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By Michael Fisher·Dec 10, 2017· 3 min read

Roborock S5

Roborock S5This is the new upgraded robot that has 13 sensors and intelligent system, map out the room and calculate the most efficient way to clean (thanks to the SLAM algorithm). The 2000 Pa suction power makes it the most powerful robot vacuum ever. Moreover, the device can mop and sweep and has an intelligent identification of carpets. Forget about hair tangling because of the three-stage tangle-free design. The new feature is a washable HEPA filter and the easy-using upgraded smartphone app that allows you to create virtual walls, check out the whole cleaning process, schedule a working time and a bunch of other cool things including naming your assistant. The Roborock S5 is a perfect robot vacuum cleaner worth spending money for.

Roborock S5$549.99 Show Coupon Code

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot VacuumThis is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that maps area it is about to clean. It comes with 2000 mAh battery and 12 different sensors. Read the full Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review and comparison with iLIFE V7S to know more about the device.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (1st Gen.)$289.99 Show Coupon Code

iLIFE V7S Pro is the best budget vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mops.

iLIFE V7S Pro robot vacuumWhat is the best robot vacuum cleaner that cost less than $200 and has the mopping option? iLIFE V7S Pro made with minimalist design and gold rose shade that looks fantastic. It comes with a large capacity water tank and a dustbin with a dual filter system. The iLIFE V7S Pro is a slim and quiet vacuum cleaner that definitely deserves your attention.

ILIFE V7S Pro$149.99
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iLIFE V5S Pro robot vacuum that comes with a $160 tag price

iLife V5S Pro robot vacuumIt is a two-in-one robot vacuum cleaner that mops and sweeps. The 850 Pa suction power that is enough to clean a carpet and makes it quite when it“s working. Cleaning the robot from tangling hair and dust has never been easier so even your kids could help you with the routine. The iLIFE V5S Pro robot vacuum is the best device that looks amazing and cost almost nothing compares to function it does.  

ILIFE V5S Pro$135.99
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iLIFE A6 the most powerful and slimmest robot vacuum cleaner from iLIFE

iLife A6 robot vacuumWhat to expect from a robot that cost less than $250 but could clean a carpeting surface? The robovac made with a magic piano black finish that looks more expensive than it is. With only 2.8 inches (about 8 cm) body that makes it the shortest robot vacuum cleaner in the industry so far. Even though it is not tall the designers equipped the robot with 1000 Pa suction power that is actually speechless compared to the price tag. It comes with the second generation CyclonePower is a 3-stage system that provides a better cleaning performance than a previous version and a tangle-free brush. iLIFE A6 is the cheapest robot vacuum in the industry that is intelligent, powerful and definitely good-looking cleaner. 

ILIFE A6$189.99
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iLIVE V5 a cheap robot vacuum that worth pay attention to

iLife V5It is a 7 cm (2.7 in) slim home assistant with the ability to clean up to 120-150 square meters. 2600 mAh battery capacity allows the robot to work more than 120-150 min. 2-in-1 design can make the robot mop and sweep even though it cost a little over than $100. It is quite, slim and does a bare floor so what could be better for the price?

ILIFE V5$108.99
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A powerful Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that mops and sweeps for about $200

Alfawise X5A robot that comes with 1000 Pa suction power and two main cleaning brushes. 600 ml dustbin and 600 ml water tank provides the options of mopping a bare floor and sweeps carpeting surface to remove even the most stubborn dirt. It cooperates with Amazon Alexa and response to your voice commands whether you want it to stop or start working. Also, the App and a remote control help to operate the device from anywhere.  It is able to cross a 15 mm barrier. Works for about 100-120 min thanks to 2600 mAh battery capacity.

Alfawise X5$179.99
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iLIFE V7 the budget quiet robot that is on sale for $150

iLife V7iLIFE equipped the robot with a lot of accessories such as extra brushes and extra filters which is good because it allows you to use the vacuum longer with no need to buy things for it. It is a cleaner that works for about 130-150 min, has 10 sensors that prevent it from falling down and change the direction when the barrier is detected. It is easy to maintain and clean it. Read the full review about iLIFE V7 and learn more about the cleaner.

ILIFE V7$142.99
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