Meet the Newest 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Is it a New Roomba Killer?

By Natalie Red·Jul 25, 2018· 3 min read

The 360 S6 is a brand-new automatic robotic vacuum cleaner we haven't heard about before. It comes with strong suction, intelligent mapping and path planning and many other high-end features. What makes it better than the top-level Roomba 980? Let's find out.

UPDATE: Check out our latest 360 S6 review.

The 360 S6 Technical Specification

Features360 S6 Robot Vacuum
Runtime120 min
Suction power1800 Pa
Washable HEPA fileryes
Battery capacity3200 mAh
Dustbox capacity400 ml
Wet Moppingyes
Water tank150 ml
Mapping / Path Planningyes
Mapping sensorlaser
Climbing ability0.67 in / 17 mm
Runtime90-120 min
Carpet Boostyes
Noise level55 dB
Smart navigationyes
Recharge & resumeyes
Cliff & anti-drop sensorsyes
Remote ControliOS / Android App
Virtual wallsyes
Where to BuyOn GearBest for $349

The 360 S6 Design

The 360 S6 robotic vacuum cleaner has got a minimalistic design that looks fantastic. Somehow it reminds the Roborock S5 white & black style. On top, we can see a round head that featured a laser inside. There are two buttons: power and recharge. And the one that leads us to open the lid where you can find a dustbin. Underneath the robot houses its main brush, two large heels, water tank assembly mounting port, and two side sweepers.

Navigation & Cleaning pattern

The 360 S6 is equipped with sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs and collisions with furniture. Drop sensors detect stairs and help the robot to not falling down. As we mentioned before, there is an LDS sensor that scans the interior of a room and builds the most efficient way of cleaning on its own, following the zig-zag mode. The laser is accurate when it comes to mapping and allows the robot to build a map in the dark.

360 S6 mapping the room and obstacles

The biggest thing about this device is that it creates a map in real-time, so if you place a chair or anything else in front of it while the device is working, it will rebuild a map and show it on the map immediately. The 360 S6 robot remembers where it is now. If you have more than a one-floor house, the cleaner will actually know where it is. It holds in memory a few maps, it remembers a map of each floor. Check our list of the best robot vacuums with the mapping feature.

360 S6 avoiding collisions

Check It Out on GearBest

How does it work?

Two side brushes sweep dust and dirt along the walls and transfer it into the dustbin. The main brush catching pet hair and dirt, where its powerful motor sucks it inside the dustbin. The machine has the feature that increases suction once it recognizes a carpet.

360 S6 robot vacuum carpet detection

The dustbin has two filters one of which is a washable HEPA filter. It is perfect for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. It catches 99% of PM2.5 dust, mites, allergens, and dirt.

Even though the 360 S6 has a strong suction that delivers 1800 Pa, it is quieter than most the high-end robot cleaners on the market. Thanks to its large wheels, the 360 S6 can climb obstacles up to 0.67 inches (17 mm) and has no issues with crossing over thick carpets. Voice prompts informs about cleaning status.

360 S6 automatic robotic vacuum cleaner - how does it work

The 360 S6 comes with a 150 ml water tank and a mop cloth. In the mopping mode, it controls water dripping making it leak when the robot is moving but once S6 stops - water stops leaking.

Battery life

The 3200 mAh battery lasts about 90-120 minutes, it depends on the cleaning mode. Once it gets lower than 20% the robot returns back to its charging station, recharge and resumes cleaning from the point it left off. Thanks to the Lidar Mapping System, the cleaner remembers where it has been.

App control

The 360 S6 comes with an app making it able to be controlled from your smartphone even when you are not home. Except for basic features such as start, manually manage its movement, scheduling the robo and so on. You can select cleaning areas and forbidden zones so the cleaner will not cross the selected areas.

360 S6 robot vacuum smarphone app screenshots

The app allows to see the created map in real-time and track where the robo has already cleaned.

Price & Where to buy

  • The 360 S6 is available to buy on Gearbest. Hurry up, it costs only $329.99 + free shipping with the coupon code GB-APS6 (valid until September 31)..

The 360 S6 Robot Vacuum: How does it work

Wrap It Up

The 360 S6 is a very powerful machine that comes with a low price tag. It easily can compete with high-end machines such as the Roomba 980, Roborock S5, ECOVACS, and Neato. It creates a visual map and knows where it has cleaned, the app allows to create virtual walls and control the robot even when you are not at home. It can sweep and mop which is great not many cleaners on the market offer that. Strong suction makes the machine able to deep clean low and medium-pile carpets handling pet hair, dust, and dirt with ease. The mapping feature is amazing, one of the best on the market. The 360 S6 robotic vacuum is an amazing device with high-end features that cost less than most of the competitors with similar features. What do you think about this robot vacuum? Write your opinion in the comment section down below.

Where to buy

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  1. Pierre
    26 july 2018, 02:48(edited})
    #      0
    Interesting but it looks like an ad and not a review. The only video is provided by the manufacturer!
    1. Michael
      26 july 2018, 04:06
      #      0
      Hi Pierre,
      it is not a review, it is just an announcement of a new device. All the photos and videos from the manufacturer's website. We'll write a review of this robot vacuum later.
      1. Mike
        15 august 2018, 16:02
        #      0
        Looking forward to review!
        1. Michael
          17 august 2018, 04:46
          #      0
          Hi Mike!
          I got the robot today! We are working on the review, it will be published next week.
          1. Mike
            19 august 2018, 11:51
            #      0
            Thank you. Hopefully be another capable entry in market.


    2. Gys Wuyts
      14 august 2018, 03:36
      #      0

      I've ordered mine last week Thursday, and contrary to what I was thinking, it arrived already. Well packaged (double boxed against the rigours of shipping).
      The box contains as stated in the user manual and quick start guide (both in perfect English), the robot, the base station, charger, cleaner brush and the mopping container.
      The battery was completely drained so I manually pushed it on the base station, and after a few seconds a booming voice announced it was alive…
      And then I hit a bump… The bar codes, manually searching, googling the website and then trying to find it, there is no easy way to find the APP, required to config the device.
      My hunch is that the APP (iOS in my case) is only available in the Apple App Stores of certain countries, so I need to connect to these stores to see if that helps… but that would also mean my app wouldn't update automatically…
      Support info not easy to be found…
      To be continued…
      (But so far, I'm impressed with the quality of the finishing, the manuals, the packaging)
      1. Michael
        14 august 2018, 05:27
        #      0
        Hi Gys,
        thanks for your feedback! I'll get this robot next week. Hope the problem with the app availability in certain countries and lack of information will be solved soon. It's just a new model that came on the market this month.
        Would be glad to hear any updates about your experience with this robot.
        1. Petrus
          24 august 2018, 13:09
          #      0

          Just got my robot in Sweden and I have the same issue with the app! There is none in my region:(

          Any info of what regions its on? Anything outside china?
          1. Michael
            25 august 2018, 03:50
            #      0
            Hi Petrus,

            Try this direct link to the 36OSmart app.
            Looks like they are using «O» letter instead of «0» (zero) in the app name. Maybe that's why you can't find it in the App store.
        2. Mike
          15 august 2018, 16:01
          #      0
          I believe the app might be called «360Smart».
          1. Mike
            15 august 2018, 16:04
            #      0
            Also very interested in someone reviewing this one:

            1. Billboard
              06 september 2018, 05:05
              #      0

              app support email:


              el: +86 10 5244 8047
              Mobile: 135 1100 8098
              Facebook: @360SmartAI
              For after-sales service:
              For business consultation:

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