The ILIFE A8 vs the Xiaomi Mi Robot Comparison: which is better?

Recently, ILIFE Robotics released a new flagship robot vacuum - the ILIFE A8. It's the first ILIFE model with an intelligent navigation system that builds a path for efficient cleaning. A lot of ILIFE fans been waiting for this feature since all other ILIFE robot vacuums don't have smart navigation. Why is smart navigation so important? Most of the cheap robot vacuums randomly move around your house, so they need more time to cover the entire area. Sometimes, they can't clean all the rooms at once or spend more time in one room and less in another. But they are still good if you use them regularly a few times per week. More expensive models like the ILIFE A8, Xiaomi Mi robot (and the newest Roborock version), the Roomba 980 (or 960), the Neato BotVac, the Dyson 360 Eye, and so on are equipped with a smart navigation system.

They have a laser or camera located on top that scans your house, while a powerful processor builds a plan of all rooms and calculates the most effective path to clean it avoiding obstacles. In this article, we will try to compare the ILIFE A8 and Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaners. We have chosen the older version of the Xiaomi robot vacuum on purpose since the newest version of the Xiaomi robot (the Roborock) is more expensive.

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ILIFE A8 and Xiaomi Mi Robot specifications

SpecificationsXiaomi Mi RobotILIFE A8
Suction Power1800Pa (CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system)1000Pa
Smart Navigation360-degree Laser Distance Sensor360-degree live-vision camera (PanoView system)
Battery Life150min130min
Battery Capacity5200mAh2600mAh
Noise Level68db64db
Dust bin capacity420ml300ml
Voice alert systemyesyes
Resumes after rechargingyesyes
Anti-collision systemyesyes
Anti-drop sensorsyesyes
Smartphone appyesno
IR Remote Controlnoyes
Filteration systemHEPA filterHEPA filter
Body Height9.65cm7.2cm
Body Radius34.54cm30.5cm

What does the Xiaomi Mi Robot do? Features

The Xiaomi Mi Robot can be controlled via the MI Home app (Android and iOS supported). The app offers a few features such as tracking cleaning progress (even if you are not at home), scheduling, the start/stop button, return to recharge, and so on. Mi Robot has a more powerful motor that delivers 1800Pa vs 1000Pa compared to ILIFE A8. It can pick up more dust from rugs. The 5200mAh battery provides a longer run time - up to 150 minutes in one charge. It is equipped with 12 different sensors that help the robot move around the house and build an efficient cleaning pattern.

Xiaomi Mi robot appearance


  • Can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone
  • 5200mAh li-ion battery
  • Extremely strong suction power

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  • No extra accessories in the box (no extra side brush, filter, or anything)

The main features of the ILIFE A8

The ILIFE A8 is an improved version of the A6 model. It has a similar design and the same 300ml dustbin. You can use the IR remote controller to schedule the robot, choose between 5 cleaning modes (auto, borders, the entire room, spotted spiral cleaning mode), and get the robot to its docking station using the home button. The ILIFE A8 has a new feature - a voice alert system called i-Voice Assistant. The robot alerts you about the battery level or when the cleaning process will be finished. The slim body allows for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

ILIFE A8 appearance


  • Slim 7.2cm body
  • Low noise level
  • i-Voice Assistant
  • Extra brushes and filters come in the box

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  • Does not come with a smartphone app

Price and where to buy

  • The 1st generation Xiaomi is available on Gearbest. It costs $286.99 which is more than expected for the features it offers.

  • You can also get the Xiaomi Mi Robot on Amazon for $362.56 with free two-day shipping for Prime members.

  • The iLIFE A8 is available on Amazon for $290.6.

Update: You can pre-order ILIFE A8 on Gearbest for about $300.

*remember that prices on Amazon or GearBest may change.

Which robot is better, the Xiaomi or the ILIFE?

Both robots are good, both provide great performance for their value, are both worth the money. The robots from ILIFE and Xiaomi have a low price tag but can beat much more expensive flagship models from other manufacturers. The best side of ILIFE A8 is its rubber brush that doesn't cause hair tangling and works better on vare floors.

However, Xiaomi Mi Robot comes with an app and runs longer. It has the stronger suction that is able to clean low and medium-pile carpets. Its mapping technology is more accurate and allows the robot to work in the dark. Even though it is an old model, Xiaomi Mi Robot still one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market with a price tag of around $300.

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