How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner? Compare 7 The Most Popular Brands of 2018

This day a robot vacuum cleaner sitting in the corner of a house does not surprise anyone. It might be a challenge to pick the right robot when you decide to get one. That's why we want to talk about the most popular brands that exist on the market and dive deep into each. What is good about Roomba, Neato, Xiaomi or Samsung? What's wrong with the Dyson 360 Eye? Are iLIFE robots that good as they said? And let's finally talk about the ECOVACS. So let's get started, shall we?


Samsung robot vacuum cleaners are super powerful but is there anything wrong with them?

Samsung robovacs claimed to be super powerful machines, maybe the most powerful on the market so far, that doesn't have an issue with cleaning carpets.

Almost all the Samsung robots have a mapping feature. The device creates a map of an interior after which the machine builds the path that helps it to clean smarter.

The machines from Samsung were designed with a shape that's good at cleaning corners.

What is wrong with robot cleaners from Samsung?

Has its issues with setting the robot up. The app is tricky and there is no instruction that would follow you up through the process.

Failed Wi-Fi connection. With that being said, Samsung robots fail Wi-FI connection from time to time.

A slow app doesn't useful at all. If you want to use the app you will be disappointed because its baggy, slowly, and not intuitive.

Because of its height, the robot couldn't get under furniture.

The shape Samsung comes with get the robots stuck more than the round robot vacuum cleaners.

iRobot Roomba

Roomba 980 an overpriced device of the year?

iRobot is one of the most popular companies producing Roomba robot vacuums making it a well-known brand.

Why buying Roomba?

Since most of Roombas were designed to clean carpets they are really good at it. Also, thanks to a dirt detector the robots provide more thoughtful cleaning when finding the dirtiest areas.

The iRobot Home app is intuitive and easy to use.

The latest Roomba 980 has a carpet boost function maximizing a suction power once it recognizes carpets or rugs.

If you want to buy a vacuum with a mapping feature - go with 960 or 980. You will be also able to see a cleaning map the robots create on your smartphone.

Only the oldest Roombas cannot be controlled by voice commands. Therefore, other machines from iRobot are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

To know more about the most popular Roomba robovacs go read our model comparison chart of what Roomba to buy in 2018.

What problems Roomba faces

It gets stuck in places.

Bumps into furniture slightly harsh.

At about 9 cm height Roomba couldn't get under some furniture. This is definitely not the highest robovac but not the slimmest either.

Consumers claim that because of the fact the newest models got silicon rollers, the devices are not that good at cleaning carpets than the old models with bristle brushes.

Comparing to other expensive robotics Roomba doesn't have a decent battery life. Only 980 can run for about 120 minutes. For example, iLIFE cleaners work 120-150 minutes costing at least twice less or Xiaomi Roborock that lasts 150 minutes on one charge with a price tag of around $550.

This is the most popular brand so do not stick with the name only. The robots could be overpriced.


Neato D7 Connected the robot you might need

Neato uses LIDAR (a much cheaper and less advanced version of the stuff used on autonomous cars) to map out the room and floor plans. This means it can work in absolute darkness with no issues.

Methodically cleaning the room while Roomba's pattern seems more random.

Consumers claim Neato has a strong suction power that provides deep cleaning on carpets (not the thick ones though).

Neato robots have a recharge & resume feature that allows them to continue working on their battery fully juiced up.

The latest models such as Neato D5 Connected, Botvac Connected, and Neato D7 Connected have a decent battery life which is 90-120 minutes.

Also, the latest models support Amazon Alexa / Google Home so can be controlled by simple voice commands (only D80/D85 don't have the feature).

There is a Neato model comparison chart for you to take a closer look at the latest Neato robovacs so you make sure what is the differences between the vacuums.

What is a "No-No" of Neato robots

As well as Samsung robots do, Neato stuck into tight places because of its shape.

Has issues with connecting to Wi-Fi.

All the robots from Neato build a map of the interior but you are not able to see the map on those models that come without the app (like D80 and D85).


second generation Xiaomi Roborock S50 is one of the top-level robot vacuum cleaner on the market to buy in 2018

There are only three models on the market Xiaomi has released but the owners rated the robovacs highly.

So far you can buy the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot, the second generation Xiaomi Roborock S50, and the latest budget basic-featured version - Xiaowa Lite.

