360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison: 360 S5 vs. S6 vs. S7 vs. S6 Pro

By Natalie Red·Updated: May 22, 2020· 7 min read

360 company is new on a robot vacuum cleaner market. The first model, S6, was released in 2018. They make smart devices that can remember your home layout and are more efficient than most cleaners in this price range. We had a chance to test three of them. What is the difference between the 360 S5 vs. S5 vs. S7? Let's dive deeper into the 360 robot vacuum cleaner world.

Model name 360 S5 360 S6 360 S7 360 S6 Pro
Battery life 110 min 90 min 120 min 180 min
Suction power 2,000 Pa 1,800 Pa 2,000 Pa 2,200 Pa
Carpet identification yes yes yes yes
Mapping yes yes yes yes
Mapping technology LDS Laser LDS Laser LDS Laser LDS Laser
Zoned cleaning yes yes yes no
Dustbin size 550 ml 400 ml 550 ml 420 ml
Mopping no yes yes yes
Water level control - no no yes
Water tank size - 80 ml 150 ml 200 ml
Alexa / Google Home Support yes / no yes / no yes / no yes / yes
Battery capacity 2,600 mAh 3,200 mAh 3,200 mAh 5,200 mAh
Restricted areas yes yes yes yes
No-Mop zones - no yes yes
Room cleaning yes no yes yes
Scheduling to clean in one room yes no yes yes
Multiple maps support yes yes yes yes
Noise level 55 dB 55 dB 55 dB 53 dB
Crossing ability 0.79 in / 20 mm 0.67 in / 17 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm 0.79 in / 20 mm
Height 3.94 in / 10 cm 3.94 in / 10 cm 3.94 in / 10 cm 3.94 in / 10 cm
Resumption yes yes yes yes
App 360Smart 360Smart 360Smart 360Smart
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Release date 2018 2018 June 2019 March 2020
Price $289.99 Gearbest
$329.99 Gearbest
$379.99 Gearbest
$549.99 Gearbest

360 S5 glance

Smart Budget

360 S5

Budget with more smart features

Can work directly in a particular room at a specific time. Ideal for small to medium homes with carpets.

The 360 S5 is the only model in the family that only sweeps. It has a bigger container than the 360 S6 does and can cross a 20 mm obstacle. 

It comes with a different style charging dock that is taller than one the 360 S6 has. It has 5 types of plugs rather than 4 the 360 S6 comes equipped with.

The dustbin hides under the lid, while the 360 S6 has an "open button" that makes the dustbin jumping to get it. I personally love the 360 S6 dustbin more. 

Under the lid, you will find a cleaning tool, so you always know where it is. The 360 S6 does not have a place for the cleaning brush.

The best feature about the robot - selected room cleaning. Once the map is created, the robot divides it into separate rooms which you can name an schedule the robot to work in a particular room further. If you only need to clean the kitchen and bedroom, choose these two rooms in the app, and the robot will do the rest.

The robot is a bit louder than the 360 S6 but still quiet enough to not disturb you when doing its business in the same room.

It has a smaller 2,600 mAh battery and stronger suction and works less in max mode than the 360 S6 but provides longer runtime on low power settings.

The 360 S5 also has a different filtration system. It does not have a pre-filter as the 360 S6, which means the filter from the 360 S6 does not match the 360 S5.

Also, it has a different cleaning brush; it is a tiny bit longer and has bigger silicone parts which also means you can not replace the cleaning roller with the 360 S5.

As we mentioned in the 360 S6 paragraph, the 360 S5 has one side sweeper.

Get the 360 S5 if you:

  1. Live in a small to average house
  2. Own a multi-level house
  3. Have a pet or two
  4. Need extra power
  5. Have many rooms
  6. Have many thin and medium-pile carpets
  7. Suffer from allergy or asthma
  8. Don't need mopping

360 S6 glance

Best for mixed surface

360 S6

Mopping and sweeping for under $300

Can do both sweeping and mopping at about $300. Ideal for average and bigger houses with a mixed surface.

The 360 S6 robot vacuum is the oldest model in the family. It is equipped with a water tank and dustbin and can do mopping and sweeping at the same time. 

The S6 is the only robot vacuum in the family that has two side sweepers and a dustbin that jumps up by pressing an "open button." 

It is also equipped with a smaller dust container and delivers 1,800 Pa of suction when the 360 S7 and S5 have 2,000 Pa. 

The robot lacks selected room cleaning feature and can cross an 18 mm obstacle rather than 20 mm one its brothers can.

The 360 S6 has a different charging station. It is a bit shorter, does not have contacts, and the dock looks differently.

