ILIFE A9S: the Newest Robot Vacuum with Camera Navigation and Advanced Wet Mopping

By Natalie Red·Updated: Jul 3, 2019· 4 min read

ILIFE Innovation Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of home robotics, just released their new flagship robot vacuum cleaner, the ILIFE A9S, which was recently debuted at CES 2019 in Shenzhen, China. It is already available to buy on AliExpress for the price of around $327. The new robot vacuum promises a few innovations compared to the oldest models such as an improved wet mopping, camera-based intelligent navigation, new virtual walls etc. Considering the big popularity and high customer ratings of ILIFE robot vacuums, the ILIFE A9S definitely deserves more customers attention. Let's take a closer look at this model and check if it worth the price.

ILIFE A9S vinyl

New Design With Vinyl Finish

The ILIFE A9S has a classic vinyl finish. It does not look like its older brothers. The design is not as minimalist as it used to be. There is a mix of black and dark grey colors.

ILIFE A9S low profile design

On top, there is a camera sensor with a 1/4 lens size, a power button, and a Wi-Fi indicator.

There is a port for a direct recharge that is housed on the side.

Underneath, there are two side sweepers, one main brush and big rubber wheels. Actually, underneath it looks the same as the other ILIFE models.

These side brushes help the vacuum cleaner bring the debris to the main brush that then sucks it up to the 600 ml dustbin.

The ILIFE A9S is safe for allergy and asthma sufferers

The dustbin gets inserted from the side by sliding; the container is also easy to get when cleaning is done. To change it with a water container, remove the dirtbin to insert the 300 ml water tank.

Inside the dirt box, you will find a HEPA filter that is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Camera-based Mapping & Intelligent Navigation

The camera sensor that is located on top scans the surroundings to build a map that will help the robot to navigate around without redoing the same areas or missing uncleaned zones.

ILIFE A9S pano view mapping technology

The robot navigates back-and-forth in straight lines.

Please note, the cliff sensors "think" black carpet is a drop-off, so they prevent the cleaner from going over it. Most of robot cleaners face it.

ILIFE A9S sensors

The robot is equipped with a voice assistant that alerts about what's going on.

Battery life, recharge & resume

According to ILIFE, the A9S lasts up to 2 hours before it needs to recharge. Recharging takes about 5 hours. It navigates back to the base station, charges up and then finishes cleaning to get the deed done. This feature makes the ILIFE A9S suitable for bigger homes.

ILIFE A9S auto recharge and resume feature

App Control

The ILIFE A9S supports Wi-Fi and comes with the ILIFE Robot app. In the app, you can track the A9S in real-time, switch between cleaning modes, start/stop it, schedule the robot to clean at a specific time up to 7 times a week, etc.

ILIFE A9S app control

The app and remote control allow managing the robot's movements manually.

One of the things that ILIFE didn't have before - controlling water dripping level. In the app, there are three stages of water leaking which you can choose depending on your mopping needs.

Also, the app lets you know when you need to replace the brushes and HEPA filter.

ILIFE A9S different cleaning modes

Electrowall: Virtual Boundaries

The ILIFE A9S comes equipped with an Electrowall. It builds an invisible barrier up to 3 meters long preventing the robot from crossing it.

ILIFE A9S electrowall virtual walls

The Newest Wet Mopping Technology With Vibrating Mopping Pad

Since the ILIFE A9S can sweep and mop, it has a water container and two mop cloths in the box.

Control the level of water driping in the app

The water tank has a built-in vibrating motor that keeps the cloth close to the floor providing thoughtful cleaning.

ILIFE A9S vibrating mopping pad

Previous water tank systems imitated mopping by just sliding the cloth around the floor leaving wet marks on it. ILIFE claims the new technology is more efficient.

Vibrating mechanism allows to keep the mop cloth close to the floor

This tank is big enough to cover a large area before getting dry.

The mop is removable and can be washed in a washing machine.

ILIFE A9S Specs and Features

Suction Power (Pa) 1000
Working Time (min) 90
Battery capacity (mAh) 2,600
Dust Bin Capacity (ml/oz) 600 / 20.2
Water Box Capacity (ml) 300
Amazon Alexa/Google Home Support no
Mopping Function yes
Mapping yes
Mapping technology camera & gyroscope
Virtual wall yes
App ILIFE Robot
Filter HEPA
Weight (lbs/kg) 5.6 / 2.5
Height (in/cm) 2.9 / 7.6
Width (in/cm) 12.9 / 33
Warranty 1 year
Accessories charging dock, adapter, water tank, extra mop cloth, cleaning tool, two extra side brushes, remote control (batteries included), extra HEPA filter

Pros of the ILIFE A9S

  • Upgraded mopping system
  • Long battery life
  • HEPA filtration
  • The ability to control the level of water dripping in the app
  • Tracking it in real-time
  • Voice prompt
  • Mapping makes cleaning more efficient because the robot does not repeat the same spots twice
  • Recharge & resume helps to finish cleaning if the battery is out of charge

Cons of the ILIFE A9S

  • No map interaction
  • Is not able to vacuum thicker carpets.

Considering such features as the camera-based mapping and the innovative wet mopping with vibration this robot vacuum can be a real competitor for other robot vacuums in this price range.

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  1. Jst
    #      +1
    Suction power of the A9S is 1000pa
    1. Natalie Red
      #      0
      Thanks, I have added suction power to the article.
    2. Ricus Coetzee
      #      0
      Where can I buy one if I live in South Africa
      1. Michael Fisher
        #      0
        Hi Ricus,
        Have no idea. I've checked Aliexpress and Gearbest but looks like they don't ship to South Africa.
        1. Ricus
          #      0
          Hi Michael

          I looked on gearbest but could not find it, is it possible that you can send me a link to were you have found it
          1. Michael Fisher
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            I believe it will be available on GearBest soon, but it's not there yet.
      2. ggeshev
        #      +1
        We have carpets in every room. Is it good with carpets?
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          The ILIFE A9S can go over carpets and is able to vacuum it but suction is not strong enough to provide deeper cleaning. Also, climbing ability is 15 mm which means the robot will have troubles with thick carpets.
          1. ggeshev
            #      +1
            thank you, for the reply!

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