5 Roomba 690 vs. Alternatives of 2019 Under $300

By Natalie Red·Updated: Jul 25, 2019· 9 min read

The Roomba 690 is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It costs about $250 offering excellent cleaning performance. What robot vacuum cleaner can you buy for the same money? Is there anything better than the Roomba 690? Let's talk about the top 5 best Roomba 690 alternatives for under $300.

What is the Roomba 690

Roomba 690

It is one of the most popular Roomba models that is budget and does not remember your home layout. It has a side brush that helps to clean corners and edges sending all the dust to the Dual Multi-Surface rollers where it gets sucked up into the dustbin. The Roomba is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be a part of your smart home system. It is equipped with the dirt detect system that recognizes the high-traffic zones and provides deep cleaning on those spots. The Roomba 690 can cross thresholds up to 16 mm tall. Please, keep in mind that it is not suitable for thicker carpets.
In the iRobot Home app, you can switch between the cleaning modes, schedule it to work at a specific time, etc. The Roomba 690 comes with a virtual wall barrier that blocks openings of up to 10 feet, keeping Roomba in the rooms you want to be cleaned and out of the ones you don’t.

The robot performs well on thin and medium-pile carpets and is suitable for homes with mostly carpeted flooring.

When its battery is out of energy, the Roomba 690 gets back to recharge.

Pros of the Roomba 690

  • Excellent performance on thin and medium-pile carpets
  • Compatible with both: Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Dirt detect ensures deep cleaning on high-traffic areas

What is a downside of the Roomba 690?

  • It gets stuck a lot
  • Bumps harshly into things
  • The robot is noisy when it operates

Roomba 690 features vs. Alternatives: Comparison Chart

Specifications Roomba 690 Roborock Xiaowa Lite 360 S5 Eufy RoboVac 35C SHARK ION R85 Roborock Xiaowa E20
Mapping sensor - - laser - - gyroscope
Recharge & resume no no yes no no yes
Battery life (min) 90 80 120 110 80 100
Suction power (Pa) 600 1,600 2,000 1,500 1,400 1,800
Virtual Walls yes no yes yes yes yes
Virtual Walls type physical virtual wall barrier - block off, zoned cleaning, room cleaning magnetic tape magnetic stripe block off & zoned cleaning
Carpet identification no yes yes yes no yes
Amazon Alexa/Google Home support yes Alexa only yes yes yes yes
Noise (dB) 68 55 65 55 65 55
Dustbin capacity (ml) 600 640 550 600 620 640
Barrier-cross ability (in / mm) 0.63 / 16 0.79 / 20 0.79 / 20 0.63 / 16 N/A 0.79 / 20
Scheduling yes yes yes yes yes yes
Voice alert yes yes yes yes yes yes
HEPA yes yes yes yes yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months


Roborock Xiaowa Lite C10

Roborock Xiaowa Lite is the Roomba 690 alternative

The Roborock Xiaowa Lite is a budget young brother of the Roborock S5. It has a powerful motor able to provide deep cleaning on thin and medium-pile carpets. Along with that, the Xiaowa Lite has a Carpet Boost feature that increases suction power to its maximum level once the sensors recognize carpeted surface. It is a rare thing in this price range. It has a large dust box that holds more debris and dust which decreases the need for emptying it as often. In the app, you can switch between the cleaning modes, schedule the robot, track when the accessories need to be replaced, etc. The robot is equipped with sensors that prevent it from falling and bumping into things on its way.
The Mi Home app allows to choose from three cleaning modes depending on how dirty your floor is, so the robot turns on its maximum suction level. In Max mode, the battery runs out faster.

The side sweeper catches debris and dirt from corners and edges, transfer it to the main brush where the motor sucks it up into the dustbin. The robot is quiet when operating which is excellent especially considering its strong suction. Large wheels have no issues with crossing over obstacles up to 20 mm height. For under $200, the Xiaowa Lite does not have competitors; it has carpet identification, strong suction, great pick up ability and a 20 mm clearance. Not suitable for bigger homes though. 

