The Difference Between ECOVACS and Roomba: Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner Should You Buy?

By Michael Fisher·Updated: Apr 15, 2020· 8 min read

Roomba is a well-known brand on the market. Most of the people call any robot vacuum Roomba and we get it. Samsung, Neato, and Roborock are big as well, they manufacture decent robots that can easily compete with Roomba. However, there is ECOVACS nobody of you probably ever heart about. Let's dig into Roomba and ECOVACS and figure out which brand to stick with.

Roomba vs. Ecovacs Comparison Table

Features Ecovacs Roomba
Cleaning pattern Budget models come with random patterns, the more expensive ones have purposeful cleaning patterns Only the latest 900s Roombas come with purposeful cleaning patterns
Battery All the machines works about the same 90-120 minutes Most of Roombas except 900s last about 60 minutes
Noise Not as loud as a traditional vacuum Almost as loud as upright vacuums
Carpet cleaning performance Works great on thin carpets Performs the best on thin and medium-pile carpets
Bare floor cleaning performance Doesn't have troubles at working on a bare floor Cleans bare floors but doesn't have a mopping feature
Pet hair Picks up pet hair, but hard to clean hair out of the brushes however you can use suction inlet instead Catches more pet hair but older models are equipped with bristled brushes that are not easy to clean
Home size Suitable for small and medium homes, the ones with mapping are great for bigger housesholds Only 900s models are suitable for medium and bigger houses
Suction Weaker than Roomba Stronger than ECOVACS
Price Cheaper than Roomba comparing additional accessories in the box and features it offers More expensive than ECOVACS
App Featured with a bunch of cool things such as textured surfaces and virtual walls Not as featured than ECOVACS
Which model we recommend Deebot Ozmo 930 Roomba 980


All the Roomba robots have a dirt detect that recognize the messiest areas providing deep cleaning. Along with that, old cleaners run in a random pattern and not able to remember the path it has gone through. The machines are equipped with a bunch of cliff sensors and stair detection that prevents them from falling and bumping into things.

roomba 980 smart navigation

The high-end models are equipped with a camera sensor that creates a map of an interior and builds the most efficient way of cleaning. These robots come with a smart navigation so they actually remember the areas that are already cleaned.

ECOVACS offers a variety of smart machines with mapping that provides a purpose navigation pattern. It means the machines know where they have been and never miss a spot when cleaning.

ecovacs deebot ozmo 930

Bare Floors Performance

The way a robot performs on a bare floor is important in case your home is not covered with carpets. Most of the robots work great on bare floors which lead us to a question: what is the difference between ECOVACS and Roomba when it comes to bare floor performance?

Roomba is one of the best robots on the market that can clean thin and medium carpets. It does clean bare floors as well yet Roomba doesn't come with mopping.

On the other hand, ECOVACS offers a variety of robots with the mopping feature which makes these robots great when it comes to bare floor performance. It doesn't get rid of stubborn stains yet the robots are great for removing dust from your floors and leave it fresh clean.

ecovacs deebot ozmo 930 carpet detection

Carpeted Surface

Those of you who's house is mostly covered with carpeted surface might be interested in buying a robot that performs great on it. Please note, that there is no robot cleaner that can deep clean thick carpets. If you have one of these, you still need to use a traditional vacuum.

Roomba is a champ on a carpet. It cleans low and medium-pile carpets catching everything on its way. It is loud a bit yet is one of the most powerful on the market. It has the strong suction that is able to catch even the smallest particulars. The newest models are equipped with rubber rollers that prevent hair tangling making it perfect for pet hair.

The weakest side of ECOVACS is its carpet performance. You don't have to worry if your carpets are thin ECOVACS would leave it perfect cleaned. However, it is not as good on medium-pile carpets. ECOVACS robots suitable for mixed surfaces or any type of a bare floor.

Verdict: if you need a robot vacuum that cleans low and medium-pile carpets stick with Roomba, otherwise ECOVACS is perfect for houses with some area rugs and bare floors. However, ECOVACS performs great on thin carpets too.

Runtime & Battery Life

Most of the original Roomba machines work about 60 minutes in a raw which is enough for small homes. The modern Roombas run 75 and 120 minutes and can recharge and resume.

Most of ECOVACS Deebot robots last about 100-120 minutes in one charge. Latest models have the recharge&resume feature that makes them suitable for average and bigger homes.

There is a difference between the old Roombas and ECOVACS that come without mapping. Since these machines don't remember where have they been, ECOVACS battery makes it more suitable for average-sized homes while Roomba is ideal for small households.

When it comes to those with mapping and smart planning, the newest Roombas and ECOVACS are about the same. The difference between them is technology that creates maps. A robot with a laser can work in the dark.


Suction power is one of the most important things in a robot vacuum. It makes the robot suck dust and dirt from a floor and the more powerful suction is, the more it can catch. Along with a side brush and the main brush, the vacuum motor sucks up the waste from the carpet.

Roomba is known for its strong suction power that is able to deep clean even medium carpets which makes iRobot louder than most robots but still less noisy than a traditional vacuum. Modern Roombas are equipped with double-rotating silicone brushes that are tangle-free and a higher power vacuum motor. Those rollers were designed to pick up pet and long human hair. The oldest robots have bristles brushes that needed to be unwrapped from hair after every cleaning.
ECOVACS Deebot is not as powerful as Roomba though. Some devices come with a suction outlet that does not cause hair tangling. You can switch the hair outlet for the main brush that works best on a carpeted surface. Most of the Deebot robots are designed to work on a bare floor and thin carpets.


