Is the Roborock S6 Better Than The Xiaomi MiJia 1S? Comparison Chart

By Natalie Red·Updated: Apr 15, 2020· 8 min read

In April 2019, Xiaomi and Roborock released the newest robot vacuum cleaners - Xiaomi MiJia 1S and Roborock T6. They have similar features yet somehow a bit different. Both can recognize rooms, have strong suction, have a minimalist design and one of them even mops. How is the Xiaomi 1S different from the Roborock T6? Is Roborock worth paying more?

Since the Roborock T6 was supposed to be selling in a Chinese market only and the newly-released Roborock S6 has the same characteristics as the T6, we decided to compare the Roborock S6 with the newest robot vacuum from Xiaomi - MiJia 1S.

We were lucky to have an opportunity to test the Roborock S6 ourselves. Also, we lurked around to know more about the Xiaomi MiJia 1S and here what we know about both models so far:

Roborock S6 vs. Xiaomi MiJia 1S specifications

Specs Roborock S6 Xiaomi MiJia 1S
Suction power 2,000 Pa 2,000 Pa
Battery life 150 min 150 min
Recharge & Resume yes yes
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh 5,200 mAh
Mapping technology LIDAR LIDAR
Mapping sensor LDS LDS + visual sensor
Dustbin capacity 500 ml 420 ml
Mopping Yes No
Climbing ability 20 mm N/A
Noise level 50 dB 68 dB
HEPA filtration Yes Yes
Carpet boost Yes No
Sensors 14 12
Room recognazing Yes Yes
Room cleaning Yes Yes
Processor Cortex A7 Cortex A35
Warranty 24 months 12 months
Price on Gearbest $549.99 $319.99

Differences between the latest robot vacuum cleaners - Xiaomi 1S and Roborock S6

Both models are very similar and are featured with many high-end things such as LIDAR mapping, AI recognizing, etc. But what makes one model different from the other?

1. Mopping

The Xiaomi 1S only sweeps while the Roborock also mops. It is equipped with a water tank, mop cloths and 10 disposable wipes for wet mopping.

The thing that was improved in the water tank - different water level dripping. For everyday use, there is a low volume that makes the cloth perfectly wet. If you need to red rid of bigger stains - the water tank adjust to this cleaning need and provide more water dripping making the mop cloth wetter.

2. Dustbin size

The Roborock has a larger dustbin that holds about 500 ml of dust and debris; the Xiaomi is equipped with a 420 ml one. The Roborock is more suitable for pet owners.

3. LDS laser vs. LDS laser + visual sensor

Both robot vacuums are equipped with the LDS laser, the Xiaomi also has a visual sensor that helps to create more accurate maps. It is also helpful for room recognizing and improves the navigation of the 1S.

The Xiaomi 1S got an improved LDS sensor that scans the surrounding faster than its predecessor - the Xiaomi Mi Robot.

4. Detachable parts of the Roborock's cleaning brush

The Roborock S6 comes with a cleaning brush that has detachable parts. It is very useful when it comes to untangling hair.

5. 2-year warranty

The Roborock S6 is the first robot vacuum cleaner on the market that offers a 2-year warranty. The Xiaomi has a 12 months warranty.

6. 14 vs. 12 sensors

Sensors Roborock S6 Xiaomi 1S
Laser Distance Sensor yes yes
Visual Sensor no yes
Dust Collector Detector yes yes
Bump Sensor yes yes
E-compass yes yes
Cliff Sensor yes yes
Edge Sensor yes yes
Gyroscope yes yes
Accelerometer yes yes
Anti-drop Sensor yes yes
Odometer yes yes
Fan Speed Sensor yes yes
Self-charging Sensor yes yes
Water Tank Detector yes no
Pressure Sensor yes no

The S6 is equipped with 14 sensors, the Xiaomi has 12. Two of the Roborock S6 sensors are related to mopping. The 1S has an additional visual sensor that the Roborock does not.

Both robots navigate pretty much the same.

