Is the Newest Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Better than the R75 (RV750)? Alternatives to Consider

By Natalie Red·Updated: Oct 2, 2019· 4 min read

What is the Shark Ion robot vacuum cleaner?

Shark started producing vacuums a long time ago. The Shark Ion R75 (RV750) has thousands of good reviews on Amazon.

[Update, Oct 2019] Shark released the self-emptying robot vacuum with an anti-tangle design and camera on top so the new IQ R101AE remembers your home floor. Can it beat the Roomba i7+ with the new base?

Shark Ion R75 RV750

The design is still the same. There three buttons on top: clean, dock, max. The dustbin is located on the side. It has two side sweepers that work together to catch dust and dirt from corners and along the walls. Underneath there is a self-cleaning brushroll that capture short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens to prevent everyday buildup in your home.

The robot is equipped with the Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 system that increased sensitivity to obstacles and objects helps to avoid the robot from getting stuck and complete the cleaning job.

The oldest models like the RV720 and RV750 have a "spot" button that makes the cleaner working on a specific area moving in a circular pattern around a designated point. The newest R85 and S87 come with a "Max" button. In this mode, the robot delivers up to 3x more suction power to provide deep cleaning on bare floors and thin carpet flooring.

Both robots (the RV750 and RV850) support WiFi and are compatible with Alexa enabled devices and Google Home. The Shak Ion can become a part of your smart home. You can schedule the robot using your smartphone, control it like a radio car and switch between cleaning modes.

The newest Shark Ion R85 robot cleaner has a bigger dustbin that holds more dust and dirt meaning the vacuum cleans for longer before you need to empty it.

The newest Shark Ion R85 that is a budget alternative to more expensive cleaners

The Shark Ion robots have a magnetic stripe in the box. You can cut it and put it in place if you want to block an area from your robot. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to create blocked areas.

With the estimated suction power of 1,400 Pa, the Shark Ion R85 can clean all types of bare floors and thin carpeted surfaces. It makes the cleaner ideal for homes with a mixed surface or a few area rugs.

There is a new model: the Shark Ion S87. It is the same Shark Ion R85 with a handheld vacuum that is easy to empty by a single touch of a button. It has one charging dock for both units.

Shark Ion S87 two-in-one robot vacuum with a handheld cleaner

What has been improved in the Shark Ion R85 compared to the R75?

  • The R85 has a bigger dustbin.
  • The R85 has stronger suction power (from 1,000 Pa to 1,400 Pa)
  • The R85 has MAX mode that provides up to 3x more cleaning power
  • The Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 system increases sensitivity to obstacles and objects (in the Shark Ion R85)

To Buy or not to buy the Shark Ion R85

The Shark Ion R75 (RV850) costs about the same as the Shark Ion R85 (RV850) does. If you are looking to get your first Shark Ion robot vacuum cleaner, then go with the latest R85. Otherwise, there are no too many reasons to switch your R75 to the R85.

Shark Ion R85 Alternatives

Roomba 690

Roomba 690

Yes, the Roomba 690 is still on point. It doesn't have mapping technology yet it performs great on thin and medium carpets which is excellent. The Roomba 690 comes with a budget price tag and a virtual wall barrier that blocks the robot from crossing some areas.

Roborock Xiaowa Lite

Roborock Xiaowa Lite budget and powerful robot cleaner that can deep clean all types of carpets

The Roborock Xiaowa Lite is one of the newest robot cleaners on the market. It has strong suction that along with the Carpet Boost feature provide deep cleaning on thin and medium-pile carpets. For such a small price, Xiaowa performs well offering enough to satisfy your needs.

Roborock Xiaowa E20

The second generation Roborock Xiaowa E20 a great budget cleaner with mapping and mopping that works on both bare floors and carpets

It has stronger suction (1,800 PA), comes with mopping that makes it more suitable for homes with bare floors and is equipped with mapping that is based on a gyroscope. Thanks to the mapping, the Xiaowa E20 remembers where it has been and can resume cleaning after its battery has recharged.

Tesvor X500

Tesvor X500 smart budget robot cleaner with mapping

The Tesvor X500 supports WiFi and has mapping based on a gyroscope. It adapts to your home and doesn't miss a spot when cleaning. Although the gyroscope is not as accurate as the laser is, it is better than random navigation most of the budget robots have. Not suitable for medium and high-pile carpets; however the robot works excellent on bare floors and thin carpet flooring.



The robot is suitable with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The ECOVACS Deebot 601 is ideal for homes with mixed flooring or bare floors only. Because of two hours of cleaning, the Deebot 601 covers more area which makes it perfect for small and medium-sized houses.

Eufy RoboVac 15C

Eufy RoboVac 15C the first Eufy cleaner that supports WiFi

Eufy produces high-rated robots. All the previous models didn't support WiFi. The Eufy RoboVac 15C comes with an app. It has a large dust box that holds more dirt, runs up to 100 minutes, compatible with Amazon Alexa and has a powerful motor. It cleans bare floors and thin carpets and easily can compete with the Shark Ion R85.

Shark Ion R85 Alternatives Comparison Chart

Specifications Shark Ion R85 Roomba 690 Roborock Xiaowa Lite Tesvor X500 ECOVACS DEEBOT 601 Eufy RoboVac 15C
Cleaning time 80 min 90 min 120 min 100 min 110 min 100 min
Mapping no no no (E20 - gyroscope) gyroscope no no
Wifi support yes yes yes yes yes yes
Virtual blocker yes yes no no no no
Type of virtual blocker magnetic stripe dual virtual wall barrier - - - -
Suction power 1,400 Pa 600 Pa 1,600 Pa (Lite); 1,800 Pa (E20) 1,500 Pa 800 Pa 1,300 Pa
Carpet identification no no yes no no no
Amazon Alexa/Google Home support yes yes Amazon Alexa only yes yes Amazon Alexa only
Noise level 65 dB 68 dB 55 db 60 dB 64 dB N/A
Dustbin capacity 620 ml 600 ml 640 ml 600 ml 300 ml 600 ml
Barrier-cross ability N/A 0.63 in / 16 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm 0.6 in / 15 mm 0.55 in / 14 mm 0.63 in / 16 mm
Scheduling yes yes yes yes yes yes
Voice promt yes yes yes no no yes
HEPA filter yes no yes yes yes yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

To Wrap It Up

The Shark Ion robots perform very well, but there’s still room for improvement. There is no mapping; the cleaners move randomly though if you want to get a handheld vacuum, you can go with the Shark Ion S87 that is a two-in-one vacuum.

If you are not sure about the newest Shark Ion R85, consider having a look at alternatives we have chosen.

Would you buy the Shark Ion R85? Tell us in a comment section down below.

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