iLIFE V8S The Smart Flagship Robot Vacuum For Under $250

At IFA 2017 the Chinese robot vacuum manufacturer ILIFE was also represented their flagship A8 robot vacuum cleaner that comes with intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures, space measurement, and many other features. After that, not a while ago ILIFE give us the opportunity to see the newest robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V8S. With a reasonable price tag, we get a great smart robot vacuum cleaner that has everything we need. Let's see what makes it so special.

iLIFE V8S The Smart Flagship Robot Vacuum For Under $250

Features & Specifications

  • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Working time: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • 750 ml dustbin capacity
  • Anti-drop system
  • Anti-collusion sensors
  • Auto-recharging and getting back to its cleaning duties to finish them
  • i-Move intelligent navigation system can correct the cleaning path
  • Two cleaning brushes for deeper and better cleaning on hardwood floors and carpeting surfaces
  • HEPA filtration

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Appearance & Design

ILIFE V8S has a sleek two-color body similar to A6 or A8 models. As always iLIFE keeps things minimalistic making their robots look modern. It leaves a great impression with its glassy surface. Slim body allows it to reach most of the areas under furniture, something we've already seen in ILIFE A8. On the lid iLIFE equipped V8s with 5 buttons and a screen that shows time and the battery level. There are power, home, schedule, spot cleaning and a mapping button. A 750 ml dustbin sits on the side of the robot making it super easy to remove and clean.

iLIFE V8s Appearance

Cleaning Performance

ILIFE V8S is eqquiped with anti-collusion and anti-drop sensors that help it to move around. A large 750ml dustbin holds more dust and dirt so you don't have to clean it after every run. Tangle-free design makes the robot perfect for families with pets. i-Move intelligent system has the stable gyro that correct the cleaning path.

iLIFE V8s smart navigation

Again, V8S is equipped with two cleaning brushes for better cleaning including a rubber tangle-free brush that works best on the hardwood and tiled floors collecting pet hair, and its best-known bristle brush for deeper cleaning on carpeting areas. Also, the home assistant comes with a microfiber cloth and a water tank for wet mopping. i-Dropping technology controls the amount of water liquid so the mop is always wet enough but not too much.

Avoids Obstacles And Falling Down

As the most of the robots on the market ILIFE V8S has sensors that prevent it from bumping into things all around your home and falling down from the stairs, tables etc.

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Battery Life

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with 2600 mAh Li-ion battery that works the whole 2 hours in one charge. It takes 3 hours to fully-charge the robot.

iLIFE V8s auto recharging

Remote Control

You can control your device using its upgraded remote controller. You can manage to move it in different directions, program schedule cleaning, start or stop the robot, choose cleaning modes, and make it get back to its charging station.

Price & Where To Buy iLIFE V8S

Currently, ILIFE V8S is only presented on Amazon for an around $260 price which is a good deal considering its cleaning performance.

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  • Affordable price
  • Decent battery life
  • Good suction power makes it perfect for carpets and pet owners
  • 2-in-1: sweep and mop
  • Smart i-Move 2.0 Navigation and Localization
  • Large Dustbin


  • No recharge & resume function
  • Louder than less powerful iLIFE robots

What makes ILIFE V8s one of the best budget smart robot vacuum cleaners

With the price of 250 dollars, ILIFE is killing its competitors with its robots that not just do their job on carpets and hardwood floors picking up pet hair which makes them perfect for pet owners. While other most expensive robot vacuum cleaners work 60-90 minutes at most, the $250 ILIFE V8S runs the whole 120 minutes having a good suction power. The oldest brothers from ILIFE clean approximately the same time but they come with a less powerful motor. Sounds impressive?

Decent battery life, modern minimalist design and two cleaning brushes that cooperate together to make your floor cleaner than ever, ILIFE V8S definitely deserves to be called one of the best smart robot vacuum cleaners to buy in 2018 without breaking a budget.


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  1. Tiffany 11 march 2018, 21:12 #
    where is the i-voice assistant system? how can i download it?
    1. Tiffany 11 march 2018, 21:19 #
      excuse me but this v8s doesn't have i voice assistant as v8. but it have the schedule of cleaning instead
      1. Michael 12 march 2018, 03:54(Comment was edited) #
        Hi Tiffany,
        sorry, looks like V8S doesn't have I-Voice Assistant. I have fixed the article. Thank you!
      2. Tiffany 11 march 2018, 21:20 #
        please fix your review soon
        1. Brook 12 april 2018, 10:38 #
          Your article states, «The coolest part about iLIFE V8s (A8 also has it) it's the feature that makes it get back to its docking base to recharge when the battery is running low and then get back to finish when the robot stopped. The same feature we've seen in Roomba 980.» but under Cons you list «no recharge and resume function.»
          1. Michael Fisher 18 april 2018, 06:40 #
            Hi Brook! Thank you for the notice. The iLIFE V8S does not have a recharge & resume feature, I'm sorry that I confused you with that part. Already fixed the mistake.
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