Which is better: the Neato Botvac D7 Connected vs. the Roborock S5 Comparison

By Michael Fisher·Updated: Dec 11, 2019· 8 min read

Neato Robotics is one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer on the market. Roborock is the newbie, but their robots are great!

The Neato D7 Connected and Roborock S5 are similar yet different robot vacuums. Both are smart to remember your home floor plan. Both are suitable for bigger households.

These are two flagship models that compete with a Roomba and can be better than the last one in some ways.

Is the Neato better than Roborock? Can these cleaners work on carpets? How they perform with pet hair? Let's find out.

The Roborock S5 vs. the Neato Botvac D7 Connected Comparison Chart

Features & Specifications Roborock S5 Neato D7 Connected
Runtime 150 min 120 min
Suction Power 2,000 Pa 2,000 Pa
Coverage Area 2690 ft2 / 250 m2 1290 ft2 / 120 m2
Smart Navigation SLAM SLAM
Mapping yes yes
Path planning yes yes
Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant support yes yes
Wi-Fi yes yes
App Mi Home Neato Robotics
Real-Time Tracking yes yes
Digital Virtual Walls yes yes
Zone Cleaning yes yes
Auto-Recharge & Resume yes yes
Filtration HEPA Ultra Performance Filter
Wet Mopping yes no
Smart Carpet Identification yes no
Dustbin Capacity 480 ml 700 ml
Noise Level 54-67 db 64 db
Good for carpet yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Weight 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 35.3 x 35 x 9.6 cm / 13.9 x 13.7 x 3.8 in 31.9 x 33.6 x 10 cm / 12.5 x 13.2 x 3.9 in
Amazon price Check the price Check the price

The Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 has an intelligent system, SLAM, for mapping out a building interior for the best cleaning route. The battery perhaps lasts the longest in the industry. The newest cleaning brushes are made to prevent hair-tangling, which makes the Roborock S5 ideal for picking up pet hair. The strong suction power picks up dust and dirt from most floor types.

Roborock S5 robot vacuum cleaner

The Roborok S5 is equipped with three processors that help to keep track of the robot's movements and allow you to watch the cleaner creating a map

The app gives detailed information about where the robot has been. You are also able to track the Roborock movement in real-time as well as draw digital virtual walls just using your smartphone. You can send the robot to a specific spot only by tapping on the screen of your smartphone. The robot's battery lasts over 2 hours, usually is enough to cover about 250 square meters. In case the machine does not finish its job, the robot will resume the session after recharging.

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  • Decent battery life
  • Has a mopping feature
  • With a 5200mAH capacity battery, the robot covers a large cleaning area in one charge
  • Quiet operation
  • User-friendly app
  • Comes in three colors: white, black and rose gold.


  • A lack of accessories in the box

Roborock S5

What consumers say

Most owners claim that the Roborock S5 does its job well and rarely gets stuck. Unlike other robot vacuums that give up and wait for the user to free it, the Roborock has some clever ways of getting itself untangled.

Also, they are surprised at how much dirt and dust the robot catches.

They like the fact that the robot has five levels of suction and can clean the whole house in Max mode in one charge.

Consumers with medium-pile carpets noted that the robot didn't have a problem with cleaning it or going through the thresholds.

Those who owned the Roomba before comment that the Roborock is refreshingly less noisy, which is impressive because it comes with stronger suction.

An amazing thing happens with people who have allergies. Since they got the Roborock, their allergies appear to be gone (at least that's what they say).

Overall consumers who bought the Roborock S5 are happy with it, but nothing is perfect, right?

The robot works only with a 2.4 GHz router, not a 5 GHz.

It stores one created map in memory.

How much does it cost & where to buy

The Roborock S5 is available on Amazon and GearBest.

In case you want to get the Roborock on Amazon, you can buy it for around $439. The item is also available in black and rose-gold colors. The product comes with the Amazon's Choice label as a high-rated item, and if you in a hurry, you can get it in two days for free by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

*please, take note that the prices may change

The Roborock S5 Video Review



The Neato D7 Connected

neato botvac d7 connected apperance

Like all the robots in the Neato model line, the D7 Connected has a D-shape form that helps it to clean corners better than the round robotics. It is equipped with the SLAM technology that creates a map of your floor and builds the most efficient way to clean. The plan is uploaded to your phone where you can draw as many lines as you want to indicate the areas where you don't want the robot to go.

