How To Choose The Right Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner From ILIFE - The Buying Guide

We have already talked about choosing the right Roomba for your needs, and now it is time to talk about the Chinese company ILIFE.

ILIFE is one of the leading robot companies that produces budget robot vacuum cleaners. Their robots are good for people who want to buy a robovac without breaking a budget and get a great vacuum cleaner with excellent cleaning performance. For over ten years 10 million families around the world are happy with ILIFE products.

[Update, December 2018] ILIFE released the new models such as ILIFE A8, V8S and A7. The ILIFE A8 is equipped with a camera for mapping and a combination of two brushes (bristled and silicone); the ILIFE V8S has a large dustbin and suction inlet, suitable for bare floor; the ILIFE A7 is equipped with a gyroscope, has a tangle-free roller for pet hair and large dustbin.

So what you need to know before buying a robot vacuum?

  1. Do you need a robot vacuum cleaner?
  2. What kind of surface is in your home. Do you need a wet mopping function?
  3. The size of your home
  4. Do you have pets?
  5. Consider how much do you want to spend on a robovac.

Why do you need a robot vacuum cleaner?

The main reasons to buy one is time-saving. You could do whatever you want while the robot is working. ILIFE proves that robot vacuum cleaners could be the same price as upright ones or even less expensive. If you are still in doubt, we recommend reading our article 10 reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Carpeting or bare floor?

Suction power is the first thing you should pay attention to if you mostly have carpeting surface in your home. Not all robots are designed for carpets and rugs. Some of them are produced for bare floors (read top 5 best mopping robots). Before buying the device, you have to know what type of surface in your home.

The ILIFE robots are not suitable for deep carpet cleaning. Even though they perform great on bare floor and thin carpet, do not expect that your ILIFE robot will replace a traditional vacuum on carpet.

Are you a lucky pet-owner?

Cats and dogs could be cute and funny until you see their hair all over the house. In this case, you probably need the one with strong suction and brushless rollers such as ILIFE A7, ILIFE A6 or the newest ILIFE A7.

Do you have a big house or a small apartment?

Some robots are designed for small rooms, and they will get back to their dock station after cleaning only one or two rooms. Battery life matters. Some robots run for 120 min while other ones last about 60-70 min. For example, after cleaning the whole two hours Roomba 980 will go back to the dock, recharge and resume the cleaning where it left off to finish the job. On the other hand, such a power giant as A6 cleans longer, but after getting back to its charging dock, you have to get it back manually. Do not forget that Roomba costs about $500-$800 while the most expensive robot from ILIFE is on the market for less than $300.


Consider how much do you want to spend on a robot vacuum. You are lucky if you decide to buy an ILIFE. The product line is budget and provides good cleaning performance for its price. The most expensive model is the ILIFE A8 that costs around $300 and suitable for both: bare floor and mixed surface. The cheapest one is the ILIFE V1. All the robots from ILIFE come with a bunch of accessories which is impressive considering their low price.

Let's compare three the most expensive and the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners from ILIFE.

The ILIFE robot cleaners comparison chart

Cleaning area (sq. m.)120200150200100N/A160130
Virtual Wallsnoyesnononononono
Wet moppingyesnoyesnoyesnonono
Run Time (min)140140140140801509090
Recharge time (min)250250250250250250250250
Battery (Li-Ion battery mAh)2,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,600
Suction Power (Pa)6001,0008501,0001,0001,0001,200600
Floor Typesbare floorbare floor, thin carpetbare floor, thin carpetbare floor, thin carpetbare floorbare floor, thin carpetbare floor, thin carpetbare floor, thin carpet
Dust box capacity (ml)600300300450750600300300
Water box capacity (ml)450-300-350---
Height (inch / cm)3.15 / 83.15 / 82.76 / 7.012.99 / 7.63.19 / 8.12.99 / 7.62.83 / 7.23.0 / 7.6
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In the end

Picking up a robot vacuum could be a challenge due to the reason why you need it.

If you want your robot to clean a bare floor, buy a mopping vacuum then such as the ILIFE V7S Plus, V6S Pro or the ILIFE V8S(we recommend to get this one because of the suction inlet that reduces hair tangling).

For Pet hair go with the ILIFE A6, ILIFE A7, ILIFE A8.

For cleaning mixed surface - ILIFE A4S, ILIFE A6, ILIFE A7 and the newest ILIFE A8.

Remember that the ILIFE A8 and A7 are equipped with mapping and are mode efficient when it comes to cleaning bigger areas, they don't miss any spot and navigate in straight lines instead of chaotic movement other ILIFE robots do.

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