The robot has a HEPA filter and a pre-filter. The pre-filter might block some airflow so when we measured airflow velocity, it showed not the best result, but during our test with sand on medium-pile carpet, the 360 S6 picked up the biggest amount of sand even though it delivers 1,800 Pa while other cleaners have 2,000+ Pa. Also, after the cleaning, the 360 S6 had the cleanest filter among other robot vacuums thanks to the pre-filter.

Side note: the 360 S6 takes a bit more time to finish the same cleaning area than its brothers. For example, it cleans about 40 square meters for 49 minutes, while the 360 S5 and S7 do the same for 43 minutes.

Get the 360 S6 if you:

  1. Live in a small to average house
  2. Own a multi-level house
  3. Have a pet that does not shade lots
  4. Don't need extra power
  5. Want mopping
  6. Don't want to spend more on the S7
  7. Have a mixed surface

360 S7 glance

Our Pick

360 S7

Avoids carpets in mopping mode

Has a bigger battery and is able to avoid carpets when mopping. Ideal for bigger houses with carpets and some bare floor areas.

The 360 S7 is the newest and most expensive model from the manufacturer. It is equipped with two containers for mopping and sweeping.

It looks almost the same as the 360 S5, only has a rose-gold accent on top. 

The vacuum has a restricted area feature that can be set in mopping mode to keep the robot off carpets. 

The 360 S7 has a 3,200 mAh battery that provides 50-110 minutes of runtime depending on power settings. 

Overall the 360 S7 is very similar to the 360 S5 with some additional features such as mopping and virtual walls in mopping mode. Also, the newest model has a better battery with longer runtime.

The 360 S5 and S7 have the same filter, cleaning brush and dustbox that can be replaced if needed. As for the water tank, the way it attaches is different from the 360 S6, and you can't switch one with another.

In our test, both the 360 S5 and 360 S7 showed similar pickup ability on carpet.

Get the 360 S7 if you:

  1. Live in an average to a big house
  2. Own a multi-level house
  3. Have a pet that shade lots
  4. Need extra power
  5. Want mopping
  6. Want to keep the robot off carpet when it's mopping
  7. Have many carpets
  8. Have a bare floor area
  9. Want a premium robot model

The most featured

360 S6 Pro

Long-lasting battery

A large electronic water tank, the most powerful robot vacuum in the Series.

The 360 S6 Pro is the latest and most powerful robot vacuum in the family. It also lasts the whole 3 hours and is suitable for big houses.

The robot can work up to 3 h and is ideal for large houses

It is the only robot vacuum that has a remote control and also can be controlled by the app. It is equipped with 24 sets of sensors that help the robot navigating around.

This only the only model with an electric water tank that can control water dripping level depending on mopping tasks. Along with the upgraded water tank, the robot has no-mop zones that keep the 360 S6 Pro off carpeted area in mopping mode.

The 360 S6 Pro is good for:

  1. Big houses
  2. Multi-level houses
  3. Mixed surface
  4. Low and medium-pile carpets
  5. A big area of hard floor to mop
  6. Pet owners
  7. Allergy sufferers

Battery life on Max mode (based on our testing)

  • 360 S5: 35 min
  • 360 S6: 50 min
  • 360 S7: 50 min

360 S6 vs. 360 S5

In short: the 360 S6 can do mopping and sweeping, while the S5 only sweeps. They have a bit different filtration system that does not make a difference for you as a user. The newer model is stronger and has a better climbing ability. The 360 S5 has an additional selected room feature. The 360 S5 has a bigger dustbin.

360 S6 vs. 360 S7

In short: the 360 S7 is more powerful and can cross a higher obstacle. The way mopping accessories attach is different. The newest model has a virtual wall feature in mopping mode. Also, the S7 can clean a particular room thanks to the selected room cleaning option. The 360 S6 has a pre-filter, the 360 S7 does not. The 360 S7 has a larger battery and lasts longer on one charge. The 360 S7 has a bigger dustbin.

360 S5 vs. 360 S7

In short: the 360 S7 is equipped with a larger battery and runs longer. The 360 S7 has a water tank and can do mopping and sweeping. Also, the newest model allows setting virtual walls in mopping mode.

360 S7 vs. 360 S6 Pro

In short: the newer model is better at mopping thanks to the electronic water tank and it is capable of covering a bigger area. It is also ideal for big homes because of the large battery. Compared to the 360 S7, it lasts longer, has a bigger water tank and performs better on medium-pile carpets because of stronger suction.

Price & Where to buy

To conclude

All three models are great devices, especially for the price they come at. 

If you are tight on budget but want to get a robot vacuum with mopping, your place is rather average than small, and you don't care about extra features such as selected room cleaning, go with the 360 S6.

If your home is mostly about carpets, it is rather small than big, you have pets, and extra power though don't need mopping, have a look at the 360 S5. It is one of the best devices for under $289.99 (on Gearbest).