When it comes to value for the money, Xiaomi makes the best to produce products that are top-level considering their price tag. Both gen (Mi Robot and Roborock) come with smart navigation and mapping function. The robots use a laser to create a map so there is no issue with working in the dark. Using the MiJia app you can see a map, where the robot has been and track its movements in real time.

Both gen also has a recharge & resume feature which you will not find on other robots as cheap as Mi Robot.

Xiaomi rarely gets stuck.

With a cost of about $400 (a little bit over than $300 on Gearbest), the first Gen Xiaomi Mi Robot has many functions most of the robots in this price range don't. It navigates smart, clean thin carpets with ease, handles pet hair, performs well on the bare floor.

Xiaomi Roborock S50 has a $570 price tag (about $500 on Gearbest) coming with a sweep-and-mop option so the robot can do both at the same time. It has a high-capacity battery that lasts about 150 minutes (same in Mi Robot) which sounds crazy since the longest-running robots could do about 120 minutes having a higher price. For most parameters, Roborock S50 beats its competitors like the battery life, the ability to mop, smart navigation which based on consumer reviews is better in some way than Roomba or Neato have. The device is good at picking pet hair, cleaning the bare floor and working on carpets. Although it doesn't have a silicon roller as the latest Roomba or iLIFE robots have, it does have an anti-tangle design that prevents hair wrapping over the cleaning brush and wheels.

Speaking about the budget version Xiaowa Lite, the price would be about $300 once it is available to buy. The model also got a long-lasting battery (about 120 minutes on one charge), and a large 640ml dust box. A strong suction power should be good on carpets and rugs, large wheels make the robot climb obstacles up to 20mm. Even though Xiaowa Lite doesn't have smart navigation and mapping function it still worth paying attention to. Here we've talked why it is might be the robot you need.

The MiJia app got some serious improvement in the latest robovacs. You can now manage Roborock's movements by tapping on a specific area and the device will go to the point. Also, there is an ability to create virtual walls by drawing an area you need on your smartphone.

Why Xiaomi could not be an option for you

Because Xiaomi is a Chinese company, European and the US consumers should wait for extra accessories longer than when it comes to local brands such as Roomba or Neato.

US owners have an issue with setting it to Wi-Fi. To make it work the device can be connected to an European or Chinese server (only for the US users).

Unfortunately, only Roborock has a limited Alexa support, while Mi Robot and Xiaowa Lite aren't compatible with this voice assistфnt.


the latest robotics from iLIFE the smart A8 and a budget V8S

You may not know about this company so here we go: iLIFE is the Chinese company that's been on the market for about 7 years.

Their robots are super budget and can compete with more expensive models in some way. All the robovacs from iLIFE come with a decent battery that lasts at least 90 minutes and more which is the main reason for paying attention to this company. While other robotics last about 70-90 minutes, iLIFE machines can run for 120-150 minutes.

Old models like X5 or V5S Pro has a strong suction power that is able to clean thin carpets.

A4S, on the other hand, has a more powerful motor so it can suck dust and dirt from a carpet better than its older brothers.

Although, the newest models A6 and A8 are the most powerful from iLIFE family they also got rubber brushes that are good at picking pet hair, don't a have a problem with wrapped hair around it, performs great on the bare floor, but some consumers claim that they are not that good on carpets. The robots are still good at working on carpets but apparently bristle brushes are better at it. iLIFE A8 has two - the bristle and rubber brushes so it should be working better on carpets than its older brother A6 does.

Fairly to say, that the latest Roomba 960 and 980 also have similar silicon rollers which cause the best cleaning on bare floors than on carpets (at least, that what consumers claim).

Only some models come with an app. This is the newest A8 and an old iLIFE V7(which is super basic though).

If you want to control it via Alexa of Google Home, you would be disappointed because of no one ILIFE robot compatible with these voice assistants.

When it comes to planning - consider having a look at iLIFE A8 because it is the only one model from iLIFE family that has a mapping function.

Old robovacs come with a mopping feature so you can mop your floor as well as sweep. These are V7, V7S Plus, V5 Pro, and X5.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that will catch pet hair and clean thin carpets/rugs have a look at A4S, A6, A8 and the newest - V8S.

Even having all these 'cons' iLIFE still can be considered as one of the best budget home robot on the market with a price tag of $300 top.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S the budget knockoff worth buying

Ecovacs Deebot already has some trust among the consumers. It is a company that produces robot cleaners with basic functions that are cheap. The price started from $180 for the most budget model and ended with up to $600 cost.