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected stores up to three different floor plans in memory. The robot is perfect for multiple-level houses

Along with No-Go Lines, you can specify specific zones to be cleaned. You can make the robot work within these zones or schedule it to work later. The app allows you to see cleaning history. The D7 Connected stores up to three different floor plans.

neato botvac d7

The Neato D7 Connected comes with a spiral combo brush designed for people with allergies and pet owners. The robot is equipped with a wide brush thanks to which it spends less time to clean the same area as round robots would fo. The brush is suitable for any surface and can be washed with ease. Along with the brush, the Neato has a powerful motor and the Ultra Performance Filter that captures up to 99.9% small particles and picks up more pet hair, transferring it to the dirt bin. The Neato D7 Connected gives you the deepest clean you can get. The device is compatible with smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home Assistant; accordingly, you can control it by voice commands.


  • Decent battery life
  • Strong suction power
  • Detailed cleaning maps
  • Integration with smart gadgets
  • Large dustbin
  • Saves up to three floor plans
  • Supports virtual boundaries and zoned cleaning
  • D-shape works on corners better
  • Wide brush covers more area collecting a more significant amount of dirt at one time


  • Loud
  • No real-time mapping

Click here to see customers reviews about the Neato Botvac D7 Connected on Amazon

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neato botvac d7 connected

What consumers say

For the most part, consumers are happy with the newest robot vacuum cleaner from Neato Botvac. They say it works great; setup is effortless and mostly involves downloading the app. Creating an account, logging into Wi-Fi, and naming the unit is a breeze. They note the impressive amount of hair and dirt it picks up. And most of the owners are happy with the map it creates.

However, there are some complains we can’t help but talk about.

The D7 Connected has issues when it comes to working on high-pile carpets and rugs. Also, sometimes it takes several attempts to connect the device to Wi-FI. With its shape, the robot occasionally gets stuck.

Price & where to buy

You can get the Neato D7 Connected on Amazon for around $800, which is more or less expected because it is the latest top-level robot in Neato's model line. The product comes with the Amazon's Choice label as a high-rated product. If you are in a hurry, you can get it within 2 days if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

*please, take note that the price on Amazon may change

Which one is better: the Roborock S5 vs. the Neato D7 Connected?

The Roborock can mop; on the other hand, the Neato has a shape that is better at cleaning corners. Both have strong suction and do their job well on carpets. Both are good for people with allergies thanks to a high-performance filtration system. Both robots are highly-rated products and deserve to be called the beasts of the industry.

The Roborock S5 is better for homes with mixed surfaces and bare floors because of the mopping. Along with that, the machine performs great in thin and medium carpets up to 20 mm of height. Thanks to the large wheels, carpet boost, and strong suction, the Roborock S5 shows excellent performance on carpets catching debris, dust and pet hair.

The Botvac D7 Connected is ideal for mixed and mostly carpeted surfaces. It picks up pet hair, works better on corners and edges, stores more floor plans than the Roborock, and is perfect for medium and large homes.

The Neato D7 Connected and the Roborock S5 and the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market so far (okay, we did not forget about the Roomba which is fairly called one of the best too). So what do you think, which is better? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Mr Roboto
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    If performance and technology are almost equal then that just leaves the price. That's why personally Id choose the xiaomi
    1. Barry Jefferson
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      You did not talk about one of the most important considerations — reliability. My Neato D7 does an excellent job of cleaning but it has constant issues. Three times within a year I've had to return the robot for a repair or replacement. In between times I'm constantly having to do hard resets (removing the battery) to get the machine back to normal operation after its computer has become confused and unable to navigate. I'd really like to know if people have had such experiences with the Roborock.
      1. Michael Fisher
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        Hi Barry,
        thanks for your comment. Agree with you, reliability is a very important consideration. However, we've no idea how to measure and collect statistic of issues for all the robot vacuums on the market. I heard about the problems with the Neato D7, but I don't know how many users have such issues. Of course, there are people who have problems with the Roborock S5, and with other robot vacuums as well. I have the Roborock S5, and I don't have any significant issues with it, but it's just mine subjective experience.

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