360 S5 vs. Xiaomi Mi Robot: Is the Newest Robot Vacuum Better Than Xiaomi?

By Natalie Red·Updated: Dec 11, 2019· 7 min read

Does everyone know about the Xiaomi Mi Robot? It became popular since the robot was released in 2016. At that time, it was among the best smart machines at a price of about $400. By the way, the Xiaomi has launched the newest robot vacuum - MiJia 1S.

Time changed and the market is getting bigger with the newest models that get launched. One of those robot vacuums is the 360 S5. The first model S6 was one of the best budget and smart cleaners.

The S5 has almost all the features the Mi Robot does plus some additional such as carpet identification, room localization, maps saving, etc. Intrigued? Let's find out if you would better go with the new brand or stick with a well-known Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Robot vs. 360 S5 comparison chart

Specs Xiaomi Mi Robot 360 S5
Suction power 1,800 Pa 2,000 Pa
Battery life 150 min 120 min
Recharge & Resume yes yes
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh 2,600 mAh
Mapping technology LIDAR LIDAR
Mapping sensor LDS LDS
Multiple mapping no yes
Dustbin capacity 420 ml 500 ml
Climbing ability 0.59 / 15 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm
Noise level 68 dB 55 dB
Alexa/Google Home support yes no
HEPA filtration yes Washable HEPA
Restricted areas no yes
Zoned cleaning yes yes
Carpet boost no yes
Sensors 12 12
Room division no yes
Room cleaning no yes
Warranty 12 months 12 months

What the 360 S5 and Xiaomi Mi Robot share?

LIDAR mapping technology

Both of them have a "tower" on top with the LDS laser. The laser helps to build the map of your floors by scanning out the cleaning area.

The map makes the robot remember where it needs to clean and where it has already been.

Navigation pattern

Unless those models that do not have mapping, the 360 S5, and Mi Robot follow the map, they create to navigate in a purposeful back-and-forth pattern.

With the map, the robot will not go over the same areas twice saving battery life.

Zoned cleaning

Both models support zoned cleaning. When you need the vacuum to work inside your kitchen only, you can set the area inside the app so the cleaner will only vacuum within it.

Real-time tracking

Each of them is equipped with processors that help to track the robot in real-time. You can watch your robot building a map in the app.


As all the robot vacuum cleaners that are based on the LDS laser, the Xiaomi and 360 resume cleaning after recharging. When the battery is about 20% of energy, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock, charge up to 80% and picks up from the same spot it left off.


Both robots are safe for those who suffer from allergy and asthma since they are equipped with a HEPA filter. The 360 S5 filter is washable though.

Xiaomi Mi Robot quick buying guide

Xiaomi Mi Robot or 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner: which one is better

The Xiaomi Mi Robot is one of the longest-lasting and strongest robot vacuum cleaners on the market. It is smart, efficient and comes with a reasonable price tag.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot is equipped with the 5,200 mAh longest-lasting battery in the industry that makes the robot work for the whole 150 minutes. It has a side sweeper and the main cleaning brush. They work together to catch, agitate and channel the dust, debris and pet hair right into the suction path where it gets sucked up into the dustbin. With the LDS laser that is housed in the "head," the Xiaomi maps out the interior to let the robot know where exactly it should clean. The Mi Robot can be tracked in real-time. The app supports zoned cleaning which means if you want the cleaner to work inside the kitchen, you can make the vacuum work within it by drawing a rectangle on the map. After recharging is done, the Mi Robot resumes cleaning from the same spot it left off.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot is suitable for big homes with mostly bare flooring or mixed surface. Because of the climbing ability of 15 mm, it is not suitable for thicker carpets.

360 S5 quick buying guide

360 S5 a budget smart robot vacuum with high-end features

The S5 is the newest model of 360 brand. We have reviewed (and been using it for quite a while) their previous robot vacuum cleaner - 360 S6. Take everything we loved about the 360 S6, add room recognition, improve the clearance and get the better version - the 360 S5.

We love how the 360 S6 performs on both: carpets and bare flooring. Even though we have low and medium-pile carpets, the robot cannot climb rugs that are thicker than 17 mm (never was an issue for us though). It has the better climbing ability of 20 mm, same LDS laser-based mapping, a similar design (except the way you get the dustbin out) and what is important - the 360 S5 knows the location of your rooms.

Stronger suction yet the 360 S5 is quieter than most of the robot vacuum cleaners

If with the S6 model you had to create zoned cleaning to make the robot work within a living room, the S5 actually knows where your living room is, and so you can make it work directly there, without drawing a rectangle, only by choosing the room in the map. Also, you can schedule the robot to clean your kitchen at a specific time by picking up the room you need in the map the robot created. This is a similar feature the Xiaomi MiJia 1S, and Roborock T6 have.

Choose the room you want the robot to work within. Schedule the 360 S5 to work in your kitchen at a specific time

Nevertheless, the 360 S5 also supports zoned cleaning and restricted areas we loved in the 360 S6.

The 360 S5 can recognize carpet flooring, it boosts suction power once the robot knows it is on a carpet

In addition, the newest model has stronger suction of 2,000 Pa. Even though it has stronger suction, the S5 also has a dual noise reduction duct.

The same as the 360 S6, the newest model support multiple mapping storing which makes the 360 S5 perfect for homes with one or more floors.

The HEPA filter is washable

However, the newest model does not have a water container and can not mop.

The 360 S5 is ideal for homes with a mixed surface, bare flooring or thicker carpets. If you live in a house that has more than one level - the 360 S5 would be ideal for your needs.

Price & where to buy

  1. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Robot on Geekbuying for $294. On GearBest the Xiaomi Mi Robot comes with a ~$315 price tag.

  2. The 360 S5 so far is only available on GearBest where you can get it for ~$290.

To Wrap It Up: Xiaomi Mi Robot or 360 S5?

So which one would you choose with the given features?

With all my love to the Xiaomi Mi Robot, I would recommend getting the 360 S5 anyway. Why? It has more features; it performs better on carpets with better climbing ability, carpet identification, and stronger suction. Let's not forget about the room localization. The S5 would be better for pet owners; also if there are thicker carpets in your house and your house is actually more than one level - the 360 would be more suitable for your needs. With the given price that is so far $20 cheaper than the Mi Robot's cost - the 360 is a winner here.

Unless you need longer runtime because you live in a big house or want to control the device with your voice (in case you have Alexa or Google Home) - go with the Xiaomi Mi Robot. Talking about Alexa compatibility - the Xiaomi didn't support smart voice assistants at first, so we hope the 360 will be integrated with those soon as well.

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  1. Antti
    #      0
    Could you please measure what is the full height of the S5 and Mi robot including the LDS tower?

    Also, if you know what is the minimum height of cabin/sofa they will go under?

    Thank you.
    1. Natalie Red
      #      0
      the Xiaomi Mi Robot full height with the lidar is 9.6 cm (3.77 inches), the Roborock S5 is 9.65 cm (3.79 inches).
      1. Antti
        #      0
        So, at least in theory they should go under 10 cm cabinets. My iLife A4s is a bit hesitant sometimes…

        Thank you! :)
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          Yes, in theory, they should go under 10 cm cabinets. I'm just curious why the A4s can't since it is only 7.6 cm tall.
          1. Antti
            #      +1
            I am really not sure. It could be reflection or something that is is «seeing». They are white cabinets on light wood floor. Sometimes it goes under but sometimes it clearly stops just before and goes the other way. I've cleaned the sensors many times but it hasn't helped much.

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