Pros of the Roborock Xiaowa Lite

  • Suitable for small and medium homes
  • Performs excellently on bare floors and all types of carpet surfaces (except high-pile ones)
  • Works well at picking up pet hair and long human hair
  • Carpet Boost helps the robot to clean deeper
  • Good value for the price

Something to keep in mind about the Roborock Xiaowa Lite

  • Doesn't support virtual boundaries

The Roborock Xiaowa Lite has younger brothers: the Roborock Xiaowa E20 and the Xiaowa E35. The first one is equipped with mapping based on a gyroscope system, mopping mode, and has stronger suction of 1,800 Pa. The E35 is featured with the same options as the Xiaowa E20 and has a 2,000 Pa suction power. These are the best vacuum cleaners under $300.

360 S5

The 360 S5 is a robot cleaner that maps your layout to know where it should clean. The LDS laser inside helps to create a map and calculate the most efficient way of cleaning and moves in a purposeful S-shape pattern. The robot lasts the whole 120 minutes and supports room cleaning. It divides the map into separate rooms helping you to schedule the robot to work at a specific time in a certain room. It has strong suction power that ensures deep cleaning on carpets (all types except thicker ones). The 360 S5 is ideal for homes with pets and multi-store houses since it stores up to 10 different floor plans in memory. 

In the 360Smart app, you can set virtual block offs, create zoned cleaning and make the robot directly work in the kitchen or living room. With strong suction, carpet identification and great climbing ability, the 360 S5 works flawlessly on thin and thick carpets. 

Pros of the 360 S5

  • The long-lasting battery and recharge & resume makes it perfect for big homes
  • Ideal for multiple-level houses because of maps saving
  • Can clean directly in a particular room
  • LIDAR Mapping technology makes the robot to clean efficient
  • Great cleaning performance on thin and medium-pile carpets
  • Works well on bare floors
  • One of the strongest suction power helps the 360 S5 to get rid of pet hair
  • The app supports virtual block offs, zone and room cleaning
  • The best price considering the given features

Anything else to wish for? 

  • The 360 S5 is equipped with a 550 ml dustbin, and it is an average-sized container. However, it might not be enough if you have more than one pet. In this case, you’ll have to empty the box more often. 

Eufy RoboVac 35C

The Eufy RoboVac 35C is equipped with an easy-to-get 600 ml dustbin that is housed on the side of the robot. Two side brushes work together to find, agitate, and send all the dirt to the dustbin. The robot is perfect at cleaning bare floors and thin carpets. In the Eufy app, you can switch between the cleaning modes, schedule the robot and control it like a remote control car. It can be a part of your smart home — ideal for apartments with bare floors or mixed surfaces that are small or medium-sized. The Eufy 35C is a great choice considering its low price and performance it offers. In the box, you will find a magnetic tape that prevents the robot from crossing certain places. 

Pros of the Eufy RoboVac 35C

  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Performs well on bare floors, thin and medium-pile carpets
  • Decent battery life
  • Identifies carpet flooring and boosts suction to provide a deeper cleaning
  • A nice design.

Something to keep in mind about the Eufy RoboVac 35C

  • Random navigation. The robot is running around until the battery runs out of charge. 


SHARK ION R85 is a decent robot vacuum cleaner to buy 2018 2019 instead of the Roomba 690

Shark's previous generation, the Ion R75 has a lot of good reviews on Amazon. The SHARK ION R85 comes with a handheld vacuum. It is equipped with a self-cleaning brush that makes this robot perfect for taking on pet hair, dust, and dander. It has a large dust cup means the robot cleans for longer before you need to empty it. In Max mode the Shark delivers more power providing deeper cleaning though, in this mode its battery drains faster. The robot performs well on thin and some medium-pile carpets. Great for a mixed surface. It has a magnetic stripe in the box that supposed to prevent it from crossing some no-go areas. All you need is to cut the amount you need and place it where you want to. When the battery runs out of energy, the robot automatically docks itself to juice up.

