The iRobot Roomba 980 vs. the Roborock S5 Comparison: Which is Better?

By Michael Fisher·Dec 26, 2017· 9 min read
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Today we are going to review top-level models, the Roborock S5 (which is an improved version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot) and the Roomba 980. Both robots are the best-released models by each manufacturer. They both have good cleaning performance and come with an intelligent mapping feature that provides more efficient cleaning. What makes the Roborock S5 and the Roomba 980 similar and what are the differences between them? Are these robots smart enough? Let's dive in deeper and see what features each machine is equipped with and why they are among the best on the market.

Roborock S5 vs. iRobot Roomba 980 comparison chart

SpecificationsRoomba 980Roborock S5
Dimensions13.8 x 3.6 in13.7 x 3.79 in
Weight8.7 lbs7.7 lbs
Suction power1,670 Pa2,000 Pa
Wet Moppingnoyes
Working Time120 min150 min
Cleaning radius185 m2250 m2
Dust bin capacity600 ml500 ml
Noise Level70 dB60 dB
Manual drive controlnoyes
Intelligent mappingyesyes
Full Dustbin Indicatoryesno
Carpet boostyesyes
Dirt Detectyesno
Filter typeHEPAWashable HEPA
Virtual Wallyes (physical)yes (digital)
Zoned Cleaningnoyes
Holds a created map in memorynoyes
Washable dustbinnoyes
Can work in the darknoyes
Amazon Alexa / Google Home supportyesyes
Auto recharge & resumeyesyes
Spot cleaningyesyes
Edge cleaningyesyes
PriceAmazonAmazon / GearBest / GeekBuying

Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 is the next version of the first Xiaomi Mi Robot that has an outstanding reputation on the market. The Roborock S5 has become more efficient and fast, has a stronger suction power and a new soft bumper that decreases noise level the robot produces. It has a new mopping feature, so now it can sweep and mop at the same time. The new model is equipped with a reusable anti-allergen HEPA filter. It can be washed with water. Thanks to an X-Ray sensor, the robot can detect smaller objects better avoiding collisions. Read more about the robots difference in our Xiaomi Mi Robot vs. Roborock S5 comparison.

Roborock S5 the main features

Click here to see customers reviews about the Roborock S5 on Amazon

Roborock S5

Quick glance

The device has a beautiful minimalistic design made of high-quality plastiс. The LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) is located on the top of the robot. It rotates and scans a room interior in 360 degrees, creating a map of the room. The Roborock S5 is equipped with 13 sensors: cliff sensors, a collision sensor, drop sensor, dustbin sensor, electronic compass, wall sensor, fan speed sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, laser distance sensor, speedometer, and an ultrasonic radar sensor. Three powerful processors inside the machine track the robot vacuum's position in real-time and build the most efficient cleaning path. You can see the map in the app, as well as where the robot has been and watch it working in real-time.

The cleaner has a prowerful motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction which is the strongest in the industry. Even though, the S5 has strong suction, it is also equipped with a cotton sieve that decreases the noise level that is produced by the Roborock.

The robot has a water container and mop cloth for mopping. In this mode, it works for abour 40-50 minutes before the tank gets dry.

Set a cleaning zone inside the Mi Home app to make the Roborock S5 clean within it

To make the cleaner working in a specific zone, draw a rectangle on a created map. If you don't want the Roborock to cross some rooms, set a block off area using the Mi Home app.

The Roborock S5 is equipped with the longest-lasting 5,200 mAh li-ion battery in the industry. Recharge & resume and long battery life make the robot ideal for big homes.

The dustbin is on the smallest size, it is highly recommended to clean it after every cleaning. When the box gets full, the Roborock stops moving.

The Roborock S5 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Great climbing ability of 20 mm, strong suction and carpet identification work together to provide exellent clenaing performance on carpet flooring.

Robot vacuums mentioned in the article:

Roborock Smartphone App

Mi Home smartphone app

Roborock washable filter

Roborock S5 washable filter

Pros of the Roborock S5

  • Can sweep and mop
  • Minimalist design
  • Decent cleaning performance on both: bare and carpet flooring
  • Intelligent navigation system with LIDAR-based mapping
  • Long battery life
  • Strong suction power
  • The app allows setting digital walls, so you don't have to block the area physically
  • In the Mi Home you can clean zones you want the Roborock S5 to clean


  • No extra accessories in the box.

Video review of the Roborock S5

Where to buy the Roborock S5?

*Please take note that the prices may change and the coupon codes are limited in time.

Roomba 980

Roomba is the most famous brand of robot vacuums on the US market. The iRobot 980 is the newest and most featured device in their model line. For more information, please read our latest Roomba iRobot 980 review.

Click here to see customers reviews about the Roomba 980 on Amazon

[Update January 2019] iRobot released the newest Roomba i7 robot with a self-cleaning charging base.

Roomba vs Roborock comparison

This model has stronger suction power compared to its older brothers - iRobot 960, 890 and 860. It cleans pet hair from your carpet with ease using its 3-Stage Cleaning System, 10X more powerful motor, and the newest rubber rollers that are tangle-free. Because of these rubber rollers, the Roomba 980 is perfect for pet hair. The brushes require minimum maintenance.

A camera located on the top detects obstacles in its way, while the intelligent system (visual simultaneous localization and mapping technology) builds the best cleaning route so the robot can easily avoid bumping into furniture. Once it's on the carpet, the suction power automatically increases to gather up more dust.

The iRobot Roomba 980 is based on a camera sensor that scans your cleaning area to create a map. The vSLAM navigation requires light to provide better performance

The dirt detect recognizes the most high-traffic areas making the Roomba 980 clean those sposts more carefully.

The full bin indicator alerts when you need to clean the container. You will be aware of it through your smartphone.

The Roomba 980 is suitable for homes with carpets mostly. It has a 20 mm barrier cross height, strong suction that delivers 1,700 Pa of air power and carpet identification which work together to provide deeper cleaning on carpets.

The silicone brushless rollers are perfect for pet hair

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Roomba 980 route planning

iRobot 980 route planning

app for roomba 980

Roomba smartphone app


  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration
  • Intelligent navigation system
  • Extra parts in the box
  • Silicone rollers are perfect for pet owners
  • Dustbin indicator shows when the box is full
  • Dirt detect ensures deep cleaning in high-traffic areas
  • Great perfomance on bare floor and carpets up to 20 mm thick.


  • Too expensive
  • The map disappears after every cleaning.

Roomba iRobot 980 YouTube review

Where To Buy the Roomba 980

Check It Out on Amazon

Which one is better: the Roborock S5 or Roomba 980?

Both robot vacuums have useful features and similar functions. In our opinion, the newest Roborock S5 is a better choice with a lower price. It is has new technologies, costs less, has more powerful suction and a longer-lasting battery, works quietly, has a washable HEPA filter, covers more in one charge, and can sweep and mop at the same time.

But if you want a more trusted and proven brand — Roomba iRobot 980 is your choice, and it offers some features the Roborock S5 doesn't have.

UPDATE: If you want a robot vacuum that is as powerful as the Roborock or the Roomba 980, take a look at the 360 S6 review. This fantastic robot costs less than the Roborock S5 (and twice less expensive than the Roomba 980), but still has very similar features as the S5 does, such as intelligent mapping technology, strong suction power, wet mopping, etc.

Where to buy

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    Had both and our house is 200m2 roomba couldn't not navigate in our house. Cleaning sessions took 6 hours. The S50 takes around 2 hours every single time with no recharging. The navigatopn is overall better on the S50.

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