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Posted on August 1, 2017

Today we are going to compare the two of the newest and most powerful robot vacuums from iLIFE. A4S and ILIFE A6 prove that for less than $300 you can get a good-looking powerful robot cleaner

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Smart robot vacuum cleaners from Chuwi iLIFE A4S and A6 design


Most of the iLIFE robots run in a random direction. These two robots don't bump into obstacles which is the improvement worth mentioning. The upgraded motor has enough suction power to give your carpet a thorough clean. Both robots A4S and A6 are good for cleaning almost all types of floors such as carpeting surface of bare floors compare to its price. It works till the battery runs out and cover all the area and then the robot gets back to the charging station. Since it cost less than $300 the cleaning performance is good enough to compete with more expensive vacuum cleaners. 

Let's go over the features


iLIFE A4S deeper clean on carpet robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning modes:

  1. Auto Cleaning Mode
  2. Edge Cleaning  Mode to clean your wall edges better
  3. Spot Cleaning mode for concentrating on a smaller area
  4. Max Cleaning Mode to pick up more dirt than the auto mode 
  5. With advanced MiniRoom cleaning mode, the robot could clean one room more deeply in a short time

iLIFE A4S cleaning modes

  • Better suction power that allows the robot to clean better on carpets and helps you to save energy and time
  • It is quite due to its suction power 
  • HEPA filtration 
  • Infrared sensors that prevent falling from the stairs
  • Intelligent Anti-collision System Sensor protects the furniture from damaging
  • OBS sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body
  • Low body can help the robot to clean almost everywhere
  • A4S goes back to its dock to recharge and then returns to finish the job
  • Easy to use. Just press the button to start cleaning 
  • A4S got an upgraded brush with stiffer bristles that are easier to clean and the brush is smaller than the previous one. 

iLIFE A4S Review: Unboxing & Features


  • Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system which is the combination of agitation, brushing, and suction delivers the thorough and complete cleaning performance
  • The new upgraded blade spiral rubber brush combined with Tanglee Free Technology that is easy to clean and provides more efficient cleaning. 

The new upgradet blade spiral rubber brush from iLIFE A6 vs A4S cleaning brush

  • A new elegant design with piano black finish and tempered glass top cover
  • Better cleaning performance on a carpeting surface
  • Dual Mode ElectroWall that A4 and A4S don't have
  • Cleaning modes: auto mode (moves from one wall to another before it spirals inwards to clean the floor), edge mode, max mode, spot mode, MiniRoom cleaning mode that saves more energy just by clicking the button twice.
  • Intelligent sensors provide better navigation protecting the robot from falling and avoid furniture damaging
  • Thanks to 8mm body the A6 couldn't get trapped under the furniture
  • HEPA filtration

ILIFE A6 Review + Cleaning Test

What is the difference between A4S and A6

Biggest upgrade A6 got with the new tangle-free bearing system that is much easier to clean. The blade spiral rubber brush has the high-powered dirt pickup capability and solves the toughest issue with tangled fur and hair that most robots face. Also, A6 is running a bit longer than previous versions. The new amazing design is something you will be crazy about.

Let's have a quick look at the difference between iLIFE A4S, A6, and the oldest version — A4


Cleaning radius 180 - 200 sq.m 180 - 200 sq.m 180 - 200 sq.m
Run time 120 140 160
Charging time 200-250 min 200-250 200-250
Wet Mopping
Suction Power 700-1000 Pa 700-1000 Pa 950-1000 Pa
Diameter (inches/cm) 12.2 / 30.9 12.2 / 30.9 12.01 / 30.5
Height (inches/cm) 2.99 / 7.5 2.99 / 7.5 3.15 / 8
Weight (lbs / kg) 4.85 / 2.2  4.85 / 2.2  5.6 / 2.55
Dustbin capacity (l / oz) 15.2 / 0.45 15.2 / 0.45 10.1 / 0.3 
Virtual Wall
Noise Less than 65 db Less than 65 db Less than 65 db
Remote Controller
Cleaning Modes
  • Automatic cleaning
  • border cleaning
  • spot cleaning
  • mini-room cleaning 
  • Auto Mode
  • Spot Mode
  • Edge Mode
  • Max Mode
  • MiniRoom Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Spot Mode
  • Edge Mode
  • Max Mode
  • MiniRoom Mode
Hepa Filter
Smartphone App
Battery 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Warranty 12 months  12 months  12 months 
3-Stage System
2nd generation CyclonePower motor
Floor Types Tile, Wood Floor, Carpet Tile, Wood Floor, Carpet Tile, Wood Floor, Carpet
Accessories Included
  • English Manual
  • Extra HEPA filter
  • Charging base + Adapter
  • Remote Controller + 2 AAA batteries
  • Extra side brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Quick start guide
  • User Manual
  • Charging dock + plug
  • Extra filter
  • Remote Control + 2 AAA batteries
  • Two extra side brushes
  • Cleaning brush
  • Remote controller + batteries.
  • Virtual wall + batteries.
  • Charging dock and adapter.
  • English manual.
  • 2 extra side brushes.
  • Extra rubber brush.
  • Extra Hepa filter.
  • Clean brush.


Overall A6 costs $50 more and has all the features you can find on the earlier A4S + the new blade spiral rubber brush and the new design. Both can clean carpets, tiles and wood floors without any problem. If you feel that you have a lot of hair to clean up at home whether it pet hair or long human hair the A6 will be a better option because the rubber brush is easy to maintain and you actually get a better-looking robot. But if you don't want to spend extra money the A4S would be good as well due to its cleaning performance and a lower price tag.

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