Roomba 980 vs. Xiaomi Roborock Second Generation Comparison: Which is Better?

Today we are going to review top-level models, the Xiaomi 2nd Gen Roborock and the Roomba 980. Both robots are the best released models by each manufacturer. They both have good cleaning performance and come with an intelligent mapping feature that provides more efficient cleaning. What makes Roborock and Roomba 980 similar and what are the differences between them? Are the robots smart enough? Let's dive in deeper and see what features each machine is equipped with and why they are among the best on the market.

Xiaomi Roborock 2 vs. iRobot Roomba 980 comparison chart

SpecificationsRoomba 980Xiaomi Roborock 2
Dimensions13.8 x 3.6 inches13.7 x 3.79 inches
Weight8.7 lbs7.7 lbs
Suction power1,670 Pa2,000 Pa
Wet Moppingnoyes
Working Time120 min150 min
Wireless connectionsyesyes
Cleaning radius185 m2250 m2
Dust bin capacity600 ml500 ml
Noise Level70 db60 db
Remote Controlyesyes
Intelligent mappingyesyes
Full Dustbin Indicatoryesno
Carpet boostyesyes
Dirt Detectyesno
Filter typeHEPAWashable HEPA
Virtual Wallyes (physical)yes (digital)
Amazon Alexa/Google Home supportyesyes
Auto recharge & resumeyesyes
Spot cleaningyesyes
Edge cleaningyesyes
Price on AmazonCheck the priceCheck the price

Xiaomi MiJia Roborock (Second generation)

The Roborock S50 is an improved and more intelligent version of the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot that has a very good reputation on the market. The second generation has become more effective and fast, has a better suction power and a new soft bumper that decreases a noise level the robot produces. It has a new mopping feature, so now it can sweep and mop at the same time. The new model is equipped with a reusable anti-allergen HEPA filter. It can be washed with water. Thanks to an X-Ray sensor, the robot can detect smaller objects better avoiding collisions. Read more about the Xiaomi robots difference in our Mi Robot vs. Roborock comparison.

Click here to see customers reviews about the Xiaomi Roborock on Amazon

Xiaomi Roborock 2

Design & Appearance

The device has a nice minimalistic design made of high-quality plastiс. The LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) is located on the top of the robot. It rotates and scans a room interior in 360 degrees, creating a map of the room. The Xiaomi Roborock is equipped with 13 sensors: cliff sensors, a collision sensor, drop sensor, dustbin sensor, electronic compass, wall sensor, fan speed sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, laser distance sensor, speedometer, and an ultrasonic radar sensor. Three powerful processors inside the machine track the robot vacuum's position in real-time and build the most efficient cleaning path. You can see the map in the app, as well as where the robot has been and watch it working in real-time.

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Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Smartphone App

MiJia smartphone app

Roborock features

  • Battery capacity - 5200mAh 2-in-1: sweep and mop
  • The newest soft bumper provides quiet cleaning
  • The E11 grade waterproof washable filter
  • Long running time - 2.5 hours in sweep mode which is equal to cleaning 250 sq. meters of your house
  • Can clean for about 50 minutes in the mop mode
  • Improved charging base - 180-degree infrared coverage
  • Powerful motor provides 2000 Pa of suction power
  • Can climb obstacles up to 0.78inches (2cm)
  • Improved built-in 13 sensors, and the soft bumper help to protect your furniture from collisions
  • You can see the map of your house from your smartphone and move your robot to any point just by tapping on the screen
  • The MiJia app allows seeing the device's movements in real-time
  • LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) creates a map of your house and builds the most effective cleaning route
  • Roborock resume its job after recharging in case it didn't finish
  • You can create digital virtual walls in the app
  • You can send the robot to a specific place by tapping to the position on the map
  • Smart carpet identification switches the cleaning mode to maximum once the robot recognizes a carpeted surface.

Xiaomi Roborock washable filter

Xiaomi Roborock 2 washable filter

Pros of the Xiaomi Roborock

  • Mopping feature
  • Modern design
  • Decent cleaning performance
  • Intelligent navigation system with the mapping feature
  • Great quality at a reasonable price
  • Long battery life
  • Equipped with one of the strongest motors on the market
  • Setting digital walls through the app so you don't have to physically block the area


  • No extra accessories in the box such as side brushes and mop pads

Where to buy Xiaomi Roborock?

*Please take a note that the prices may change and the coupon codes are limited in time.

Video review of the Xiaomi Roborock

Roomba 980

Roomba is the most famous brand of robot vacuum on the US market. They've been developing robovacs for more than 13 years. The iRobot 980 is the newest and most featured device in their model line. For more information, please read our latest Roomba iRobot 980 review.

Click here to see customers reviews about the Roomba 980 on Amazon

Roomba vs Xiaomi comparison

This model has a stronger suction power compared to its older brothers - iRobot 960, 890 and 860. It cleans pet hair from your carpet with ease using its 3-Stage Cleaning System, 10X more powerful motor, and the newest rubber rollers that are tangle-free.

