ILIFE W400 Review - Robot Mop Worth Buying

By Natalie Red·Updated: Jul 7, 2019· 3 min read

ILIFE has surprised us with its new mopping robot — the ILIFE W400. It doesn't look like the previous robot vacuums from ILIFE family we've seen. The new robot actually mops! It does not just damp your hardwood, laminate, or tile floors; it actually mops it. Unlike other similar devices on the market, the ILIFE W400 has much better mopping performance than competitors thanks to its fiber roller, which effectively scrubbing floors at a high frequency. Let's take a closer look at this robot mop.

ILIFE W400 specifications

Specs ILIFE W400
Battery life (min) 80
Water container size (ml) 850
Dirt water box size (ml) 900
Battery capacity (mAh) 2,500
Robot Height 12 cm / 4.72 in
Robot Weight 3.3 kg / 7.27
Cleaning modes path, area, spot, edge
Charging Manual
Warranty 12 months
Price $215 on Aliexpress

Appearance and design

On top of the robot, you can see a few buttons that evoke start/stop cleaning, switch between modes, and a voice alert button that gives you information about robot's status. On the panel, you can track water and battery level.

the ilife w400 multi-functional panel

There is a handle under the buttons that allow you to carry the robot whenever you want to place it.

Underneath, there are two wheels housed. They do not have a big clearance making the robot suitable for flat floors. It has issues with transferring itself over rugs or thick carpets. There is a fiber roller that gets wet when cleaning and deeply cleans bare floor at a high frequency — the scraper wides off stains leaving the floor spotless.

Two water containers for better cleaning performance

Inside the machine, you will find two large containers: one for clean water, and another one for dirty water.

ILIFE W400 two water containers for clean and dirty water

When the robot mops the floor, the superior suction sucks dirt water to another container thus making the machine keep working until the dirt container gets full. The tank for dirty water is larger than the one for clean water because it allows you adding water during cleaning until the battery gets discharged.

The cleaner is taller than most of the robots in the industry which mean it will not go under some furniture.

Navigation and Performance

The machine is equipped with a bunch of cliff and anti-collision sensors to prevent the unit from falling and bumping into things harshly.

ilife w400 all-terrain detection system

It might look like these hybrid robots that mop and sweep but the ILIFE W400 performs much better on bare floor making it clean and polished.

The ILIFE W400 leaves your floors clean and polished

The robot moves slow methodically covering the whole area in straight lines. The microfiber brush rotates polishing floor and removing stains. It cannot remove stubborn stains from the first time though if you run it over high-traffic spots a few times, the robot will perform flawlessly.

The ILIFE W400 has 4 cleaning modes: path mode, area mode, spot mode and edge mode.

ilife W400 cleaning modes

The robot has small wheels and cannot go over carpets; if you place it on thin carpet manually, the vacuum will mop it without getting stuck.

Thanks to the fiber roller, the robot wash floors much better than almost all similar devices on the market. Most of the robot vacuums that have a mopping feature doesn't actually mop, they just slightly wipe the floor with attached to the bottom mopping pad which is fixed and does not make any movements or pressure. The ILIFE W400 has a huge advantage: the rotating fiber roller can handle even stubborn stains and it never leaves stains since all the dirty water drawn into the dirt container.

Battery life

The ILIFE W400 works about 60 minutes with a full container then you can fill it with water again. Remember to empty the dirty water container once the robot finished cleaning.

The ILIFE W400 does not go to recharge automatically mostly because it could leak water on its charging station causing issues. When the battery is out of energy, the W400 stops and beeps alerting that cleaning is finished. When the robot is done, you have to move it manually to empty the containers dry it off and then place to the charging dock.

What is about the ILIFE W400 alternatives?

We see many of the robot vacuum cleaners that can mop and sweep, but these machines are not very efficient when it comes to actual mopping. They are useful for removing dust from your laminate but do not polish the floor.

A few robots that can mop and remove almost all types of stains are the Braava 380T and Braava Jet 240. They both have one container only that is smaller than the ILIFE W400 has.

Price and where to purchase

The ILIFE W400 is only available on Aliexpress. You can get it for around $250 which is a great price considering what the ILIFE W400 offers.

[Update, April 2019] ILIFE released the newest robot vacuum A9S that can mop and sweep. It also has a vibrating mechanism that provides better cleaning on bare floors than other robot cleaners. However, the ILIFE A9S and W400 mopping work a little bit different and were designed for different needs.

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