When it comes to a price, most of us think a robot vacuum is an expensive thing and it is partially true. High-end models do cost more than a traditional vacuum does. Let's not forget that the market is full of budget alternatives that are great even though they cost less. Which robot vacuum cleaner you can get for your budget? Let's find out what Roomba and ECOVACS offer.

Roomba's price starts at around $224.00 and ends at $407.32.

Budget models have all the features you need to get your floors clean. For example, Roomba 690 is integrated with Amazon Alexa, has strong suction, and is able to clean low and high-pile carpets. Nevertheless, none of the Roomba robots comes with mopping.

The modern Roombas such as the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 is equipped with Smart Navigation and Mapping. These two models create a map of the interior, clean the whole area without missing a spot based on the created map. Moreover, these two have silicone rollers instead of the bristle ones that present in the oldest robots and have a more powerful motor inside. To know more about the most popular models in iRobot family, please read how to choose the right Roomba in 2018.

The cheapest ECOVACS Deebot Slim2 you can get on Amazon for around $150 which is twice less expensive than the most budget Roomba. The most expensive Deebot R98 would cost you about $700 which is $100 cheaper than top-level Roomba 980.

What ECOVACS offers for its price? At least half of Deebot robots have mopping allowing the machine to wet mop all types of bare floors. Unlike Roomba, ECOVACS model line includes at least 5 robots with Smart Cleaning Path and a laser that is able to map the room. One of the best selling Deebot N79S costs less than Roomba 614 and offers more features for the same price. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, ideal for homes with pets, and worth every penny of its cost. Dive deeper into the robot cleaners from ECOVACS to know the difference between each model in the line.


The rules are simple. Do not forget to clean a dust box, check the sensors to not be covered with dust, once in a while look at side brushes because it can get hair stuck around. And the main thing is to clean a brush. Especially bristled brushes. Unwrap hair after every cleaning and this is the reason why rubber rollers are better. The wheels could collect hair as well, check it occasionally.

ECOVACS robots are generous to additional accessories, however, you are able to order it on Amazon. The same with Roomba, no issues with finding replacement parts.


If you have a pet you probably know how much hair they leave. Is there any difference between the robots that handle pet hair with easy and these that cannot do it?

Roomba's suction is strong and is able to catch pet hair on its way. The differences between oldest and newest models in its cleaning brushes. Old Roomba comes with bristled rollers that get pet hair wrapped all around which could be painful to do after every cleaning. The newest Roomba robots are equipped with rubber rollers and a higher power vacuum motor. These brushes are made of silicone making them perfect for long human hair and pet fur as well. The counter-rotating rubber treads literally pummel hair and dirt into submission, breaking them up into smaller particles.

ECOVACS has its own solution for cleaning pet hair. It is a suction inlet that replaces the main brush and let the dirt, dust, and hair go right inside the dustbin. However, this thing is not suitable for a carpeted surface. The main brush is great at picking pet hair from thin carpets but it has bristles which lead us to the same issues old Roomba models have.

Verdict: Both robots are great at picking up pet hair. Roomba does it better on carpets while ECOVACS doesn't get hair tangled and cleans better on bare floors. Roomba suits better for carpets, ECOVACS is ideal for a bare floor and mixed surface.


A robot vacuum that supports Wi-Fi and comes with an app is better because it can be controlled from your smartphone even when you are not home. Normally, the app allows to schedule the robot, switch between cleaning modes, manually manage the machine. Some apps have advanced features such as tracking the device's movement, view a created map etc.

iROBOT Home (Roomba app) is minimalistic, very intuitive to use. It helps to control Roomba, track its movements (the latest models), see where the robot has been. 600, 700, and 800 series don't come with mapping meaning that the app has basic functions.

roomba 980 app with plan of an appartment

ECOVACS app has some features that we have not seen in other robots. With the app, you can prioritize areas for cleaning, create virtual walls as many as you want, even customize a rectangular for targeted cleaning. Roomba, by the way, comes with physical virtual walls. Moreover, the app shows carpeted surface and bare floors on the created map by texturing it making the robot to mop only bare floors without making your carpet wet when working in the mop mode.

ecovacs map with plan

What is the difference between Roomba and ECOVACS

Roomba comes with a physical virtual wall barrier while ECOVACS featured customized areas on its app. With the app, you can create as many virtual walls as you want.

ECOVACS app is able to recognize a floor surface whether it is a bare type of floor or carpeted surface.

Roomba is equipped with dirt to detect and has a full bin indicator so you always know when the dust bin needs to be emptied.

Latest Roomba robots come with tangle-free silicone rollers. ECOVACS has a suction inlet though.

Roomba works better on medium carpets/rugs, ECOVACS performs great on a bare floor and mixed surface. Last but not least most of ECOVACS models cost less than Roomba offering more features. Its mapping technology seems to be more accurate and allows the robot to work in the dark.

Wrapping it up

One of the most popular budget iRobot machines - Roomba 690 costs about $300. It offers enough for a floor cleaning and suitable for a small house.

The high-end model would be Roomba 980. With its strong suction and silicone rollers, Roomba 980 is a champ at cleaning carpets.

ECOVACS Deebot N79S is the best-selling robot cleaner on Amazon. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home, ideal for small and average houses.

ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 930 and ECOVACS Deebot 900/901 are the most efficient machines with smart navigation. Deebot Ozmo 930 is the only model from the family that is able to clean medium-pile carpets and rugs.

Depending on your own preferences, the floor type, and the price there are cool robot vacuum cleaners from both brands. Check what is the best Roomba to buy in 2018 and which robot vacuum from ECOVACS to get if you have no clue what to look at.


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