The Best Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaners with A Mapping Feature of 2018

If you love tech, gadgets, have a modern house and want to automate your house cleaning routine, you definitely should pay attention to the automatic robot vacuums. Those small and smart robotic devices can help you to save your time and clean your house even when you are not at home. They can be scheduled to start cleaning entire house at the certain time and when the work will be finished they automatically find and return back to the charging base. Robot vacuums look impressive, you can use them in your smart home and control it by voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home (not all robot vacuums support this feature). It so fun when you just lying on the couch and watching this machine working hard to make your floors clean, you can even control it with remote controller, smartphone or with Alexa.

Today we want to talk about mid-priced powerful robot vacuums with mapping and path planning feature: Xaiomi Mijia Roborock 2nd generation, iRobot Roomba 960, Neato D5 Connected and Samsung POWERbot R7070. Let's compare their features and choose the best one.

FeaturesXiaomi RoborockiRobot Roomba 960Neato Botvac D5Samsung POWERbot R7070
Path planning / Mappingyesyesyesyes
Type of mapping sensorLaserCameraLaserCamera
Runtime150 min75 min90 min90 min
Auto charge and resumeyesyesyesyes
Dust bin capacity500 ml600 ml700 ml300 ml
Full bin indicatoryesyesnono
Amazon Alexa & Google Home supportlimited Alexa supportyesyesyes
Virtual Wallsyesyesyes (magnetic strip)yes (magnetic strip)
Dirt Detect Sensornoyesnono
Auto boost on carpetyesnonoyes
Wet mopping functionyesnonono
Warranty1 year1 year1 year1 year
AmazonBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Xiaomi Roborock

the best robot vacuum on the market that can mop and sweep is Xiaomi Roborock

Roborock S50 is a flagship robot vacuum in Xiaomi family. It is a 2-in-1 device that can mop and sweep. With 150 minutes of runtime, Roborock is a winner since no one robovac work this long so far. It covers about 250 square meters in one charge. A 200Pa strong suction power catches everything from bare floor and carpeting surface. It uses SLAM algorithm that along with a laser located on top scans out the interior creating a map of the cleaning area and building the most efficient path of cleaning. The 2nd Gen Roborock is equipped with 13 sensors that help the robot to navigate around. Although it has one of the strongest suction power, the device has a soft rubber bumper that decreases the noise level making Roborock operate quietly. Unfortunately, it is a very limited Alexa support, but it does have Wi-Fi and can be operated by the Mi Home app. There is no virtual wall included in the box but the app has a possibility of creating virtual walls. Also, you can see the map Roborock has created and view its movements in real-live. Intelligent carpet identification maximizes the suction power when the robot knows it on carpet/rug. Talking about its cleaning brush is fair to notice that it is one of the best hair-free solutions. It still performs well on carpets as much as on bare floors without tangling hair around the brush.

Cleaning Performance

Xiaomi Roborock works good on carpets and bare floors catching pet hair without getting it tangled around the cleaning brush, motor or wheels. It operates quiet, doesn't have an issue with climbing obstacles up to 20mm high thanks to its large wheels. It seems less rarely bump into things than other robots and even can do some of the thick carpets.

Price & Where To Buy

With the following code ROS50HK you can save $40 and get the Xiaomi Roborock for $499 on Gearbest.

Also, The 2nd Generation Xiaomi Roborock comes with the Amazon's Choice label as a highly-rated product and will cost you about $580 which is a great deal because of its smart features and cleaning performance and the fact that this device can also mop. You can sign up as a Prime member and get it for free in two days.

*please take note that the prices may change


  • The robot can sweep and mop at the same time
  • Doesn't have an issue with crossing over obstacles up to 20mm height
  • The app allows to track its movement in real time
  • Performs well on carpeting surface and bare floor. Was designed to pick up pet hair
  • Hair does not wrap around wheels and the cleaning brush because of the tangle-free design
  • Decent runtime. Maybe the longest on the market


  • Is not compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home. Only limited support available

Click here to see customers reviews about Xiaomi Roborock on Amazon

Neato D5 Connected

Neato D5 connected thebest robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Neato D5 has a D-shape that along with a side brush happen to clean corners better. Its battery lasts for 90 minutes covering about 4500 square feet on one charge. With Wi-Fi enabled the robovac is compatible with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Neato Chatbot, IFTTT etc. Neato’s exclusive LaserSmart technology helps D5 to navigate around but you are not able to see a map or where the robot has been. The app only gives you cleaning stats. A large dustbin is easy to clean. Neato D5 comes with a magnetic stripe that blocks it from crossing a specific area. After its battery runs out the robot gets back to recharge and resume from the place it left off.

Click here to see customers reviews about Neato D5 on Amazon

If you cannot figure out what is the best Neato to buy in 2018 there are newest models with improved technologies and a higher cost.

Cleaning Performance

Neato D5 handles pet hair with ease. In fact, it was designed to work this way. Its combo cleaning brush is perfect for picking human hair also. A strong suction power performs well on bare floors and thin carpets.

Price & Purchase Details

Get ready to spend about $470 on Neato D5 Connected on Amazon. This is less than $500 which is a good deal considering its performance, right?

Also, for those who want the latest models, there are Neato Botvac Connected that costs $600, and the newest robot from Neato family - D7 Connected with a price tag of $800.

