuum

Pros and Cons

  • mapping and path planning function
  • decent suction power
  • can mop and sweep at the same time
  • video chat feature
  • Siri and Amazon Alexa support
  • large dustbin
  • smartphone app support
  • camera and speakers can be better
  • climbing height is less than 1 cm
  • not suitable for medium and high pile carpets

Who is this device for

This robot vacuum will be a good choice for those who have a small or medium house with mostly bare floors or thin carpets. Pet owners will be happy with the XShuai C3 since they can use it as a live chat with their pets. I would not recommend this robot vacuum if you have medium pile carpets, but for thin low pile carpets, it should be fine. If you have hardwood floors, the mopping function will be very helpful for you.

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