If you live in a big house with carpets and some hardwood floor area, need extra features such as selected room cleaning and virtual walls to prevent carpets from getting wet, have a pet and suffer from allergy, get the 360 S7.

If you want the robot to run longer because of the bigger cleaning area including hard floors to mop, consider getting the 360 S6 Pro. It is better for bigger homes and has more features such as water level control if you need better mopping performance.

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  1. Malcolm Smith
    #      +1
    Thanks for this review. The price for the 360 S7 is outstanding in terms of the capabilities it provides. What are your thoughts about being able to obtain warranty repairs and/or parts from this company?
    1. Natalie Red
      #      0
      Hi, Malcolm
      I've never had any significant issues with my 360 S5/S6/S7, so I can't say for sure about the company's responsibility. But I have heard about bad experiences from other users who had problems with their devices and asked the company for help. I would say that it is a great device for the price, but not as good in terms of the company's customer service.
      1. John Mcclane
        #      0
        Hi, do you think still the same today — 6 months later?

        I'm interested in 360 S7. Can you provide me your opinion about:
        — availability of spare parts in the long term: consumable and non-consumable — in case I had to repair it by myself
        — how frequent are firmware (robot's software) updates
        — customer support — responsiveness and helpfulness they provide
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          Hi John,

          1. The spare parts are widely available on Gearbest and Aliexpress so no problem to find some if needed.
          2. The firmware (robot's software) updates are being received pretty much constantly. I have had other robots that don't get updates too often.
          3. Still have no issues with the robot so I haven't had a chance to contact customer support, have nothing to say about that.

          My S7 still works like a champ and I think this is one of the best machines on the market for the price.
    2. Malcolm Smith
      #      +1
      2nd Question:
      In your experience how good has this company been with support for these units? Are you seeing continous updates for the app and/or firmware updates for the vacuums? I'd love it if the software could communicate no-go lines (rather than zones) which I don't believe at the moment it can't. Also any new on what the 360 S7+ will be?
      1. Natalie Red
        #      0
        The app receives updates pretty frequently. The last update was released five days ago. A few months ago, they redesigned the app completely, even for the older 360 S6 model. They added new features to the app, such as voice packages and more cleaning modes, so there are chances that we can see no-go lines in the future. Can't say anything about the S7+ model, will check it later.
      2. Malcolm Smith
        #      +1
        3rd question. Is it true that if your purchase the 360 S7 through GearBeast it will not be able to communicate with Alexa/Echo, but if you were to purchase the S5 or S6 through Amazon it would? If so, any idea when the S7 will be coming to Amazon?

        EDIT: I found this write up regarding the 360 S7+:

        The article suggests that the S7+ should already be available but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. The article indicates that the S7+ vs the S7 will have:
        1. Four different suction modes (possible allowing the vacuum to run much longer than the S7 if run in a lower suction mode). Also a higher max suction (2200Pa).
        2. Use better mapping algorithms (which will lead to faster cleaning and dealing better with complex areas)
        3. Have the ability to load up multiple maps at the same time (so you could get multiple floors done? Not sure how this would work unless you had a ramp from one floor to another.
        1. Natalie Red
          #      0
          Mine is from Gearbest, and I think it works with Alexa, I will check it today and let you know for sure.
          Have no idea when (and if) the 360 S7 will be available on Amazon.
          1. With a recent app and firmware update, the S5 and S7 models got one more (fourth) suction mode — 2200 Pa
          2. Can't say anything about the S7+ navigation at the moment.
          3. All the 360 robot vacuums, even the first 360 S6 model store up to 10 different maps and can be used in multi-floor houses.
          1. Natalie Red
            #      0
            Just checked and can confirm that my 360 S7 (from Gearbest) works with Alexa.
          2. Malcolm Smith
            #      +1
            Thanks for checking. I guess the article was incorrect when stating the following:
            «The Alexa controller will only be available when the robot is sold outside China. Since all models of Qihoo 360 had a CE-mark so far, one can expect this good conscience also here.»
            1. Natalie Red
              #      0
              I think they meant China locked devices in that article. Moreover, the Chinese versions of the 360 robot vacuums can't be paired with the app outside of China. Even though Gearbest is a Chinese company, they are not focusing on the local market, so they sell an international version of the product which works without any problems outside of China.
            2. M8dhouse
              #      0
              The Lenovo X1 LDS could be a rebadged version of the 7+.
              Its more advanced but uses the 360 login mechanism, and external parts that look like the 7.
              1. Michael Fisher
                #      0
                Seems like you are right. The 360 S7 and Lenovo X1 looks very similar. Perhaps 360 is the OEM manufacturer. Didn't know the X1 uses the 360 login mechanism.

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