*please take note that the prices may change


  • Covers the whole 4500 square feet area in one charge
  • A large dustbin holds a lot of dust which decreases a frequency of emptying
  • Was designed to pick pet hair from the floor
  • Its shape is better when it comes to cleaning corners and edges


  • Because of its D-shape D5 Connected gets stuck into tight places
  • Does not have a possibility to see a cleaning map

Samsung POWERbot R7070

Samsung POWERbot R7070 the beast on the robot family

Samsung presented its POWERbot R7070 that is one of the most powerful devices on the market so far. At 13.7 inches wide and 3.8 inches tall the weight of the beast is 8.82 lbs. It doesn't have any side brushes, just a rubber self-clean brush and a strong suction power for cleaning. While bristle brushes tend to hang on to the hair, the one in POWERbot R7070 detangle it and send to the bin. The robot uses Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 for scanning the layout of a cleaning area and creating an optimal cleaning path. It also comes with an intelligent power control that increase suction power when detecting surface types providing optimal cleaning on carpets or bare floors.

Click here to see customers reviews about POWERbot R7070 on Amazon

The battery lasts for about 90 minutes and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. Thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant R7070 can be controlled via Samsung SmartThings using a smartphone or activated by voice commands. A provided magnetic strip block the robot from places it shouldn't go. The app allows to schedule the device and manage its movement. Powerbot alerts when it gets stuck so you are always able to know it just using the app. The device automatically docks to recharge and resumes cleaning at its last location.

Cleaning performance

Samsung POWERbot R7070 performs well on thin and medium carpets and rugs. Thanks to its large wheels it doesn't have a problem with climbing from bare floor to carpeting surface. Its shape was designed for better cleaning corners and edges. Along with the one of the strongest suction power and the tangle-free brush the robot catches most dirt and dust leaving your carpet clean.

Price & Purchase Details

Samsung POWERbot R7070 will cost you about $700 on Amazon which is a less or more expected price for this kind of device.

Also if you stick with the newest models take a look at Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo that you can find on Amazon for $940.

*please take note that the prices may change

What is good

  • Strong suction power cleans carpets and rugs with ease
  • The tangle-free brush is perfect for pet owners and people with long hair
  • Thanks to its shape R7070 cleans corners more efficient
  • Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles, transitioning from hard floors to carpet
  • Intelligent power control provides optimal cleaning optimizing a suction power depending on the surface the robot is on


  • The app is not intuitive to use. It is one of the weakest sides of the robot
  • A small dustbin needs to be emptied more often
  • Get stuck under some furniture because of its height

Roomba 960

Roomba 960 the most reasonbale model to buy

Maybe only a lazy person hasn't heard of Roomba. We are going to talk about the previous model - Roomba 960. In case you don't know the difference between Roomba robots we highly recommend to have a look at our model comparison chart.

The AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System pulls in the embedded dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides using tangle-free rollers, a side brush and Power-Lifting Suction with 5X the air power. Talking about the rollers - this one is the latest version of brushes Roomba gets used in past. They were designed to clean a bare floor with pet hair.

Click here to see customers reviews about Roomba 960 on Amazon

There are also Patented Dirt Detect sensors that recognize concentrated areas of dirt providing additional cleaning. To create a map of the house Roomba 960 uses iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization which you can see on your smartphone. You can schedule the device up to 7 times per week. Amazon Alexa or Google Home allows managing the machine by voice. The Li-ion battery lasts up to 75 minutes then gets back to recharge and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job.

Cleaning performance

Roomba 960 performs well on bare floors thanks to its rubber rollers that catch pet hair and transform it into the bin. It also works good on thin carpets but not so good on the thick ones. A large dustbin decrease frequency of cleaning even though it gets full after every cleaning session. There is also a full bin indicator that alerts when the dust box needs to be cleaned. Thanks to the mapping function Roomba 960 doesn't miss a spot when running.

Price & Purchase Details

Roomba 960 is available to buy on Amazon at a cost of $700. It has the Amazon's Choice label as a highly rated product. Also, Prime members can enjoy a free two-day shipping.

You can also find the latest robovac from iRobot Roomba 980 that costs $800.

*please take note that the prices may change


  • The new anti-tangle rollers work perfectly on the bare floor catching pet and human hair
  • Dirt Detect technology recognizes the dirtiest areas and cleans them more efficient
  • It has a full bin indicator that helps you to know when the dust box needs to be cleaned


  • Gets stuck in tight places

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to robots that clean carpet as well as the bare floor, it's almost impossible to pick the best one.

Neato D5 Connected and Samsung POWERbot R7070 are better at cleaning corners because of their shape but along with this, the shape is not good at going through tight places so the robots get stuck.

On the other hand, Roomba 960 has rubber rollers that work better at picking pet hair from bare floors and are tangle-free. The same with Roborock. It was also designed to resolve the issue that happens with mostly robots. The wrapped hair is not a problem anymore.

Runtime is important too, so if you are okay with Roomba working for 75 minutes before it gets back to its base - go with it but remember that other devices in this list last 90 or even 150 minutes.

Xiaomi Roborock is the only robot there that also can mop but unfortunately comes with a limited Alexa support.

All the machines are good at cleaning carpets (not the thick rugs though, unfortunately, there is no robot on the market so far that would do that) so it depends on your budget and personal preferences which robot vacuum cleaners to get. Write in comments below which robovac would you buy for yourself.


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