Shark Ion 750 vs Roomba 690

Today we are going to talk about popular and budget robot cleaners from iRobot and Sharkclean. Both are decent machines that do the job well. What is similarities and differences between them?

FeaturesShark Ion 750Roomba 690
Virtual Wallsyesyes
Operation Time80 min60 min
Cliff Sensorsyesyes
Noise LevelN/A68 dB
Dustbin Capacity380 ml300 ml
Dirt Detectionnoyes
Detangling Technologyyesno
Warranty12 months12 months

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Shark Ion 750 Quick Guide

Shark Ion 750 Quick Guide

Shark Ion 750 is one of the best-selling product on Amazon even though it is a new brand on the market. Cliff sensors prevent the robot from falling down and bumping hard into furniture. The cleaner is equipped with two side sweepers that work together with the main brush to transfer all the dust, dirt and pet hair to the dustbin where the suction power suck it inside.

shark ion 750 cleaning

The brush roll manages to untangle long hair, string, and fiber. It doesn't mean you do not have to unwrap the hair from it but Shark Ion definitely has less hair stuck on the brush. The robot does a good job at picking pet hair from bare floors and thin carpets. It can clean some medium-pile carpets either. In the box, you will find virtual boundaries that supposed to block no-go areas. When its battery runs out of energy, Shark automatically docks itself to recharge.

shark ion 750

The cleaner supports Wi-Fi and has its app. Also, it is integrated with Amazon Alexa. The app allows to schedule the robo, manually manage its movements, switch between cleaning modes etc. Since Shark Ion 750 is compatible with Alexa, you can also control it by voice commands.

What is wrong with Shark Ion

Based on consumer reviews, WiFi connection is not stable and because of this, the robot does not work at a scheduled time. You can just remove the ION from the dock, turn it off for 5 seconds, and turn it back on and dock it for WiFi to be re-established which is annoying to do so.

Another downside is the fact that Amazon doesn't offer accessories for Shark Ion 750. You are still able to order it on an official website though.

Roomba 690 Quick Guide

Roomba 690 Quick Guide

iRobot Roomba 690 is one of the budget models from iRobot. The robot has an edge sweeper and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes that work together with a powerful vacuum suction to attack everything on its way transferring the smallest particulars, dust, dirt, and pet hair to the dustbin.

irobot roomba 690 dual brushes

The double brushes scratch carpets doing its job great on thin and medium-pile carpets. Also, Roomba 690 has a dirt detector finds concentrated areas providing more thoughtful cleaning.

irobot roomba 690 dirt detect

A full suite of sensors called iAdapt Navigation help Roomba to navigate around. In the box, you will find Dual-Mode Virtual Wall Barrier that prevents the robot from going to the areas you don't want it to go.

Roomba 690 performs great on a bare floor as well as on thin and medium-pile carpets picking pet hair, dust and debris from it. But because it has a powerful motor, it is not quiet. After Roomba's battery runs low on energy, the robot returns to its charging station on its own.

The iHome app allows you to schedule the device, manually manage it, view the cleaning history etc. Also, you can control your Roomba via voice if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

What is good about Roomba is that you can get accessories for Roomba 690 on Amazon with no problem.

What is wrong with Roomba 690?

It bumps rough into furniture.

Roomba 690 is not as efficient as its newest brothers when it comes to carpet cleaning. It keeps the carpet looking nice, but you'll still need to run a more hard-core vacuum cleaner over it occasionally to keep it clean.

Also, the robot gets stuck and fairly no notice that almost all the robots occasionally get stuck, just some of them do it more often.

Price & Where To Buy

Both robots come with Amazon's Choice label as highly-rated products. Prime members can get them for free in two days.

Comparing Shark Ion 750 and Roomba 690: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to Shark Ion 750 we can see that its running time is 20 minutes longer than Roomba's. It means Shark covers a bigger cleaning area in one charge.

Roomba's Wi-Fi connection seems to be more stable. At least, not too mush consumers complained about Roomba losing it.

Dual cleaning brushes Roomba comes with doesn't untagle hair so you have to clean them from pet hair and long human hair after every cleaning. Shark Ion 750 is also needed some maintenance but thanks to its detangling technology, its brush does not have that much hair wrapped.

Both robots have small dustbins that needed to be emptied after every operation (maybe even more often if you have pets). Roomba 690 has a smaller container.

Both robots perform great on a bare floor picking everything on the way. Both robots can clean thin carpets. Shark Ion 750 cannot work on thick carpets while Roomba 690 runs over medium-pile carpets and even though it is not as effective as its more expensive brothers, it does the decent job on it.

Do you want a well-known brand or a new brand that has proven itself in a good way? It's up to you which robot vacuum cleaner to buy so tell us in the comment section down below: would you get Roomba or Shark Ion and why.

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