Is The New Xiaomi Robot Better Than The 1st Gen And Why? Roborock vs Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Posted on December 5, 2017

Xiaomi company presented the upgraded version of robot vacuum cleaner we're talking about in our review. The previous Mi Robot is more than good for its price but the new one just blew our minds with all the improved features the Roborock get. The Xiaomi Mi Robot is on sale for about $300 whilst the next generation costs from $500 to $600 depending on the plug type.

Product name Where to buy
Xiaomi 2nd Generation Roborock S50 Xiaomi 2nd Generation Roborock S50
Xiaomi Mi Robot Xiaomi Mi Robot

Second gen Xiaomi Roborock vs Xiaomi Mi Robot — what is the difference between the two and which one is better?


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum comparison with 2nd Xiaomi MiJia Roborock

Mi Robot

the new generation of Xiaomi MiJia Roborock vacuum cleaner difference between the first and the second generation

MiJia Roborock

Suction Power (Pa) 1800 2000
Working Time 2.5 h 2.5 h
Battery (mAh) 5200 5200
Noise (min/max) 61-72 54-67
Dust Bin Capacity (ml/oz) 14 / 420 16 / 480
Water Box Capacity 100 ml
Mopping Function
Infrared Sensor
Mapping Function
Digital Virtual Walls
Sensors 12 13
App Mi Home Improved MiJia
Filter HEPA Washable HEPA
Weight (lbs/kg) 8.37 / 3.8 7.7 / 3.5
Height (in/cm) 3.78 / 9.6 3.79 / 9.65
Width (in/cm) 13.58 / 34.5 13.77 / 35
Lenght (in/cm) 13.58 / 34.5 13.9 / 35.3
Intelligent carpet identification
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Barrier Height (in/cm) 0.59 /1.5 0.78 / 2
Rubber Bumper 0.07 in / 2 mm
  • charging dock
  • charge cable
  • mopping pad
  • water tank
  • cleaning brush
  • charging dock
  • adapter
  • cleaning brush

Let's start with design and appearance

The «head» moved to the center of the top and the new version comes with three buttons on the top. It still the same minimalist design that looks slightly different from the previous version.

Suction power / Running Time

  • The new generation works for 2.5 h same as the previous robot does but the suction power increased from 1800 Pa to 2000 Pa.
  • Roborock now can mop the floor and works for about 45-60 min in this mode which makes it unique and suitable for any surface.

Technologies Xiaomi Is Using

  • The new MiJia have the same laser that helps it to map out a cleaning area. Mi Robot comes with 12 sensors whilst the 2nd gen has 13;
  • The new feature is intelligent carpet identification — once the device recognizes a carpet it turns the maximum mode on and gets back to the regular mode when the robot is leaving it;
  • Obstacle climbing increased from 1.5 cm to 2 cm;
  • Also the new Xiaomi get the new thing which allows it to get back to work after recharging if the battery runs out and the robot doesn't finish the job;
  • Since the Mi Robot equipped with a regular HEPA filter, the new one has a washable HEPA filter. It is not a big difference but it definitely good for people who suffer from asthma or allergies;
  • Forget about tangling hair because the new MiJia designed to prevent the motor hair that stuck in it. Not the big deal but anyone would love to think less about things like that, right?
  • Omnidirectional pressure sensor helps the Roborock to avoid the area when it bumps with its «head»;
  • Although the new generation has more suction power than Mi robot does it comes with closed silence cotton and porous air sieve that makes it work more quite and delivers only 54-67dB compared with 61-72 dB from the first gen. It is the same noise level almost all the iLIFE robots work with;
  • The upgraded smartphone app perhaps is the main thing to pay attention to Roborock. Well, the old version is good as well especially considering the price tag Mi Robot comes with. There three processors inside the new MiJia that track its movement in the real-time which you can see on your smartphone. You can navigate the device using the new app simply by tapping on a specific area you want to clean and the robot will do the rest. Also, you can create a digital wall so the Roborock will not go through it. The feature is great simply because you have a possibility to manage your home assistant when you are away from home. To wrap it up: Mijia app allows you to monitor the cleaning process, schedule the cleaning time whenever you want even multiple times in a day, create virtual walls, and choose the name of your new friend.

Xiaomi Roborock S50 - second generation of robot vacuum

Why you should or shouldn't buy the new robot vacuum MiJia Roborock from Xiaomi?

Despite the fact that the second generation is more expensive there is a sense to buy it instead of the previous cheaper robot vacuum from Xiaomi. The 1800 Pa suction power Mi Robot delivers is enough even for cleaning almost all types of carpets so it is not the main thing to buy the new robot. Both robots work for about 2.5 hours, both have the same battery capacity. Both devices map the cleaning area and have almost the same amount of sensors. Mopping function is the features Roborock comes with so the new robot can sweep and mop while Mi Robot only doing sweeping. But there are some features that make the new Xiaomi better in some way. Roborock probably is the smartest robot vacuum cleaner on the market so far. It maps a cleaning area and chooses the most efficient way to clean on its own. It has the carpet identification so you don't even need to switch the cleaning mode now. And the last but not least — the new amazing MiJia app that in my opinion is the best application to manage the whole working process. So if you have some extra money and you want to buy a robot vacuum the 2nd generation Xiaomi Roborock is the best thing to spend money on.

Where to buy Xiaomi Roborock?

We found for you the best offers on the market:


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  1. Jim 27 january 2018, 09:17 #
    How do you setup digital virtual walls?
    1. Michael 29 january 2018, 07:40(Comment was edited) #
      Hi Jim,
      As I understand, after Xiaomi Roborock mapped your house you can use the smartphone app and set the area wherever you want to clean. Check the video (start at 0:41):
      Also, there are magnetic virtual walls on the market:


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