The Shark Ion R85 would be great for pet owners who live in a small or medium size house with thin carpets or some medium-pile rugs.

Shark Ion R85 pros

  • Can work on black carpets
  • Has a big dustbin
  • Suitable for pet owners because of the self-cleaning brushroll
  • With strong suction, it cleans thin and medium-pile carpets
  • Affordable price tag.

Something to keep in mind about the Shark Ion R85

  • The robot doesn't remember your floor layout

Roborock Xiaowa E20

The Roborock Xiaowa E20 is one of the best budget robot cleaners that can remember your room layout and maneuver around furniture without bumping into it. The whole bunch of sensors helps the robot to navigate around recognizing obstacles. The Xiaowa E20 is equipped with a gyroscope thanks to which the robot remembers where it has been making cleaning more efficient. The cleaner moves back-and-forth in straight lines. And, it provides excellent cleaning performance on carpets by identifying the surface and boosting the suction power to max level. Proper clearance ensures the robot to climb an obstacle up to 20 mm height. 

When its battery runs out, and it needs to finish cleaning, the robot returns to its dock to recharge and then continue the session from the place it left off. The Roborock Xiaowa E20 is suitable for all types of home with bare floors, thin and thick carpets/rugs, and mixed surface. 

The Xiaowa is not only does sweeping, but it also mops. The E20 has a water tank and 2 mopping pads for mopping. 

Pros of the Roborock Xiaowa E20

  • Decent battery life
  • With mapping, the robot remembers where it has been
  • Recharge and Resume feature makes it ideal for large homes
  • Great performance on thin/thick carpets and bare floors
  • Suitable for pet owners
  • Can mop as well as sweep.

What could be better?

  • Does not support digital virtual walls.

What are the main differences between the Roomba 690 and its alternatives?

The Roborock Xiaowa Lite works longer having stronger suction. It produces less noise than the Roomba 690 does. It comes with carpet identification that provides deep cleaning. The Xiaowa dustbin holds twice more dust; its large wheels can climb an obstacle up to 20 mm tall (has no issues with crossing thresholds).

Unfortunately, the Roborock Xiaowa Lite does not require virtual walls.

The 360 S5 has a mapping that makes cleaning efficient and allows the robot to finish the job faster than those machines without mapping like the Roomba 690. While the Roomba has its issues with bumping harsh into things, the 360 S5 sensors are better at recognizing obstacles which means it slows down when "seeing" a wall or chair legs. Its battery lasts longer than most of the other vacuums making it suitable for small, medium and big homes. Thanks to its strong suction, the 360 S5 works a bit better on thin and medium-pile carpets than the Roomba 690 does.

The 360 S5 is the only robot in our list that supports room cleaning. 

Eufy RoboVac 35C is ideal for small and medium-size homes with mixed surfaces. Can be a part of your smart home. Considering its price, the Eufy 35C is an excellent choice to go with.

Does not remember your floor plan.

Based on consumer reviews SHARK ION R85 cleans floors, as well as the Roomba 690, does. It has stronger suction power and self-care cleaning brush that makes the robot perfect for pet hair, and twice bigger dustbin. Also, the vacuum cleans dark carpets. The SHark Ion R85 is a decent robot vacuum cleaner to buy if you are looking for the Roomba 690 alternative.

The Roborock Xiaowa E20 is slightly more expensive than the Roomba 690 though it offers much more. It is equipped with a gyroscope that creates a map of your room and doesn't miss a spot when cleaning while the Roomba 690 randomly moves around with no clue where it is. The Xiaowa E20 is the only model here that can also mop, not only sweep. The robot works longer than the Roomba 690 does. The Xiaowa E20 is among the best robots in the price range of around ~$300.

Editor’s choice

What would you consider to buy instead of the Roomba 690? Tell us in the comments down below.

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