7. The Cortex processor

The Roborock S6 uses the old processor that was inside the Xiaomi Mi Robot - quad-core Cortex A7. The latest Xiaomi 1S got an upgraded version of the processor - quad-core Cortex A35 that promises to increase performance by up to 40% and is 13% more efficient.

8. Noise

The Roborock S6 promises to decrease the noise level up to 50% by filling the sound insulation cotton and noise reduction air screen near the motor. We are not sure about 50% less noise, but it will definitely make the robot less noisy than the previous generation.

9. Climbing ability

The Roborock S6, the same as the previous generation, can cross an obstacle that is up to 20 mm height. There is no info about the Xiaomi 1S clearance though. The Xiaomi Mi Robot has 15 mm clearance, we, however, hope the newest model got better barrier cross height than its brother.

What does climbing ability mean and why it is important? The taller obstacles a robot can cross the thicker carpets it can clean. In our case, the S6 is ideal for thicker carpets.

10. Carpet Boost

So far we don't know if the Xiaomi 1S is able to recognize carpet flooring. The Roborock S6 has a bunch of sensors that boost suction power once the robot steps on carpet.

It helps to get carpets clean since you don't have to turn on/off the max level cleaning mode to get extra power.

Similar features

Even though both of the models have some differences, they still have a lot in common.

1. Battery

Both models are equipped with a 5,200 mAh battery that gives you 2,5 h of cleaning. It is the longest-lasting battery on the market (including the Roborock S5 and Xiaowa E3). It is enough to cover a 250 square meter cleaning area which makes these models perfect for big homes.

2. Suction power

The Roborock S6 has the same powerful motor that delivers 2,000 Pa of suction than the Roborock S5.

The Xiaomi 1S has stronger 2,000 Pa suction compared to the Mi Robot that delivers 1,800 Pa.

Both robots have one of the strongest suction in the industry that is capable of getting rid of bigger messes and easily handles carpets.

3. Resumption cleaning

As most of the robot vacuums on the LIDAR, each of the Roborock S6 and Xiaomi 1S resumes cleaning if it didn't finish the job before the battery needed to get recharged. When the battery gets lower than 20%, the vacuum automatically docks itself, recharges to 80% and continue cleaning from the same spot it left off.

4. Room identification

Both robots got a significant improvement - room recognization. The Roborock S6 and Xiaomi 1S are able to identify rooms by understanding where the doors that lead to these rooms are located.

When the map is saved, you can divide the rooms, name each and schedule the robot to clean within a particular room or too at a specific time.

It helps a lot if you don't want to clean the whole house. In addition, you can set restricted areas and create zoned cleaning by drawing a rectangle on the map.

5. Map saving

None of the previous gen wasn't able to save maps after cleaning. The Roborock S5 and Mi Robot got the software update but it's still unstable.

The newest Robotock S6 and Xiaomi 1S can store created maps which makes them perfect for multi-level houses.

6. LIDAR & Navigation

Both models have LIDAR mapping technology. It creates an accurate plan of the cleaning area that helps a robot vacuum to navigate around, "understand" where all the furniture is, etc.

Both vacuums navigate back-and-forth in straight lines following the created map. This pattern helps to save battery life since the robot does not go over the spots it has already cleaned.

7. Charging dock

Both of the newest models got an upgraded charging station that adjusts a length of the charging cord hiding it inside the dock.

Xiaomi 1S quick look

Xiaomi 1S the next generation of the Xiaomi Mi Robot

The Xiaomi 1S looks very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Robot. It has the same minimalist white finish only with a visual sensor on top that is located near the tower with the LDS laser inside.

As we said before, the 1S got stronger suction, AI room recognization, room cleaning and now it is able to save created maps.

Make the Xiaomi MiJia 1S work within one room at a specific time

With the Mi Home app, you only can set zoned cleaning that is still beta, and consumers claim that it does not work as smooth; however, we hope Xioami will fix it soon. The latest model allows setting restricted boundaries and zoned cleaning. Aside from that, you can schedule the 1S to work within a specific room or two thanks to the AI system.

