What is the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet

There are so many robot vacuums on the market, but what is the best one for carpet cleaning? Not all robot vacuums are designed for carpets. For instance, if you have a carpet in your house, don't even think about buying a robot vacuum that specializes in hardwood floors. You should choose the right robot cleaner with good clearance and a powerful motor with great suction. Not every robot vacuum is good for this. Which features of a robot vacuum are therefore important for cleaning carpet? Let's figure it out:

  • Powerful suction. It should be good enough to pick up all the dirt under the strands of the carpet.
  • High clearance and bigger wheels. Most of robots are not designed for thick carpets, and they can easy get stuck on the border.
  • Larger dust bin. Carpets collect a large amount of dust, dirt, and pet hair, so dirt bin capacity should be great enough to collect it all, especially if you have a lot of rooms.

We can recommend a few models on the market that meet these requirements.

Comparison of robot vacuums for carpet and rug cleaning

SpecsRoomba 980Xiaomi RoborockILife A6Neato D85
Suction powerN/A2000Pa1000PaN/A
Battery Life90 min150 min160 min60 min
Dirt capacity600 ml500 ml300 ml700 ml
Filtration systemHEPA filterHEPA filterHEPA filterHigh Performance filter
Noise level70 db60 db65 db64 db
Virtual Wallyesyesyesyes
Remote Controlyesyesyesno
Smartphone appyesyesyesyes
Side Brush1121
Full Bin Indicatoryesyesnono
Wet moppingnoyesyesno
Returns to Dockyesyesyesyes
LCD displaynononoyes

The Xiaomi MiJia Roborock 2

xiaomi mijia roborock 2

The MiJia Roborock is a new and improved version of the Mi Robot first generation with a more powerful suction motor, which means it can suck more dust from carpets. Even if you have a thick carpet, this robovac can easily handle it because of the increased clearance. You can find more details in our latest comparison of first vs. second generation Xiaomi robots.


  • Most powerful robot on the market: suction power of 2000Pa
  • Good noise suppression makes this robot quieter
  • Can overcome cover and obstacles up to 0.78 inches (2cm) in height
  • Washable filters
  • It can sweep and mop simultaneously
  • Capacious battery of 5200mAh ensures 2.5 hours of running time


  • No display on the robot
  • No extra filters and brushes in the package

Check It Out on GearBest for $539

Rose-gold Roborock on Gearbest $539 with coupon: NEWXMVM

Check It Out on Amazon for $579

The iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba irobot 980

Roomba is the most popular and famous brand of robot vacuums on the US market. We chose the iRobot Roomba 980 model because it has improved features and is adapted to work better with rugs and carpets. If you have a problem with pet hair stuck in rugs, the Roomba can help solve it. The main cons of this model: it is expensive, but you can choose a budget model. To see the difference between Roomba's robots, take a look at our Roomba comparison chart.


  • Handles pet hair with ease
  • Automatically increases suction power on carpets
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Works with Alexa


  • Too expensive
  • Noisy

Check It Out on Amazon for $899

The Neato BotVac D85

Neato BotVac D80

The Neato Botvac is a very good robot vacuum for carpet cleaning. Unlike most robot vacuums, it has a cornered body and is perfectly suited for cleaning rugs in the corners. It performs great on thin and medium carpets/rugs, catching pet hair on its way. It is amazing on a bare floor. With a laser-based mapping feature, the Neato maps out an interior and cleans the whole floor never missing a single spot. Also, this technology allows the bot to work in the dark.


  • Comes with brushes for hair
  • Large dustbin: 700ml
  • Better for cleaning corners unlike round robots


  • Works poorly on dark floors or rugs (sensor issue)
  • Running time only 1.5 hours

Check It Out on Amazon for $368


ilife A6

If you are not willing to spend money for expensive models like the Roomba or the Xiaomi, but still want a good features, the iLife is your choice. Despite its low price, this robot vacuum beats the competitors in many ways. It has a perfect design and good functionality. There is one big main con if you compare it with the Xiaomi Roborock or the iRobot 890: it comes without an intelligent planning system, so it can't scan your room and build optimal routes. This means that it needs more time to clean your space. Because it has big wheels and increased clearance, it is good for cleaning carpets. We recommend checking out the ILIFE A4S vs A6 comparison.


  • It adapts to the type of floor (auto increase/decrease clearance) and can adjust its head to prevent getting cornered
  • Large wheels work perfectly on rough floor
  • Ultra slim body — just 3.14 inches (8cm), so it can perfectly clean areas under furniture
  • Low price


  • Dust box capacity is only 300ml
  • No intelligent path planning

Check It Out on GearBest for $219

Check It Out on Amazon for $249


A few models of robot vacuums are good for carpet cleaning. If you are not limited in budget and want a high-quality product from a well-known brand, we suggest the Roomba; it has all features that you need. On the other hand, the Xiaomi is the best value-for- the-money robot vacuum. The Xiaomi Roborock is the newest model with the same features as the Roomba but for less money. The most budget choice is the ILIFE A6. Even for this small price you get a well-designed and full-featured robovac for cleaning rugs and carpets.

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