A camera located on the top detects obstacles in its way, while the intelligent system (visual simultaneous localization and mapping technology) builds the best cleaning route so the robot can easily avoid bumping into furniture. Once it's on the carpet, the suction power automatically increases to gather up more dust.

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Roomba 980 route planning

iRobot 980 route planning

iRobot Roomba 980 features

  • It scans your house with a camera and can see all obstacles, building an optimized route to clean your rooms in the most effective way
  • Intelligent navigation and path planning
  • Dirt detect recognizes the dirstiest areas providing more efficient cleaning
  • If the battery runs low and cleaning is not complete, the robot will automatically recharge and continue from the place it stopped until the job is done
  • Easily controlled, scheduled and monitored from your smartphone
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Sensors detect the type of floor and automatically adjust suction power
  • Tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes handle pet hair with ease
  • Increased 10x suction power for deep cleaning of carpeting surfaces
  • High-efficiency filter captures up to 99% of allergens and pollen
  • Full dustbin indicator alerts when the container needs to be emptied.

app for roomba 980

Roomba smartphone app


  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration
  • Intelligent navigation system
  • Extra filter and a brush in the box
  • Rubber rollers are perfect for pet owners
  • Dustbin indicator shows when the box is full
  • Dirt detect ensures deep cleaning in high-traffic areas


  • too expensive

Where To Buy Roomba 980

Check It Out on Amazon

Roomba iRobot 980 YouTube review

What is the difference: Xiaomi Roborock vs. Roomba 980?

  1. The Xiaomi Roborock has a stronger suction power delivering 2,000 Pa comparing with Roomba's 1,670 Pa.
  2. The Roomba runs about 120 minutes while the Xiaomi lasts the whole 150 minutes.
  3. The Roborock uses a laser to map out an interior. The laser is more accurate than a camera sensor the Roomba is equipped with.
  4. The Xiaomi bumps into things less than the Roomba (based on consumer reviews). Its navigation system is slightly better.
  5. The Roborock gets stuck less often than the Roomba 980 (based on consumer reviews) does.
  6. The Xiaomi comes with mopping, the Roomba only sweeps.
  7. The Roomba 980 is equipped with a physical dual virtual wall barrier. The Xiaomi Roborock has an ability to set digital walls using its app. You can create as many digital walls as you want using the MiJia app.
  8. The Roomba 980 has a dirt detect sensor that provides deep cleaning in high-traffic areas.
  9. The Roomba 980 comes with a full dustbin detection. It informs you when the container needs to be emptied through a notification in the app.
  10. You cannot interract with the Roomba 980's map. It works as a report of cleaning. On the map created by the Roborock, you can set blocked area and send the robot to a specific point using the Targeted Point option.
  11. Because of the laser, the Xiaomi Roborock is able to work in the dark.
  12. The Roomba 980 is equipped with rubber tangle-free rollers that are easy to maintain. These are perfect for pet hair because they don't cause hair wrapping. The Xiaomi Roborock has a tangle-free design but its not as efficient as Roomba's silicone brushes when it comes to hair tangling.
  13. The Roborock is available in three colors: white, black and rose gold. The Roomba 980 has only one color option.
  14. On Amazon, the Xiaomi costs almost $200 less than the Roomba. On Gearbest you can get the Roborock at almost half the Roomba's price.
  15. You can tap on the map and the Roborock will go to that spot. Roomba's app works as a remote control meaning you need to manage its movements manually.
  16. The Xiaomi Roborock is less noisy than the Roomba 980.
  17. The Xiaomi carries a cleaning tool under the lid. You always know where it is.


Final thoughts: Which one is better?

Both robovacs have good features and similar functions. In our opinion, the second generation Xiaomi Roborock is a better choice with a twice lower price. You can buy a robot vacuum with more features than the more expensive devices. It is equipped with new technologies, costs less, has more powerful suction and a longer-lasting battery, works quietly, has a washable filter, covers more on one charge, and can sweep and mop at the same time. But if you want a more trusted and proven brand or you want to control the robot by Amazon Alexa — Roomba iRobot 980 is your choice and it offers some features Xiaomi doesn't have.

UPDATE: If you want a robot vacuum that is as powerful as the Xiaomi Roborock or Roomba 980, take a look at the 360 S6 review. This amazing robot costs cheaper than the Xiaomi Roborock (and twice cheaper than the Roomba 980), but still has very similar features as the Roborock does, such as intelligent mapping technology, strong suction power, wet mopping etc.

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  1. Zos 14 april 2018, 06:15 #
    Had both and our house is 200m2 roomba couldn't not navigate in our house. Cleaning sessions took 6 hours. The S50 takes around 2 hours every single time with no recharging. The navigatopn is overall better on the S50.

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