Most of the Ecovacs robots last up to 110 minutes and have decent suction for cleaning thin carpets.

If you want the smart navigation to have a look at the most expensive ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 that cost about $600. Only this model comes with a camera to create a map.

To be fair, OZMO 930 costs too much for the features it offers. For this money, you can get Neato, Roomba or Roborock.

The main reason to pay attention to Ecovacs is their budget robots that have thousands of reviews on Amazon. ECOVACS Deebot N79, ECOVACS Deebot N79S, and ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro are available to buy on Amazon for $230-$250. N79S and M80 are integrated with Alexa which is a good deal considering the price. ECOVACS Deebot N79 does have an app but cannot be controlled by voice.

Overall, the budget Ecovacs robots are high-rated, owners are in love with their purchase so if you are not ready to spend some extra money on a robovac have a look at the models we've talked about here.

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye and problems it has

Dyson has been a leader of upright vacuums for years so they decided to produce a robovac as well.

An over than 1000 dollars machine got a strong suction power that makes it one of the most powerful on the market, and because of this, the robot is very noisy. However, don't fall into this machine because consumers claim that nevertheless, this is an expensive one, any other top-level vacuum cleaners perform better than Dyson 360 Eye.

The 360 was one of the first that had a Unique 360° vision system and smart navigation. It creates a map that you can see on your phone and where the robot has been. After the device has created a map, it builds a cleaning pattern by itself.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Why Dyson 360 Eye Is Not A Robot You Would Like Yo Buy

The app is not good. Not intuitive and archaic comparing with other robots.

Too tall to get under a coach, bed, and other furniture.

Gets stuck a lot.

The battery lasts only about 30 minutes.

Can't get its dock being dead. Don't remember where it left.

What robot vacuum cleaner to buy?

Before you decide to buy a robovac consider what you expect from your personal assistant. Do you home mostly covered by carpet or bare floors? Do you have pets? Do you want it to move smartly never missing a spot or you are okay with random navigation. What house do you own: small, average or big? Do you really need the integration with Alexa? Do you want your robot to have an access to Wi-Fi or you are going to turn it on only when you are home? What budget do you have that you are ready to spend on your new home assistant?

The most popular brands for sure might have a bigger effort on you that the less known but don't fall for a name only.

If you don't want to spend extra money on more expensive cleaners - go with iLIFE or Ecovacs. These are super popular on Amazon, most owners are happy about the robots. Decent battery life, an average suction power that is enough for cleaning sick carpets, basic functions that you would expect from a robovac with a low price tag (from about $125 to $300). Most of them use anti-allergen HEPA filtration and are able to handle pet hair.

Xiaomi Mi Robot and Xiaowa are not concerned as high-priced devices nevertheless these are good machines with a cost about 300-350 dollars. Mi Robot is a smart robovac that has a mapping function while Xiaowa is a powerful device that can clean carpets on the same level as more expensive ones.

When it comes to most expensive models, there is no right answer what robovac to stick with. If you are about to spend 1000 dollars on a vacuum - have a look at the newest Samsung POWERbot R9350 but be ready for some troubles with connecting to Wi-FI and the fact that the app is super confusing. And if your furniture has small space under - Samsung will not fit under it. Before buying this one carefully read all the reviews and consider if you are okay with everything.

For the price of $400-$800, the best choice would be to dive deeper into features of Roomba, Neato, and Xiaomi Roborock.

Mostly Neato models come with a longer lasting battery than all Roombas except the latest Roomba 980. Neato Botvac Connected and Neato D7 Connected are the two of their family we would recommend buying.

Xiaomi Roborock works the longest on the list. 150 minutes having the strong suction that cleans carpets and rugs and performs well on the bare floor as well. The tangle-free design makes Xiaomi Roborock perfect for pet hairs. Along with that, the robot uses HEPA filtration that would be ideal for people who suffers from asthma or some kind of allergy. And it costs less than the latest Neato Robots and the most of popular Roombas.

Lastly, when you already bought the robot of your dreams - do not forget to look after it. Empty the dust box in time, clean the main brush, have a look if there is something hiding on the side brush so you could clean it up either. If your robot comes with a washable filter - clean it properly. Do it all and your new helper will be with you longer that you think.

If you have any questions about what robovac to get or any other information you would like to know before buying one, do not hesitate to leave a comment down belove. Help other people to make a choice based on your personal experience.


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