The Xiaomi 1S saves a few different maps. The robot is perfect for multiple-level houses

It also has a nice charging dock that looks better thanks to the room for the charging cord.

Compared to the previous version, the 1S scans the surrounding of the cleaning area faster, the visual sensor helps to create a more accurate map.

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi 1S is not integrated with Alexa-enabled devices and Google Home, but it is compatible with the Xiaomi AI speaker. Worth saying that the Mi Robot wasn't compatible with the Alexa and Google Home after being released which gives up hope that the 1S will get there soon enough.

The new processor Cortex A-35 inside the Xiaomi 1S consumes 10% lower power and provides 40% better performance than the Mi Robot

The Xiaomi Mi Robot is powered the Cortex A7, while the newest Xiaomi 1S has the next gen of the processor - Cortex A-35 that promises to be more efficient and provide better performance.

Also, so far we don't know if the newest model has carpet identification and what its clearance would be so we are not sure how well it will perform on thicker carpets, however, with stronger power, the Xiaomi 1S will give you extra power and deeper cleaning performance on thin carpets.

Roborock S6 short description

Roborock S6 vs Xiaomi 1s comparison chart

The Roborock S5 is still one of the best flagship robot vacuum cleaners on the market, but the Roborock S6 even got better.

It has the same carpet identification, mopping, LIDAR technology, strong suction of 2,000 Pa and cool features in the Mi Home app.

The design is very similar to the Roborock S55. The Roborock S6 has a glossy finish. Also, the buttons are responded to touch, the Roborock's buttons need to be pressed. The rest is still the same.

With the same strong suction (compared to the Roborock S5), the newest model claimed to be less noisy because of the improved body construction.

As to mopping, the newest model has 10 wipes and a mop cloth while the S5 only has a cloth mop. Also, the newest S6 comes with a water tank that adjusts the water level dripping depending on your mopping needs.

The Roborock S6 is ideal for homes with one or more levels

Also, the S6 can recognize where rooms are located, and this feature allows scheduling the robot to work in a particular room at a specific time. And, in the Mi Home, you can create virtual boundaries and set zoned cleaning.

The Roborock S6 is perfect for multi-level houses thanks to its ability to save created maps.

With the excellent climbing ability, carpet boost and strong suction the Roborock S6 performs great on carpets that are not thicker than 20 mm.

Price & Where to buy

  • The Roborock S6 (white) on GearBest: $549.99
  • The Roborock S6 On Amazon: $499.00
  • The Roborock S6 (black) on Aliexpress: ~$600
  • The Xiaomi MiJia 1S on Gearbest: $319.99

Roborock S6 vs. Xiaomi 1S? Which one is better?

Both robots got great improvements that are definitely worth the price of each.

As always when it comes to picking the best between two decent models, it might be challenging to get the ideal one for you.

Because we are not sure about the climbing ability and carpet boost in the Xiaomi 1S, we would not suggest it for homes with thick carpets. However, it performs excellently on thin carpets and bare floor. The robot is ideal for big and multiple-level homes thanks to the maps saving and long-lasting battery. The new room recognizing feature sounds very useful, and we hope it will work as good as the manufacturer claims.

The Roborock S6 is ideal for both surfaces: bare floor and carpets that are 20 mm thick. It is equipped with carpet boost, strong suction and has big wheels, which all work together to provide deeper cleaning on carpets. The improved water tank gives you better performance on bare floor than the Roborock S5 does.

Let's not forget, that for the Roborock S6 you will need to pay about $200-250 more.

If you don't have thicker carpets and don't need mopping - go with the Xiaomi 1S, it is a great budget yet smart machine to buy in 2019. There are no alternatives on the market for this price.

If you have pets, thick carpets and need mopping - have a look at the Roborock S6. It is a hybrid robot vacuum that is perfect for both - thick carpets and bare flooring. You won't be disappointed if you decided to get the Roborock S6. With the newest features, you might not find anything similar on the market for the price of around $600.


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